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What are the best wallpapers for MacOS that you can use to personalize your computer? 2022 list

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Customize the wallpaper on your Mac computer is one of the most effective ways to give your desktop a completely personal touchby applying an image that completely suits your needs.

Taking into account the diversity of themes and styles of wallpapers that correctly fit the specifications of your Mac’s screensometimes a little guide to the most popular styles is very helpful.

On this note, We present some examples of wallpapers in various styles on the most popular themes among Mac usersso you can use them as wallpaper or as inspiration to find one that best suits your tastes.

Best Stylish Wallpapers for MacOS

Best Stylish Wallpapers for MacOS

For demure Mac users, a must-have customization requirement is a wallpaper that expresses the elegance expected of a team like Apple computers.

For this purpose, we present you the following wallpapers:

Download Wallpaper New York from here

Download Wallpaper Orange Yellow and Blue from here

Download Wallpaper Live Paint from here

Download Wallpaper Explosion of Colors from here

Download Wallpaper Mountain from here

Best Nature Wallpapers for MacOS

Best Nature Wallpapers for MacOS

Nature lovers make up a large portion of Mac users, and a wallpaper of your landscapes or natural phenomena Favorites is one of the best ways to add your personal touch to your computer.

You can apply one of the following examples:

Download Wallpaper Magic Of Nature from here

Download Forest Wallpaper from here

Download Wallpaper Black and White from here

Download Sunrise Nature Wallpaper from here

Download Wallpaper Landscape Jetty Lake from here

Anime Wallpapers for MacOS

Anime Wallpapers for MacOS

The anime is one of the most popular animation genres todayand their fans use wallpapers as a method to express your fanaticism for this genre.

If you are one of these die-hard fans, express yourself with one of these backgrounds:

Download Sky and Lightning Wallpaper from here

Download Anime Wallpaper from here

Download Wallpaper Anime Sword from here

Download Wallpaper Anime Friends from here

Download Wallpaper Anime Black from here

Wallpapers of the universe for MacOS

Universe wallpapers for MacOS

The astronomy and astrophysics give us access to the incredible landscapes that the universe offers, thanks to its telescopes and the editing of content creators.

For every fan of the cosmos and astronomy, these images are a must as your Mac wallpaper:

Download Metallic Paint Wallpaper from here

Download Wallpaper Astronomy from here

Download Wallpaper Milky Way Galaxy from here

Download Wallpaper Universe from here

Download Wallpaper Planet from here

Movie Wallpapers for your MacOS

Movie wallpapers for your MacOS

The cinema and movies are a great way to tell storiesso it’s no wonder it has so many fans around the world, including among the millions of Mac users. true cinephile and movie lovera wallpaper of your favorite movie is something you must have.

Perhaps among the following examples you will find the perfect movie:

Download Wallpaper Black Widow from here

Download Wallpaper Fast and Furious 9 from here

Download Wallpaper Superman from here

Download Wallpaper Bad Boys from here

Download Wallpaper Bloodshot from here

Best websites to download wallpapers for your MacOS

Yes ok getting wallpapers for your Mac is possible from any online image bankit’s always a good idea to have galleries where you can get images with a resolution compatible with the pixel density of your Mac.

To do this, we present five web pages from which you can obtain high-resolution images legally, and organized according to themes, popularity and categories:

UnSplash website

It is one of the best and most complete image banks on the net, which is updated daily with hundreds of thousands of photos images and illustrations added to your library Images can be grouped by category tags to locate a wallpaper that suits your needs.


Dynamic Wallpaper Club website

It offers a large number of dynamic wallpapers since the latest Mac OS updates allow it to be incorporated. This type of wallpaper is one of the favorites of most users. Although these types of wallpapers take up considerably more space than conventional wallpapers, they are quite striking and adapt to the taste of many users.

AllMacWallpaper website

The name of this page is a clear indication of its nature. It is an image bank that contains wallpapers in a variety of optimal sizes for all kinds of Mac devices (Macbook Air, iMac and Macbook Pro) It has division by categories and trends to divide the wallpaper and locate the ones you want easily.

Pexels website

pexels is a great compilation of images that you can purchase for free. Your photos are classified according to different categories and themes, in addition to offer suggestions based on the most popular images. This gallery has a search engine complemented by a cloud of tags which will greatly facilitate the search for any category of images you are looking for.


Nucleam's website

More than a web page, is a Google gallery that has been collected by a userwhich contains a large number of wallpapers with the right sizes for a large number of Mac models. These wallpapers have a high resolution and you can get them completely free of charge.

Access MacOS Wallpapers from here

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