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What are the best warehouse and billing management programs or ERPs? 2022 list

What are the best warehouse and billing management programs or ERPs? 2020 list

Nowadays the working hours are getting bigger and this has to be subtracted from the little time you have, especially for businessmen and professional freelancers than daily they have to look for alternatives that allow them to optimize business management tasks . Because of this, tools have been created to facilitate these tasks and this is responsible for warehouse and billing programs or ERPs.

And it is that these applications have as main function to help users in this regard. This will take advantage of all the technological advantages that they offer and which have become a necessity over time. It can be said that these software allow you to integrate in a single platform a whole series of important processes in every company, such as finance management, accounting, production, among many others, all of them you can have in a single interface what will help you streamline your work in a very simple and fast way.

Due to the importance of all this and the large amount of software of this type, here we are going to show you what are the best programs that you will be able to use to manage your company a much simpler way.

What is and what is a warehouse management and billing program? ERPs?

programa de gestión de almacén

Usually these software are always being associated only with large industries but, the reality is different, these warehouse and billing programs are a great help for any company, professional freelancer or a society, since its main function is to streamline business management regardless of whether it is a small or large business.

One of the main features of ERPs are the large number of additional tools it offers. Therefore, it is not just a program to print invoices, but it goes much further.

It is considered as a modern billing software which has a very sophisticated and secure digital platform for business management. In it you will be able to search the invoices of quickly and easily at any time, this way you won’t have to do it manually. In addition, there you can access all the data of your customers whenever you want.

Therefore ERPs has become a very reliable and useful tool for users, this being one of their main reasons for increasing their demand. Therefore, here we show you what are the best programs so that you can carry out these work within your business.

List of the best and free payment tools for managing your warehouse and stock control

You have to keep in mind that there are currently different tools to be able to carry out the management of your warehouse and stock control but, before choosing which one you are going to use it is important that you take into account some criteria to choose the most convenient for your business.

To choose the right business management software it is important that you consider adaptive capacity, that is, that it adapts to both the size and pace of the company. > Other criteria is the platform, you have to keep in mind that this is not difficult to handle. It is recommended to use a simple interface that can streamline business operations.

Technical support is another aspect that you need to consider when you want to purchase one of these software, since the possibility of being able to have a backup in case of any event that arises is really important. Finally, it is essential that the tool allows you to perform all aspects of the commercial operation, that is, that it can influence all areas, be it administration, sales, deposit, between others.



This ERP solution software will help you organize yourself much better in your business, as it will facilitate a delegation of tasks, help you or optimize production, get better benefits, modernize the operational management of the company, organize your stock, among many others.

Odoo is also characterized by offering functions for sales, project management, warehouse and inventory, electronic invoicing, financial management, CRM, among many others. In addition, it has a very simple and easy-to-use platform which you will not need to be an expert to make use of.

It has two packages, one basic which is enough to be able to manage all the processes of a small or medium-sized company . While for large companies there is a professional package which is much more advanced, enough to cover all areas of it.



Unlike Odoo this software is not free and has a cost depending on the use you want to give it, this is based on a limited use for a price of 75 euros >, the standard App is priced at 500 euros while the professional app is priced at 750 euros.

This program is based on the cloud and adapts to any type of commercial scenario, ideal for small and large companies. Openbravo will offer you different packages for purchasing and warehouse management , as well as economic, financial and commercial management l.

It currently has more than 2,500,000 downloads, which indicates that it is one of the most used in the market. For large companies it has a special commercial version which is called “Openbravo Professional Edition”.



This ERP is considered as one of the simplest to create SMEs, this software is in full development and with all the tools it offers it will most likely be located among one of the most important market . It works hard what is the implementation, the graphic environment and usability, being three important factors in this type of tools.

ERPNext offers you modules of accounting, sales management, manufacturing, inventories, human resources, hospitality , among some others. It is currently considered a basic CRM that is growing and is not yet available for Latin America and Spain due to the processes of legislation in the financial and accounting matters.



This ERP you will be able to get totally free and is specialized for all public administration companies. In it you will be able to find tools such as management of customer relations, warehouse and inventory, sales, commerce, billing, logistics, shipments, product designs, project development, among many others.

It is currently considered as one of the most complete software and is a solution of ERP Opensource . This program has a demonstration project and cloud communication tools known as SlapOS that is a totally free solution and available to all small businesses. Another of its Features is One Student One ERP , a specialized program for students and researchers where everything related to CRM, ERP and KM is explained.



This is a specialized open source system for large companies . It is distributed as in ERP in the cloud and stands out for offering tools such as warehouse and inventory management, accounting, billing and sourcing. It can also be used by small businesses without any problem.



This software is also a opensource solution and one of the most used in the industrial market. The tool offers functions such as customer relationship management, sales, accounting, purchasing, producer definition, planning, inventory, production, among many others that are available to all its users.

In addition, you will be able to find it in two versions, either installed on the computer or simply used from the cloud.



ADempiere will allow you to combine SCM, CRM and ERP media in an easy and fast way. It is characterized by features of touchscreen support and retail sales points, financial management, production, sales, supply, warehouse and inventory, electronic commerce, among many others.

This software will help you maintain optimal control over the various areas of your company in a very simple way and you can find it completely free.



This program is a CRM and ERP totally free and is based on business management focused on SMEs , entrepreneurs, independent professionals and associations. It is characterized by presenting a very simple interface to handle. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert to be able to use it.

Dolibarr is currently growing but offers its users very complete and interesting tools and can be accessed from anywhere simply by having an Internet connection.

This application offers you functions such as customer information modules, detect potential customers, suppliers, bank account management, budgets, order management, billing, stock management, shipments , among many others. It also includes a PDF billing agenda, orders, budgets and others.

Despite all this, it is important to mention that it does not include functionalities of a modern ERP , such as analytical accounting, human resources management or supply chain management > But, despite this, it is located as one of the best business software of today.

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