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What are the best watch apps for Android and iOS? 2020 list

The Smartphone they are indispensable tools in daily life. Not only do they provide the ability to communicate with multiple contacts, take photos and videos, listen to music, surfing the Internet, manage social networks, check the weather, calculate, among other things; also, they allow you to check the time.

It is true that old mobiles also allowed to see the time, but although it may sound like something extremely basic, the reality is that the clock app is an ally at the moment create new schedules, routines and activities in your life.

Do you want to know what the best clock apps available for Android and iOS? Take note!

List of the best clock apps for Android and iOS that you should know

Getting out of bed is not an easy thing, like meeting a schedule to train or study. Fortunately, there are multiple watch applications on the market with which you can manage your routines through smart alarms.

For this reason, we present a list of the best watch applications for Android and iOS:

Google Clock

We open the list with one of the main exponents of Android. Google Clock is a standard clock application, which provides multiple functions. On the one hand, the app allows separate alarms by day, so you can set a daily alarm for the week and another for the weekends.

The application, on the other hand, works seamlessly with Spotify, so you can set a song from your Playlist as an alarm. Also, if you have the Google Home, you can link the app with other smart devices in the home to activate them at a certain time. As negative aspects, Google Clock does not have sleep tracking function nor does it allow you to program smart alarms. Even so, it is still an excellent option for Android users.


In the corner of Apple, one of its main exponents is BedTime. It consists of a practical alarm clock that includes sleep tracking function. You just have to enter the time you want to wake up and how many hours you need to sleep. Immediately, BedTime will be in charge of calculating the ideal time to fall asleep.

If for any reason you need to adjust the time to get up, the application will take care of correcting the bedtime. The tool also tracks your sleep hours and shares them with the Health app on your device. On the negative side, it should be noted that you can’t choose different alarms for different days. However, you can always disable it with the “Do not disturb”.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Developed by AVG Labs, is a clock application that includes the functions of stopwatch, timer and smart alarms. It has been downloaded by more than fifty million users, so it is considered one of the best free Android apps. You can link Alarm Clock Xtreme with your music app, to wake up to your favorite songs.

In addition, it has a progressive increase system, so the alarm will begin to sound slightly until its volume increases to the maximum allowed. On the other hand, it has a function that avoid accidentally disabling the alarm. In addition, to discard the alarm it is necessary to perform a small mathematical equation. You can adjust the repetition interval from the application settings.


Is a free app developed by Alarmy, which is available in almost 100 countries. You can find both on Google Play and the Apple Store. Its operation is particular. To turn off the alarm, it is necessary to take a photo of the kitchen, bathroom, home entrance, any place that has been previously registered.

On the other hand, it has a “Shake” mode, with which you must repeatedly shake the mobile device to be able to turn off the alarm. It is recommended that the places to photograph are those where the luminosity does not vary frequently. It is an excellent option for people who have trouble waking up in the morning.

Gentle Alarm

As the name implies, the goal of Gentle Alarm it is wake you up in the softest way possible. The application starts with a light tune, which you can choose from its ringtone gallery or configure your favorite songs or playlists. Subsequently, the volume will increase progressively.

In case the soft alarm does not achieve its objective, Gentle Alarm has a “Safe alarm”, which will increase the pitch to the maximum. You can schedule the alarm off with math exercise. All its functions are customizable. Gentle Alarm is available only for Android.

Talking alarm clock

As you read it, it is an application that, instead of using a default tone or a song, you can record a voice message to be used as an alarm. You can also load the recording from your mobile and the application will take care of using it as an alarm clock.

It was developed by Mirolunapp, and also has the function of “Shake” to snooze the alarm. Similarly, it has a system to prevent the alarm clock from being discarded by accident. It is available to users of Android on Google Play.

MyAlarm Clock

Is an application available to Apple users. You can choose a ringtone, your favorite music, or even wake up to the radio. In addition, you receive real-time information about the weather, as well as the main news headlines.

Like the previous app, too you can record a message to use as an alarm clock. MyAlarm Clock allows you to program how many alarms you need in the days that are needed. It has a progressive volume system, and you can change the color and type of watch. It has multiple snooze options: tap, shake, double tap, or math exercise.

Free alarm clock

It is an application that is available for Android users. The free alarm clock developed by iHandy Ltd transforms your device into a digital clock, with which you can program your alarms.

With the free alarm clock, you can use your favorite songs as alarm tone, change screen colors, and use the flashlight. The application has a support for multiple alarms, as well as vibration, adjustable sounds, and progressive increase in volume. It doesn’t matter if the device is locked or in silent mode, the alarm clock will still go off.

Sleep Cycle

It is an application that takes care of use the accelerometer of your mobile device to check your sleep status overnight. Sleep Cycle is recommended for people who live alone, and who have trouble getting up in the morning. If you are in a couple, or have pets, the application can be confused.

It has soft melodies as alarm tones, and the alarm clock can be delayed with just a slight shake of the phone, or by tapping the screen twice. You can find it so much for Android like iOS.

Tips to get the most out of your smartphone clock

Tips to get the most out of your smartphone clock

Checking the time is an action that humans perform instinctively. A wristwatch or a mobile watch allows us to keep track of our routine activities. However, it doesn’t have to stop there.

Learn how to get the most out of your smartphone clock with these practical tips:

Schedule smart alarms

A smart alarm is a system that is linked to the routines of your device. For example, users of Android they can use the google assistant to automate tasks by means of the alarm. For example, you can set the phone to turn on or disable “silent mode” at the end of the wake-up tone.

Use the timer

If you are a fan of exercise routines, the timer on your watch can be vital. Take the time of your activities to keep track of the energy expenditure of your body. Similarly, use the timer when you are in the kitchen and have something in the oven.

Synchronize your alarms

Install your favorite songs As an alarm tone, it sets the phone to turn on with the alarm. Make your mornings much more active to start the day with a better attitude.

Add the time in the screensaver

If you need to see the time without pressing a button or touching the screen, you can put the clock on the screensaver. In this way, you will be able to see what time it is at any time of the day, even if the device is asleep or in power saving mode.

Create schedules

You may need time to exercise, work, study, or just rest. If you don’t want anyone to bother you, use your device’s clock to set up a “do not disturb” schedule. During this time, the phone will take care of silencing all notifications, calls and messages.

Use reminders

Do you have an important appointment? Set a reminder alarm. You can do it from the clock or with the calendar application. In any case, the watch will be your ally so that you can arrive on time.