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What are the best websites and apps to sell clothes and earn money online? 2022 list

Over time, people accumulate clothing and meanwhile, there comes a time when they don’t know what to do with everything they have stored in their closet. But, they also do not plan to dispose of it by throwing it in the trash.

Well, thanks to the power of the Internet, it is now possible sell second hand clothes online. Being this, the best solution to clean your closet and at the same time, get extra money.

Therefore, if you want to recover some money selling your used clothes and invest it in new things, we invite you to know what are the best websites and mobile apps to sell clothes online.

Can you only sell new clothes online?

You can only sell new clothes online

No, today, Internet users they have the possibility of selling second-hand clothes through numerous online platforms and without any restrictions. Taking into account that this initiative has been of great help to many users who choose to buy used clothing to save money.

One of the main advantages of selling clothes online is based on the fact that changes in fashion motivate clothing remain as trending products. In addition to this, it is a basic necessity and counts high demand in the market.

In addition, specifically, the fact of offering second-hand clothing online guarantees the following benefits:

  • The sale of used garments is destined to grow in a very pronounced way towards the future.
  • It is an optimal solution for those buyers who buy with little budget.
  • It is identified as a sustainable environmental alternativebecause it limits excess contamination.
  • Does not support negative practices in terms of business ethics for labor exploitation.
  • It is an ideal option for recover money and invest it in other more important things.

How to value and price my used clothing?

How to value and price my used clothes

Before setting a price for your second-hand clothes, it is important that you perform a relevance analysis in order to be able to guarantee a flexible cost for your potential buyers and at the same time, ensure a good profit for you.

That is why, below, we give you some essential keys to know how to value your used clothing and price it accordingly:

Study the current market

First, we recommend you visit several clothing stores to specify the current sale price of a garment similar to yours, but new. Taking into account that both the design and the model must be equivalent to a great extent. Thus, you will be able to analyze if the value is still the same (or very similar), or know if the price has skyrocketed because it is a limited version.

measure depreciation

Basically, depreciation will help you determine how much value has a used garment lost compared to the cost of new clothes. Emphasizing that products that still have labels or have their original packaging are sold at a higher price. Generally speaking, to measure depreciation, the 50-20-10 (%) rule is used.

Respectively, this means:

  • will be fixed half the price of items of its original cost, in case they are almost new.
  • will request the 25% current value for any used garment that is between 1 and 5 years old in your wardrobe.
  • You will only win 10% for all other products. That is, they are more than 5 years old.

Add sentimental value

Inevitably, the cost of second-hand clothing increases when it has sentimental value to the owner. Either because it is a used item with a memorable story or because it is owned by someone famous. If this is the case for any of the garments you want to sell online, make sure you increase its value a little (but don’t overdo it). When doing so, focus on ensuring a flexible price for your buyers; that is, not too low or too high.

Best applications and websites to sell second-hand clothes Online

Here are several solutions through which you can offer your second-hand clothes online and sell them effectively:



One of the most famous apps to sell clothes or any type of used product and is compatible with both Android as with iOS. Among its biggest pros, we find that, for its geolocation tool, is ideal for finding buyers near you who are interested in your clothes. What’s more, does not charge any commission.



It is identified as one of the most suitable solutions for sell your clothes quickly on the internet. On eBay, you can decide if you want to display your items as an auction or set a fixed selling price. To create an account there you also have the option to use the mobile app available for Android and iOS.



In Amazon, not only is it possible to market new products, but also there is the option to sell used items. Thanks to its remarkable potential and scope, it stands out as one of the most effective solutions to make sales quickly. Apart from his website, It also has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

This social network also allows you to sell and buy second-hand items. From Facebook Marketplacesellers can finalize their transactions without having to pay any additional commission, posting up to 10 photos of the garments.


Through this website, users can display and sell clothing both women and men and children. Percentil even allows you to market shoes and accessories. Taking into account that it is an ideal alternative for those who want to sell garments from brands recognized for their design and quality. After completing the purchase, the user will receive the money 30 days later.


It is a second-hand clothing buying and selling website that operates on a consignment basis. For this reason, Micolet takes care of doing everything for the seller (it even proposes an estimated price). Thus, the person who offers his garments it is only in charge of accepting or rejecting the valuations and must pay a 25% commission.

Of pop

Of pop

If what you want is sell your vintage designer clothes, this is one of the best websites . It is a platform of Italian origin that, due to its highly lucrative results, has become popular globally and in it You only have to cancel the 10% commission for each transaction. It has a mobile app for users Android and iOS.



If you cannot pay a commission for making your online sales, Vinted is an excellent solution for you. in which the seller you have all the freedom to set the price for which you are willing to sell your products. It also allows make direct exchanges with other users. All this, from your mobile app in Android or iPhone.

My Clothes Go

It is an online store that offers its services for sell second-hand clothing and accessories. It takes care of taking photos of the products, uploading them to the platform, storing them in its warehouse and sending them to the end customer. It even provides discounts to make sales in the shortest possible time.



It is a website that simplifies the process of selling used clothing pieces, like, sporting goods, electronic products and toys. Once the transaction is made, you must pay Mercari 10% of the value of the item sold. This service has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Chic Trunk

It is an online portal where you can sell your second-hand clothes detailing all the garments you want to give to the service. Next, they themselves will be in charge of taking the photographs and offering them from the website. Once another user chooses to acquire them, you will receive your money with up to 75% profit.


To market second-hand clothing, both for women and men and children’s clothing, Ropasion is another of the best online tools. The sales process consists of making the request through the web and once they contact you, must agree on the award of the pieces for a cost of 5 euros (per box).



It consists of a platform that also has a mobile app to sell used vintage clothing, custom fashion, jewelry, crafts and creative products. Which has gained a lot of popularity in Spain because it guarantees fast sales from its system based on personalized recommendations for customers.


In the fashion and accessories section, Milanuncios allows you to sell your second-hand clothes via online. Starting with its door-to-door checkout service, it ensures safety and convenience for both buyers and sellers.


If you want to earn extra money, you can sell clothing in good condition through Poshmark; both ladies and gentlemen, as well as children. Many buyers choose to buy on this website, because allows you to save up to 70% compared to retail prices.

The Real Real

to market used luxury parts (clothes, watches, jewelry and even works of art), this is one of the best platforms. Since, it has recognition in more than 61 countries and thus, it helps you to recover the money quickly. Meanwhile, it guarantees savings of up to 90% to consumers.


As an online consignment store, ThredUp allows earn a little money selling second-hand clothes or some valuable work, which is examined by a “Cleaning Team” that is in charge of categorizing the items. Mainly, it supports brands for women, teenagers and children.


If what you want is to market men’s clothing and/or accessories in good condition, you can do it through Grailed and make good profit margins. Either through its website or through its mobile application compatible with iOS.

Vestiaire Collective

It is a Spanish website that focuses on sell big brand fashion items (Dior, Loewe and Prada, for example). Therefore, once the service verifies that it is an authentic piece, it will help you earn up to 80% of the sale amount in a short time.