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What are the best websites and channels to download music for YouTube without Copyright or copyrights totally free? 2022 list

How to download free MP3 music without registering and without virus risk? 2020 list

Having a good library where you can find the music themes and videos you need is important to give ownership to your videos, because as you know, the YouTube platform, for example, has strict policies on copyright infringement.

These multimedia and audio files that are not copyrighted or copyrighted have a Creative Commons license and may be in the public domain. This is one of the many digital content licenses that we can use to use music or images created by third parties.

There are countless sites on the web at where you can get the music you need for free . However, you should verify them very well. For this reason in this article we will introduce you to the best music banks without copyrighting.

How to know if a song or instrumental is protected by copyright?

Cómo saber si una canción o instrumental está protegida por copyright

Mainly you should know what is copyright , this is nothing more than the legal right that a person has to publish, distribute, sell or reproduce any type of musical, literary, artistic work, among others . That is, it is the copyright on a publication for having made and created it.

The work done by itself is under copyright, so it can be inherited so that when you die, your heirs have control over that content.

Now, one way to see if a song is under copyright, is by going to the Music Policies tab for example on YouTube .

Once there you write the name of the song and your search will throw you under what license it is, also indicating in which countries you can play , since there are countries where there are restrictions. It should be noted that the videos themselves have identification, since they have a repertoire of identity, sound and images.

There is a technology called Content ID, which has been designed by YouTube, and through which you can verify whether it is copyrighted or not. This platform can search for images, videos, audios, and compare the original with unauthorized copies .

It works 100% motivated to use an identification so that there is no theft of rights and thus be able to meet the needs of the music industry and also the film industry, which helps to protect their contents .

This type of technology can identify separately the melodies, audios and videos that are not copyrighted. Its application was launched on the market in 2007, and it has been updated over time, since at the beginning it identified audios, then went on to identify videos.

What are the types of licenses that exist for content on YouTube?

Well, you know how the world of copyright works, now we go with the licenses. These are nothing more than permissions that the authors of the content give users.

Usually there are two types of licenses on YouTube :

  • Creative Commons.
  • YouTube Standard License.

When mounting a video on YouTube under a Creative Commons license, the terms can distribute, edit and use videos where modules can be mixed are requested.

When using the standard YouTube license the authorship is from this application. The user who uploads the video must give the option of not sharing so that it cannot be modified, distributed, edited without having previously given their consent.

These 2 licenses have their differences, since with the standard YouTube license no person can use your video to use it in their work. That is, the owner can indicate that he does not want his item to be reused if it is used for other purposes.

However, under the Creative Commons license the author has the option of to allow the original fragments to be used . It can be edited, changed, collected or even modified, although there are parts where none of this can be done.

Some of those aspects are the rights of video or music and the primary source. Also, if there is any type of damage, the author of the work will not be liable for any reason.

List of the best websites and applications to download free commons CC music

The website offers endless options to download free commons music, and best of all, you can download it completely for free. But you must be careful, since there are some sites that are not legal .

For these reasons, it is essential that you remember that before accessing these sites you have to verify the type of license to download it, because there are different licenses and this can lead to inconvenience, even legal problems.


To avoid problems, it is recommended that Creative Commons licenses be sought, although care must also be taken and their restrictions carefully reviewed before using it. Here is a list of the best websites to download your music free commons CC, where you can search for your music safely and free of charge.

Jamendo Music

It is a page through which artists can freely upload their music for free, but best of all, its users can download it in the same way. Thanks to this, a perfect ecosystem is created between emerging music producers and content creators, in which they can collaborate and grow hand in hand.


It’s a CC licensed page, which provides a significant amount of music content, as well as effects to add to your videos and podcasts . This is a feature that has made it stand out in the YouTube creators community. Its database is wide and varied, although it is a bit disorganized so you will have to use the search bar to move through its retro interface.


Musical page through which the culture of remixes and live tracks is promoted, being available under the Creative Commons license. These can be downloaded and reused. It is also a great community where you can meet fans of the world of music production , especially in movements such as Rap, LoFi and trap, although you can also find other types of music.


Online audio platform where people who use it can distribute, promote or hang up their musical projects. This is one of the most important brands of stream music, being one of the main competitors of Spotify or iTunes.

Most of the music is paid, so you can get the rights to a track that grinds you a lot, but it also has a free content section for free use . You just have to know how to move in its interface to find it.


It is a Spanish page where there are independent composers, who provide the opportunity for you to listen to their music independently and without any license. It is essentially a market where you will not find free music , but good tracks for a few euros as indicated on your homepage.


On this page you can download music with a Creative Commons 3.0 license. You can use the songs as you see fit, regardless of whether you are going to use them for business purposes. Only the web url or source should be included . Best of all, you can sort the music you download by genre or time.


An excellent platform where you can find non-copyrighted music of multiple genres for your videos. Each of the tracks on it are subject to CC rights, so you can download them completely for free .

It will undoubtedly become one of your best allies to create videos, since its database is huge and the variety of genres and melodies is almost infinite. Without forgetting the fact that you can interact with other content creators and collaborate with them .

The music on this page can be used to download copyright-free content to be used for marketing or advertising. Although there are also licensed music that must be canceled .


It has a library where you can download music for free and free of licenses. This is one of the platforms that most compete with YouTube, so the amount of content of all kinds on it is huge. With the help of an online converter you can download the videos in MP3 format to use the songs you need to create your content .

Free Music Archive

It has an extensive library of Creative Commons licensed music, which is classified by genres and you can download the entire albums. Its interface is quite attractive and browsing through it will be as easy as walking through your garden . Without forgetting its search system by filters that allow you to find whatever you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

List of the best YouTube channels to find topics without copyright

On YouTube you can get endless musical content and videos that serve to facilitate the work of people who need to download them to carry out a project. To get them you can search for what is needed in the sound or music library that is available for free.

Audio Library


This is a YouTube channel that serves to publish, catalog, search and order music for free to perform some type of business promotion. It has a great variety of music that is sorted by genre or artist .



It is a record label that is used to download music for free, so that composers can improve their sound and make it popular. In it you will find an extensive database of perfectly usable songs for commercial purposes . In its channel everything is well organized, and you can search according to the type of music you want to use.

​​ Del Sound


Del Sound does not have as much music, but it has been one of the first YouTube channels that lets you download music free of copyright. This has allowed him to earn a reputation in the community of content creators . In addition, although it does not have a library with thousands of songs, the ones that facilitate you fulfill the objective well.

Majestic Casual


This is one of the most popular channels in the world of electronic music. In it you can get a lot of free copyrighted songs that you can use perfectly without worrying about penalties. His themes are new to the market for being alternative producers.

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