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What are the best websites to download games over Torrent? 2022 list

What are the best websites to download games over Torrent? 2020 list

We all love games, so in our computers we want to have them out, since with them we get hours of entertainment. They are of all genres; from terror and suspense to action and adventure. So no matter what your tastes, you’ll always find a video game that fits your shoe .

An excellent source of games from all eras are the P2P download portals, those that are marginalized by the authorities since they allow you to get free what you should pay for. In these you can get tens of thousands of titles that you can download without problems and then install them on your computer .

In this article we present a list with the 10 best pages to download video games by torrent that are active , so you can get all the copies you want to cram your computer from them. In addition, we will give you some tips to take care of your back when downloading by these means.

List of the 10 best video games downloads torrent for PC, Xbox, Wii or PS4

If you enter the keyword «torrent videogames» in any internet search engine, you will find a wide list of options that you can enter, but not all of them are safe . That is why in this article we are going to introduce you to the most reliable ones so that you don’t get any surprises when making your downloads.


This is the quintessential P2P download web portal, The Pirate Bay is the most popular and used in the world despite the constant blockages that Movistar or other telephone companies have Mounted in Spain. Here you will find a database with hundreds of thousands of completely free video games that you can download in its full version.

Most of them are in English, but you can also find many in Spanish if you use the correct words when searching each title in your search bar. Of course, the amount of advertising on it is quite annoying, so we recommend to have a good AdsBlock in your browser .


This is another English-speaking portal where you can download hundreds of video games completely free and in its full version. When you enter it you find an organized list of categories in which you can also find movies, series and all kinds of software .

Simply enter the one corresponding to the games and you can see all the titles available for download. Of course, here advertising and pop-up ads are the daily bread, so you will have to deal with several of them before you can find the downloadable P2P link.


What are you only interested in Spanish portals? Well, your wishes are orders for us. In Mejortorrent1 you will be able to download all kinds of files among which videogames are the most prominent since you find them in their full version and completely in Spanish of Spain or Latin America .

Simply enter the category corresponding to these and deal with several ads to access the link that allows you download the document torrent so you can proceed to do the same from your client P2P In addition, you’ll be pleased to know that your files are 100% verified, so you won’t get nasty surprises when you’re done.


This is not a torrent database, but a metasearch engine of them with which you can access basically all the P2P links available on the internet. It is based on the operation of Google , so to use it you simply have to write the title of the video game you wish to download and you will see an extensive list of results that match your search.

In addition, it substantially simplifies the download process since with a couple of clicks you can download the P2P file to proceed to activate it with your favorite client. In addition, is programmed to show you only those that are 100% verified , so you can be sure that everything they show you is reliable.


This is another website that works exactly like the previous one; It is a P2P downloadable metasearch engine that you can easily use to find all the files you need in the blink of an eye. It is usually used for downloading movies and series , but you can also search for both old and old video games and all kinds of software.

What you need to do is enter the title of it in your search bar and you will see all the 100% verified links that are available for you to download. Being a search engine, you can find content in all languages ​​.



This is a portal specialized in downloading movies and all types of audiovisuals in Spanish, but also has a space dedicated to video games that has no waste whatsoever . The best thing about EliteTorrent2 is that you can find the titles you want in our language and in its full version, with its respective crack so you don’t have problems for not having the installation CD.

To find the content you must select the «+ categories» section in its menu bar, or use its search bar to enter the name of the game and wait for it to show you the results. However, so that your experience is not impaired, the ideal is to have an ad blocker in your browser .

We continue with torrent metasearchs as these allow you to access a global database. Among the options we have given you, this is one of the best and most used worldwide by Spanish and English speaking users. Here simply you must enter the title of the video game you want and the language so that you see a wide list of options sorted in descending order from the most reliable to the least.

In addition, it gives you extra data on each link such as the download speed of the server and the amount of seeds in the network. Once again you will have to have a good ad blocker so that your experience is not torpedoed by advertising.

Internet Archive

internet archive You could say that it is like the public library of all internet, where you can access millions of files among which video games are the daily bread of its users. It is quite simple to use since since you enter you see a category bar where you can enter the games section.

Simply use the WayBackMachine metasearch that is integrated into your platform to perform more specific searches in your extensive database. On its website you will find several ads but nothing that cannot be fixed with a good blocker .


We close this list with an authentic torrent download giant that has been in the market for more than a decade, during which time it has managed to get around all types of blockages without losing its database of damage, which is currently millions of files.

KickAss puts at your disposal a search bar in which you simply have to type the name of the video game you want to download and it will show you all the possible matches. In addition, the good news is that most of the games are in their full version with multilanguage , so you will have no problem finding them in Spanish.

What are the risks of downloading video games via torrent? span>

We finish our list but there are still things to tell you about this complex world of P2P downloads . The reality is that as good as it sounds to put down all the content you want completely free, this is not always safe . Some of the chimeras that you have to face are the following:

peligro de los torrent

  • Information theft : While it is unlikely to happen, the precedents are there to let us know. A person with sufficient knowledge can track your IP to get important information about your life that you can then use to do whatever you want with it; from sending love letters to blackmail you, so be careful with this.
  • Cryptocurrency mining : since bitcoin began to be a goldmine, many users began to denounce that many websites used P2P networks to mine cryptocurrencies from their users’ computers, which did not fall well between the community.
  • Computer viruses: This is a constant in what It refers to downloads on the internet. You will always be exposed to contracting malware that can spoil your operating system, especially when it comes to installable files such as video games.

How can I protect myself from these threats? span >

Fortunately for you, technology has evolved enough to give you tools to take care of these threats. The first thing is that you are aware that they exist, and the second is to follow these tips:

  • Use a VPN : with a private network you keep your IP secured to 100%, which won’t let anyone track it to get information from it.
  • >

  • Close your P2P client : customers like uTorrent or BitTorrent have to stay open even when you’re not using them, which makes you a seed from which someone in the network can connect to download any of the files you downloaded or to mine crypto from your computer. So when you are not downloading anything close them.
  • Use an antivirus : always having a good antivirus is the best way to protect yourself from the hundreds of malware that can infect your computer.

This is all for now, we hope you can download all the video games you want from these websites and follow our advice to keep you 100% safe from all danger .