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What are the best websites to earn money by watching advertising? 2022 lists

View Internet Ads It’s one of the most common and simple methods to earn extra money. In the network there are portals known as PTC, what are the acronyms of “Paid to click”, which translates as “Pay per click”.

The registration is free, and you will only need create a Paypal account, or any other virtual wallet. The operation, as you can see, is quite simple. You just have to click on an advertisement or announcement, and voila. You will be earning a few cents for each visualization you complete.

The great advantage offered by these sites is the comfort, because you can do it from your home, on any mobile device or computer. However, you must take into account certain aspects of the process.

How much money can you earn on pages to watch advertising?

Many companies pay PTC sites to promote their services and products. The user, for his part, receives a small remuneration for each viewing. Although they are a good option for people who have free time, the reality is that none of these portals will make you rich. Ads on the vast majority of pages PTC, have a value of € 0.001. The figure may vary, depending on the duration of the advertisement. However, you will continue to receive only euro cents.

For this reason, you need to view a large number of ads to get a good sum of money. There are two things you can do to increase your income on PTC portals. First of all, start with register on many pages at once. Of course, make sure they are not a scam, and that you are currently paying. Take into consideration how much time you are going to dedicate to said activity.

The more ads you see in each one, cumulative reward will be better. Secondly, use the referral system. A referral, or also known as affiliate, is a user who has registered in a PTC portal through a link provided by another user, from your account. When said person create your account with the link you shared, will immediately become part of your network of referrals.

Which will generate additional earnings thanks to its visualizations. There are multiple ways to get referrals. You can start by recommending the PTC portal to yours acquaintances, friends or relatives. This will greatly increase user traffic on the site. Create a web page, it is also good idea create a personal blog or an account in a social network to promote your referral links.

You can also enter question and answer forums in search of users interested in being part of a referral network. The same applies in groups of Facebook dedicated to the subject. In your emails, or profiles of other accounts, add the link in the description. Try sharing the link in your statuses WhatsApp so that your contacts feel interested. Get their attention by showing them proof of payment.

Create informative articles to promote the benefits of displaying ads for money. Likewise, you can also create a channel on YouTube for the same purpose; always sharing the link in each video or post. The methods and tricks to find referrals abound on the Internet. Choose the one that best suits you, or you have used several to have a good number of referrals in the various portals in which you are registered.

List of the best platforms to make money online by watching ads

Earn money by viewing ads it is available to all users with an Internet connection. If you want to register a small extra income, start by registering in one of the best platforms to earn money watching ads.

Let’s see below the best portals for this:


Founded in 2008, Neobux has made his way into the community as one of the most used PTC portals nowadays. The platform has multi-language support, so you can get it in Spanish. In addition to seeing advertising, you can also answer surveys, do small tasks, play mini-games to earn money and access the jobs offered, which represent an additional reward. Has referral system, and accepts wallets such as Neteller or Skrill.

Beruby is a platform focused on cashback, a system that allows you to make purchases on the Internet, and obtain a discount by returning the purchase made. But nevertheless, It also has a section for users to generate income by watching ads.

From anywhere in Latin America or Spain, you can enter the section of “Offers” and start earning money by visiting web pages, viewing advertisements or registering for free. Also, you can invite other people to join through referrals. The payments are made by PayPal.

Is a mini-jobs portal with which you can earn money from home. It has been active since 2012. One of its peculiarities is that you can exchange the money obtained in credit cards Amazon. On the other hand, you can transfer your earnings to PayPal. In addition, they offer frequent contests and daily and weekly bonuses.

Check the wall of offers to find various jobs, such as view advertising, download applications, survey, listen to the radio, among others. The record is totally free plus, has a mobile application in the Play Store.

Is a PTC portal what is active since the year 2009. Its operation is similar to that of any other portal to display advertisements. The platform It’s only available in English; however, you can register for free from anywhere in the world. Payments are made through Payeer, AirTM, Neteller, Skrill or Bitcoin.

Every day you will have new ads to check. On the other hand, you can also play ScarletGrid every day to generate additional income. It is recommended to have a good referral base for optimal earningsOtherwise, getting some money is much more complicated.

They are two portals that play with a different modality. Instead of displaying the advertisement from the page, the ads will arrive directly to your email. You just have to open the attached link, let it fully load the site, and immediately the balance will be added to your account.

Both platforms are managed by a Spanish company known as Cybernet Solutions, so they can be considered as reliable pages. Payments are made through Skrill and Payza, respectively. You can find them in Spanish and they have a referral system.

It belongs to the same company behind Scarlet-Clicks. It is a young platform, as it has not been active for long. However, at the moment, it is up and running and pays quite frequently. You accept Neteller, Skrill, LiteCoin, Payeer, among others as payment methods. You can earn money by viewing ads, register on the web pages offers in the jobs section, play OptimalGrid, or through the purchase of advertising packages, with which you can profit daily.

The portal started operations in 2010. Since then, it has become a benchmark in the world of PTC. It belongs to the same company that manages OptimalBux and Scarlet-Clicks. Admits Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, AirTM, LiteCoin, among others; as a payment method.

The platform is available throughout the American continent. Register is free and you can withdraw the money from € 1. GPTPlanet offers rewards for viewing ads, buying ad packages, games, registration fees, and the bargain wall. Like other pages, it has the referral system.

How to know if a website pays? Learn to detect SCAM on the Internet

How to know if a website pays?

One of the disadvantages of PTC sites is that they are usually somewhat unstable. From one moment to the next, they may stop make payments, and go on to become SCAM. Fraudulent portals that benefit from the work of users, without offering them any reward. Sure, not all pages are like this.

For this reason, you have to know how to recognize a scam portal:

  • Check the forums frequently. The vast majority of portals to display advertising have forums for the community, which are served by the administrator of the page and its moderators. If they have stopped offering answers, the page has most likely changed to SCAM.
  • Memorize the name of the administrators. This is rare, but if an admin shows up with their real details, it may be a legitimate page. However, if you begin to notice that an administrator is present on different pages, and all have been reported by SCAM, you should not register on another under the same administration.
  • Check if the page has its SSL certificate. This is an encryption system to protect the information on the website. You can see it in the URL, if the “http” has an “s” at the end. The sites that have the certificate can be considered safe, although unfortunately it is not a completely safe method, as there are pages that have it and they turn out to be SCAM.
  • Also, you should check if your copyright is up to date. If not, it is likely a scam.
  • Review the page layout. If you start to notice different platforms with a similar design, they probably all belong to the same administrator, and they are copy sites; pages that will eventually become SCAM.
  • If they offer more than € 1 per day, it is totally false. Any PTC page that offers one euro or higher is a scam. Don’t waste your time on these portals. Typically, the limit is between € 0.002 and € 0.005.

Another example of misleading advertising it is when they show supposed proof of payment with exorbitant figures. If they do not indicate the minimum withdrawal amount, they require you to buy on the site to withdraw and it says that you will earn a lot of money, stay away. That portal is SCAM.