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What are the best websites to find a serious partner and find love on the Internet? 2022 list

What are the best websites to find a serious partner and find love on the Internet? 2020 list

If you want to get a partner online, you can try and visit some websites that are specialists in getting people who want to establish a formal relationship. They also provide the option to find someone without any commitment.

Do not hesitate to try your luck through the network and thus perhaps meet your better half or make a new friendship . Everything will depend on the type of intention you have, and the chat you choose to dare to meet someone.

There are several portals where your design can attract, as well as its search engine that will surely help you get what you are looking for. You just have to encourage yourself to live a new experience and try your luck.

What are the risks of finding a partner online and if it is really possible do it?

¿Cuáles son los riesgos de buscar pareja por Internet y si realmente es posible hacerlo?
El Internet es en la actualidad un instrumento esencial para muchas personas en su día a día, ya que mediante él se puede conseguir cualquier tipo de información e inclusive diversión. Por lo general, están de moda los chats y los buscadores de parejas, debido a que mediante estos sitios web se puede conseguir amigos o un amor inesperado.

It is very common for people to seek to know others through electronic portals and to appear a personality different from their own; This with the intention of attracting attention. They may even appear to be kind, courteous and give the necessary attention.

Reasons why, if you turn to one of these websites, it is essential that make sure you are very well with who you are chatting , so that you don’t get a big surprise later and fall into a game that you find very difficult to leave.

Nor should safety be left aside , since there are fictitious profiles that may be being handled by people who make us run some kind of risk when we dare to look for that love ideal.

Searching for a partner online can be a delicate thing, since many people use false identities, as well as photos. This with the intention of impersonating someone who is not and thus being able to seek to do any kind of thing, which in the long run can be a big problem.

In addition, there may be disappointments, since the person with whom you talk is not exactly what it describes to be or because it performs any action that may put you at risk, within which we have:

Loss of privacy

Publishing your data or an image of you on a website is something dangerous, motivated that they can use this information to know where you are and be prone to suffer any type of damage or harassment .

Personal security

There are several events in which women and men have seen their lives in danger once they have made an appointment online. This is because there are stories where this virtual love has become a problematic love, since the woman can get a violent man , a rapist or even be deceived and then be prostituted.

Damage to your reputation

It is very likely that when you use this type of web pages it will cause you to send a somewhat provocative video or photo, but do not forget that there are sexual patients and even scammers that can make use of this information and take out your benefit to this situation.

Economic problems

Sometimes several online appointments are expensive and can generate a high price , which is why it is good to think about whether this type of investment is recommended for your finances.

Many online dating pages can be expensive, so you should think if it is worth paying and if you can actually afford it.

Propensity for scams

When surfing the Internet you should always be very attentive, since there are cybercriminals who are on the networks with the intention of performing any type of scam. Frequently, once they communicate with another person and gain their trust, they usually ask you to lend them some money.

Likewise, once you have a romantic relationship, the scammer asks for large sums of money, which is why you should be very aware of who you are talking to.

List of the best 15 web pages to start and find a partner online a serious relationship

There are currently many apps that are dedicated to interrelate people through the web, and they can exchange any type of information and even generate love relationships.

If you are interested in getting that special person and establish a good relationship, do not hesitate to check the pages indicated below:


To access this page you just have to register and access it, being that once there you can start looking for that ideal person, who shares your same hobbies and hobbies. One of the reasons that have made this platform a true worldwide phenomenon is its vocation of security in profile verification .

While you can enjoy it for free, there is no need to weigh some advantages that are obtained through a small payment. For example, in this way you can know if your messages have been taken into account by other users , which is the same to know if they have been read.


Once registered in this web portal you can start exchanging conversations, and best of all, it is a free page and if you want to be anonymous you just have to log in with your Facebook account .

Once you have met the requirements to register, a world of potential interesting appointments opens up with people of your interest . As in the case of Badoo, you can hire the service for payment to expand the features offered by the platform.


This is a new platform, where you can chat and engage in endless conversations with different individuals privately . You just have to register and place your profile to start using it.

One of the things that are giving a great boost to its number of users, has to do with the freedom you have to make friends with people you are interested in, be it boy, girl or any other community .


When you want to meet another person through the web you can connect for long periods and sometimes this is not the indicated one, that is why this platform allows to connect with people who share your same tastes.

That is because the platform is responsible for studying the profiles of its users, and once this is done it puts you in touch with people related to the way you see things . This is undoubtedly ideal for those who are interested in lasting relationships over time.


Through this page you can make several types of friendships even get a partner with whom you have a healthy and serious relationship. For example people over 50 years of age can start an exchange of hobbies with others who want to have new experiences.

The page guarantees total privacy in the exchanges , and as in other cases it allows to expand the uses that can be given to you by purchasing a membership.


Designed for users who are looking for a serious and lasting relationship, this platform has been setting standards among the pages dedicated to finding a partner online for years. Their way of putting interested parties in contact has bases that many equate to a scientific method .

Without a doubt, the above is a great help when looking for a partner as compatible as possible, this in relation to your preferences and way of seeing life. By using it you will discover how important it is to find someone who is at your level in many ways. Things like age, socioeconomic status and ways of reacting to various situations are included in the compatibility test presented by the platform.

Contactos Locales
Es una plataforma de contacto francesa en donde puede conseguir chatear con personas que estén cerca de ti o en otro lugar. Al momento de registrarte debes marcar el tipo de relación que estás buscando y la clase de encuentro que te interesa, con lo que tus preferencias son filtradas para que no tengas sorpresas en tus citas.

Give the option to use it in Spanish, so you can meet many people and even organize a good date . It is also important to know that ladies do not have to make any kind of payment to enjoy the Premium version. Not so gentlemen, who must purchase the package to access all the features of the platform.

Si te gusta viajar, mediante esta pagina puedes conocer a varias personas, ya que es una red social en donde podrás compartir tus gustos y conseguir alguien con quien estar acompañado. Aquí podrás dar con esa persona con la que tanto deseas compartir tu vida y entablar una buena relación.

There are individuals who even have a person by their side, they feel incomplete so they resort to chat on this type of pages. Usually, this is a good page for those people who are divorced or separated, which is why the origin of their other name “second love”.

Although this is a network essentially for those people who are engaged but want to have new experiences. You can use the free version , but its features are limited or you can access the paid version and fully enjoy its benefits.

Es una pagina de chat para esas personas que están de viaje y que permite conocer a cualquier tipo de persona en línea. Controversias aparte, se debe decir que muchas mujeres han encontrado en esta página un gran aliado para conocer el mundo en compañía de personas interesantes.

So you can also start discovering different parts of the world accompanying someone with whom you link here and thus enjoy their tastes and activities together. Of course, women should not pay anything at the time of registration; but men should do it for a membership.

Seeking Arrangement
Es una plataforma dedicada para aquellas personas que se encuentran solas y quieren buscar una pareja. Es muy profesional y seria por lo cual puedes contactar a otras personas y pasar un buen rato hablando y quién sabe si hasta podrías conseguir al amor de tu vida.

Among its users, there are a large number of young people who are looking for a Sugar Daddy , which leads them to fulfill some of the dreams that can only be achieved in company of older people < / strong> and solvent, at least when listening to good advice.

El nombre de esta pagina significa “reservar una amistad”,en donde a través de ella puedes conectar con otras personas que puedan alojarte en su casa cuando estés de viaje, compartir un café o disfrutar buenos momentos juntos.

We wrote it down because you already know that these are excellent ways to start a relationship by chatting, mainly because they make it possible to contact people from your favorite profile .

Esta es una red social muy común que es usada por millones de personas, a través de ella puedes conocer diversos tipos de personas y así compartir todas tus experiencias para conocer amigos y poder entablar cualquier tipo de relación sentimental.

Thousands of people have managed to contact like-minded people by joining the various groups in the social network, many of whom end up building a relationship that goes beyond simple online exchange. < / p>


Amor en Línea
Este es un portal totalmente gratuito que te ayuda a que puedas conocer personas que compartan tus gustos. Ademas puedes buscar una pareja seria desde la comodidad de tu casa.

Here there are people who can share your same tastes and activities, that’s why you get the recommendation that you start with a good friendship and then study the option of becoming a couple.