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What are the best websites to find influencers and enhance your Marketing strategy? List 2022

If you need boost your marketing strategies, you should ask for help from a professional influencer, because they are the ones who have the right audience to promote your brand in a successful way.

There are many ways to find profiles of influencers suitable for the brand of our product or service, but the most recommended are the special search tools, because it has an exclusive technology for it.

In this article We will show you a list of the best tools to find influencers, Thus we will also teach you the types of influencers that exist and the prices on average according to the number of followers they have.

List of the best websites to find influencer for your influencer marketing campaign

If we want to promote our brand, but have a more human sense, the perfect plan is to hire a professional influencer. Therefore today we will show you a list of the best platforms you can use to find the influencer how much do you need and thus strengthen your marketing campaign effectively.

Go for it:

This is one of the best tools that we can use to obtain a list of influencer with greater recognition On Instagram. We well know that this social network is the one that shows the highest results with respect to Community Manager and all online advertising strategies.

The use of this platform it’s totally free, and has a powerful search engine that allows us to find the most suitable influencers for our brand, using the appropriate filters, such as location. Heepsy it has a fairly intuitive interface, allowing us to find the ideal influencer, among a list of more than two million profiles on Instagram, also adding a higher result with higher specifications if we use a Premium account.


If you seek a tool to find the profile with the greatest influence on the social network of your preference, HypeAuditor is the right platform for you. It is composed of a series of filters that will allow you to locate the person with the most adaptable characteristics to your brand.

With HypeAuditor You will avoid tedious manual searches, allowing you to better manage the growth of your brand. Bill with a free mode and another payment, whose difference consists in the information that it provides of the profiles of its results.


This is a tool specifically for analysis of profiles with influence on Twitter, has an index of results quite broad that allows us to make comparisons between the most chords to our needs. The searches can be done through the keywords of our brand, offering us ordered results according to the number of followers that the profiles have.

As well we can apply filters, such as location, number of tweets, reactions and more. If you wish a deeper analysis of the profile, the tool allows us together with its complement “Analyze” obtain results based on hours of activity, themes, social authority, among other details. And if that was not enough, you can also make profile comparisons allowing you to do a better analysis up to a maximum of three profiles at the same time.


If you wish do specific searches using only keywords to find the twitter profile with the greatest influence on the subject, Buzzsumo is the ideal platform for you. The results are organized according to the typology and country.

Although it only works with Twitter, sometimes it usually shows us results from Instagram profiles with the address to reach and manually analyze the same. Some of the details that we can analyze with great ease with this spectacular tool, They are the level of authority, domain, followers, number of reactions to tweets or retweets, as well as the amount of external links that the influencer shares.


Klear is a relevant platform that allows us to find influencer quickly and efficiently, Being one of the most classic on this list, it does not have a fairly deep interface or many complications, which makes it a perfect tool for simple searches.

This tool organizes the results classifying them in different categories such as: Social media, entrepreneurship, marketing, SEO, digital, blogging, communication and more, giving a total of 22 different categories.


Upfluence is that all-in-one solution that you are looking for, allowing you to find a suitable influencer that you can work with to manage and boost all your digital marketing strategies.

This platform is not limited to only offering results from the most influential profiles, because it also allows us to manage our digital campaigns, as well as monitor them and study their behaviors. The database of Upfluence is made up of more than a million people, but our results are simplified according to the entered keywords and set filters.


A tool excellent for doing famous profile searches is Brandwarch, because it has a series of options and filters that will allow us to analyze the most compatible profiles with our campaigns and brands.

This platform is based on results from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, where the profiles are valued with an enumeration from one to one hundred, basing their assessment on indicators such as: authority, activity, audience and reactions. You will also be able to closely monitor and study the type of audience that the account has, a detail of great importance, allowing us to find the person with the perfect audience to meet our goals.


Traacker is a highly recognized platform, allowing us to find the most interesting influencers for our brand, and promote full compliance with our growth objectives and goals. Your filter options, They are similar to all those that we show in the previous platforms, with the difference that it shows results from different types of networks depending on the existence in its database.


Finally we have an excellent tool that allows us to find the channels of Youtube with the highest number of followers and activity, being ideal if we need our brand to gain enormous worldwide recognition. This is one of the Spanish platforms with the highest recognition in terms of searches according to the channel of Youtube, which is considered by many of its users as the best tool of the century.

How much money can I make on a website of this type as an influencer?

Prior to talk about the money you can earn being a professional influencer, the main thing is to know to which sector or type of influencer you belong.

If you still don’t know what the existing types of influencer are, we’ll explain it to you below:

The Healthy

Influencers of this type are what are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, involving a harmonious environment, and spiritual balance, in order to maintain a healthy body in every way.

The Collaborative

This is the type of influencer who promotes collaborations and events in conjunction with other influencers. They are one of the profiles that have the largest number of followers because they are managed by a greater Engagement.

Fashion and style

As its name indicates, is the influencer dedicated to a fashion style, they are most often sought after for advertising campaigns for clothing brands, or fashion stores. If you have an excellent personality, and everything looks spectacular, you can surely be a great fashion and style influencer.

The Gamer

We all know that today Video games are the top of entertainment, so if you are a video game lover and constantly share your strategies with the public, and you record the best games online, then you belong to this type of influencers.


If you consider that you are very influential in the gastronomic sector, so you are the gastronomy influencer type, ideal for campaigning restaurants, food brands, as well as giving advice on delicious and healthy meals.

The Traveler

The latter is the influencer who has turned travel into a profession, transferring all your audience to each of the corners you visit. The profile of this influencer is full of all the activities to do in each of his adventures.

Influencers salary

Now, if you already know what type of influencer you are, let’s get to the issue of importance; “The earnings of an influencer.”

According to statistical sources, influencers can earn more or less money depending on the type of social network and the number of followers it has, distributed as follows:


This social network has a great growth and number of people who make life in this community, so if you have less than 100K followers, you can get an income of one 450 and 900 euros per postThis is clearly based on the restrictions placed by the employer (Likes, comments among others).

Now, if you have a profile that has more than 500K followers, You can easily receive a little more than 4580 euros for each sponsored publication. But if you are one of those with a million followers you can demand more than 18300 euros per post, while meeting the quality and objectives of the brand.


The tiktokers they have not shown much data regarding their collection, but in what little we have been able to collect, we could average that a profile on TikTok with more than 100K audience You can sponsor a post for only 300 euros. Typically a profile of TikTok is promoted by another external social network which allows it to have huge amounts of followers, which allows a Tiktoker to charge up to 50,000 euros per post.


YouTube rules are different from those of any social network, because in order to monetize your channel you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 views. Fulfilling the requirements Youtube you can pay it to a channel a minimum of one euro for every thousand views.