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What are the best websites to find out about new projects on Raspberry Pi that you should have in your bookmarks? List 2022

Have a Raspberry Pi in your hands, is have a wide range of project options to carry out, and once you have learned to handle it, the possibilities only expand, so it is necessary to seek external advice.

The community of creators It is so broad and complex that new projects are born every day that will awaken your creativity to bring your Pi to life in a way you wouldn’t have imagined.

If you are a beginner in the programming field, or in the use of Pi equipment, The first thing you will need is some help, a guide to guide you in the direction of your project, and we are here to offer that help by displaying a list of the websites you should follow, to get the best ideas and to get started with your mini computer.

List of the best websites and online communities to learn about new projects on Raspberry Pi

Lack of experience can be a real obstacle when it comes to start with your projects due to the complexity involved in working with Raspberry Pi equipment. Fortunately, no new creator will have to start their new projects blindly. Here we are to help you with this list, in which We provide you with the best pages and communities that you can go to as a guide to get started in your projects as a developer.

Go for it:

Raspberry Pi Official Page

Raspberry Pi Official Website

The Raspberry Pi official site is an almost mandatory starting point for every new creator, since offers help and support in almost every aspect of managing its products, and one of these is access to new project postings that are available in its vast community. They offer a host of publications ranging from Python programming classes, to ideas for security projects, training, robotics, and more.

Digital Ionos Guide website

IONOS is a technology-focused website that has a wide variety of articles of all kinds and, among that treasure of information, there are several entries that they focus on lists of household projects to do.

This page has several entries geared towards this mini computer, and one of the most popular and comprehensive consists of a list of 25 projects to run, which vary from a video conference station with Zoom or Skype, and an email server, even a water pump motor for coffee machines and an air quality meter.

Hackster website

This website is aimed at projects for more specialized users, and it has the advantage of a fairly complete and versatile search engine that orders the projects we are looking for, which will allow us to see the latest ones first. Besides that, It has filters to select the most popular projects, by categories or by level of difficulty. The projects available on this page range from fruit and vegetable ripening detectors to a robotic owl.

Discorearduino official website

Focused on programming, robotics and design courses, this page has a list with more than 200 projects to carry out, ranging from a security camera to how to set up Spotify Connect. Besides that, this page includes the most relevant news about new projects, communities and updates, which is why it is a site that you will want to take a look at from time to time.

Intructables official website

Is a hobbyist for hobbyist page, it’s full of programming and robotics projects for a variety of modules, including the Raspberry Pi. Has a Simple interface that showcases the most popular projects at the top of the web.

In the case of an amateur page, degrees of difficulty range from beginner to intermediate for most projects, and is based on ideas for an entertainment process, so you can learn to use your Pi to, for example, use it as Chromecast, create a Minecraft server or even an automatic coffee maker.

These are the web pages to learn about Raspberry Pi from 0 to 100 that you have to know anyway

If you have been carried away by curiosity and acquired your Raspberry Pi without having the slightest idea how to work with it, fear not! The internet is so vast that you can find a course for practically anything, and this is no less true when it comes to this mini PC.

To save you wasting time searching, page by page, for the best way to make the most of that wonder you acquired, we present you a compilation of websites that offer you the best tutorials:

Programoergosum official website

It has a wide selection of tutorials and You will be able to find a guide both for the first steps with the Raspberry PI OS operating system, as well as for advanced programming with Python. The courses They consist of structured presentations that explain in an intensive and meticulous way the instructions to be followed so that you learn all the necessary aspects and start working on your personal projects.

Official World Courses website

This page offers a variety of courses covering various topics, from how to build your module and how to work with the Raspberry Pi OS, to methods to configure your home system with Arduino. All available courses have practical video lessons and cater for all skill levels that the applicant may have, from programming experts, to those who know the least, but most want to learn.

Udemy Official Website

The Udemy educational portal has a complete course on Python programming. This course covers all the use of the language, as well as exhaustive lessons on its syntax and logic. It is a course for beginners, so prior knowledge in programming is not a requirement. However, if it is to have a complete Raspberry Pi kit (power supply and MicroSD memory with NOOBS installed) to be able to do the practical part.

Unipaython official website

Unipython offers a course that requires little experience and trains new creators to carry out their projects. The lessons offer the knowledge to do things like build your Pi from scratch, program with Python from the board, and manipulate the various sensors to get started on your projects.

In fact, These courses have professional projects that you can develop as you strengthen your knowledge and you apply them to realize your ideas. Although the applications for the Raspberry Pi may seem purely educational, the prototypes that can be learned to develop have real applications.

Official Internet website step by step

Last but not least, our own web Internet Paso a Paso contains among its entries an important variety of courses and guides that will teach you to operate your Raspberry Pi from scratch, like a professional.

Of course, in addition to the detailed courses, There are a large number of guides for specific actions, as well as project ideas for your Raspberry PiSo it’s worth hanging around and exploring our project articles. Maybe you will find your next great inspiration.