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What are the best websites to make money playing online? 2020 list

Who said you couldn't have fun and earn money at the same time. This is not a dream of this generation, if you think about it, casinos have been working for many years. However, there are methods with which you will not need or move from the sofa.

Today, large numbers of people have managed to make an online game the source of their livelihoods. And we are talking about completely safe and legal actions.

Of course you are not going to get rich overnight, but at the same time you don't need to make an investment more than having an Internet line. You should also have some patience, as we will start small. Continue with the post and find out what are the available alternatives.

List of the best websites to make money playing on them online

We want to show you that it is not a joke and that you can get real income through games, we will not show you one, but ten sites with which you will earn money playing. Sharpen your mouse and take note of this list:

Is about a city simulator. Where it is possible to create your company, be an employee and fight in battles. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge to play it, it is one hundred percent online so you should not download no program and it is possible enter for free.

The site has 49,348 active users at the time of closing this text. Said number represents great growth since servers were opened to Europe. It has been active for six years, and It is most recommended by specialized portals in the subject.

The amount of virtual gold you earn in this game can be changed directly to euros. This figure will depend on the productivity and experience you have inside. To start using it and earn money, sign up here.

Unlike the previous one, this platform is found by complete in Spanish language. But in the same way you can have a free registration. Within it we can find different ways to earn money. Filling pollscompleting chores, doing contests and of course playing.

And it is not just any title, since we will have to do it with the famous Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the world's most downloaded shooting game. Of course, you will have to practice a lot and be better than your competitors. Collect tokens and koins that you can then exchange for cash or gift cards.

Online gaming is quite similar to Market Glory, as both simulate activities in companies and the financial world. It is also used from the browser of any device with an Internet connection.

Virtual money can be converted into real once you accumulate 20 euros. Registration is free.

Is a mobile app that allows you to bet virtual and with NO real money on various athletic events. You can do it with sports like football, rugby, basketball and even with virtual games like LOL or DOTA2.

The amount of hits that you have in your predictions it will become in bycoins. Which you can redeem for real money in your PayPal account.

A website of Spanish origin, similar to the previous alternative. Bet with your credits on all kinds of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, martial arts, e-sports, etc. Add score matching results and connecting daily. Start making profits now.

Big time

It is a app for Android and iOS containing various Minigames. They are of the puzzle style. Triumph in the levels and get tickets. They equal to a real money amount. You can accumulate them or redeem them for a raffle which is done every other day. The prizes in this one are much more substantial.

Continuing with the sites of sports hits this alternative is found. Like the previous examples, we can make virtual bets in multiple disciplines. With an addition of online games of the type of chance. Payments are made through of web wallets and Bitcoin.

For more points you can refer friends and acquaintances.

It is a website that rewards you for play various titles and write your opinion on them. Win banana coins that you can then redeem for prizes like games, skins, balance for the Steam platform, among others. The titles you must try are very popular and are renewed over time.

If you are a fan of sports in general and always hit the results, don't waste your talent and use this game. It is a web platform that has been active since 2009, this speaks of his reliability. Make your predictions and earn money.

More than 350 thousand users are already doing it. You can make bigger and bigger bets as you go. But if you already used all the available, don't worry. The site gives you fifty cents a day.

The best websites to exchange MMORPG game items and coins for real money

It is a new way to earn income real playing role-playing titles. In this way, the users with more experience and luck they can sell their items outside the platform. In other words, they do not use the internal fictitious market, with which virtual currencies are obtained. Rather, they use specialized forums and websites to carry out transactions with real money.

These systems are not covered by developers and have no responsibility for them. For this reason it is that you do it on trustworthy sites or with many users. We present you the best five:

A page to buy and sell featured items or skins of all kinds of games. It works like this: you provide the details of what you want sell through categories and titles. Once another user makes the purchase, you must send the object to them. After this, the money will be automatically deposited in the virtual wallet of your choice. The platform charges a percentage commission of the price, but ensures protection and speed of payment.

Here you can find a market for dozens of games. Each of them with well defined categories. Special weapons, skins and rare items. Just like a stock market, prices rise and fall according to supply and demand. Although you can also ignore the recommendation and set the number you want.


An independent site that works with Steam user. Among the most popular markets is CS: GO, Dota 2 and TF2. The money can be withdrawn through different places, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, among others.

Similar to the previous one, but detached from Steam, we found this site. Available in several languages, offers a very simple interface with two main frames. In the first objects that you want to sell and in the second in case you want to buy them.

While it is a messaging platform. With it we can find groups referring to the exchange and sale of items from various games. Definitely it's the riskiest way to do it, so ask for references before making a transaction. In this way you will also find groups in Facebook and WhatsApp.