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What are the best websites to make online presentations? 2020 list

Generally, to make presentations of any kind (proposals, ideas, projects, reports, etc.) users turn to PowerPoint tools because they are very complete and because of their great popularity. However, there are many people who do not have this Microsoft program installed.

For this reason, there are a large number of Internet users who choose to search for an alternative online, in order to not relying on PowerPoint to easily create your presentations. The best thing about this is that the tools of this type available on the Internet, they allow creativity to be further developed, guarantee high quality and have a good design.

Therefore, it is important to know What are the best web platforms to make online presentations with the help of powerful and optimal completely free tools. So, next, we proceed to point out each one.

List of the best online platforms to make presentations like a professional

Nowadays, if you don't have PowerPoint or some program installed on your computer to create presentations, you shouldn't worry. As, via Internet, you will get various solutions with which you can make and design this type of documents in a comfortable, easy and free way.

But, since the choice of many users is that they do not know where to go to do this, it is valuable to know the most recommended websites to make presentations like a professional and thus, avoid immersing yourself in a sea of ​​options that are not the most optimal.

Consequently, we proceed to present 10 very interesting alternatives:

Google Presentations

Also known as Google Presentations, this platform is presented as one of the most complete solutions to work on your presentations online and even, It is characterized by being much more complete than the same Microsoft software. Considering that its design is a bit similar to PowerPoint itself and, therefore, works with the mechanism of said tool.

However, it has the great difference that, from this platform, you can create online presentations, from anywhere and regardless of the work device you have on hand. Highlighting that, it has the function of building team presentations (for their modality of cooperative work), we also distinguish that it offers options for add videos and animations, it has a wide variety of themes and templates, in addition to allowing create presentations wirelessly using Chromecast or AirPlay.

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<p>Another of the most popular websites for online presentations, this is Emaze that allows you <strong>get slides with an original finish and at a professional level in a few minutes</strong>. Among its best advantages, we find that it has great customization capacity, so <strong>provides a wide range of colors to select from, as well as various templates and fonts</strong>.</p>
<p>In addition, it allows you to add voice commands to control the presentations to your liking and, in addition to that, you can <strong>use YouTube videos, music and sound effects</strong> to enrich the content to be displayed. Notably, <strong>it has ideal tools for translation, access to the cloud and is designed in HTML5</strong>, so it supports access from any browser and computer. Thus, it offers a free and a premium version.</p>
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<p>It consists of one of the first web pages that emerged to simplify the processes of creating slides of any kind and, thanks to its excellent track record, <strong>Prezi is considered the giant of online presentations</strong>. Considering that this optimal alternative exhibits incredible functionality, provides great originality, <strong>supports team projects and is available for all operating systems</strong>.</p>
<p>In addition to that, through Prezi, you can add various elements to your slides, <strong>such as images, videos and animations</strong>. Among other details, we highlight that you have the option of zooming in certain areas of your presentations and <strong>offers a free version</strong> (or publishes) that has a capacity of <strong>100 MB only</strong> and another <strong>of payment</strong> with which you can make your private presentations.</p>
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Hakiu Deck

Refers to an online platform that exhibits an intuitive interface with excellent design, from which it provides a large number of functions to create high quality presentations and, in addition, it is considered a tool with the ability to develop the creativity of its users. This mainly because has an extensive image bank that you can use to enrich your slides.

In addition to this, the website is also distinguished by providing complete minimalism in order not to include elements that greatly distract your audience and, therefore, his philosophy points to the saying "less is more". In this sense, to prepare your presentations you simply have to add a background image, place a title and the indicated text, as well as distribute the text within the image. On the other hand, you can create graphics and edit the exposed images with Dropbox or Facebook.

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<p>This is a website that fully supports the creation of online content and, therefore, in addition to facilitating the creation of slides in a professional way, it also <strong>allows to create and design all kinds of web parts</strong>. Among which are: <strong>infographics, cards, posters, collages, graphics and even ebooks</strong>.</p>
<p>Now, with respect to the process that must be undertaken to create PowerPoint presentations with Canva, it is based on starting a document, registering on the platform and accessing with your credentials. Next, among the types of design there are, you will have to <strong>click on “Presentation”</strong> and then you should <strong>create your slides from scratch or use any of the available templates</strong> (simple, creative, educational, advertising, professional, marketing, proposal, etc.).</p>
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<p>This is a free platform <strong>cloud based</strong>, through which you can make great designs for all those contents that you want to present. Which stands out <strong>for its ease of use, its functionality and its attractive interface</strong>. Thus, it allows to switch between the tabs <strong>"Content"</strong> and <strong>"Design"</strong>, in a very simple way and according to what you want to edit at any given time.</p>
<p>On the other hand, in case you do not like the distribution of the slide and you have doubts about the organization of the exposed elements, <strong>you can lean on the option called “Accommodate with AI” </strong>And, automatically, the system will accommodate them in the best way with Artificial Intelligence. Among other characteristics, we highlight that it has functions to <strong>collaborative work</strong> and <strong>results can be shared via social media</strong> (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn).</p><!--CusAdsVi1-->
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<p>Another of the most interesting solutions is <strong>this cross-platform tool</strong> With which you can create original online presentations in a short time and bidirectionally in real time. Taking into account that, free of charge, it only offers you the possibility of <strong>develop a total of five presentations</strong> and if you want to exceed this amount, you will have to <strong>pay a monthly subscription on the platform</strong>.</p>
<p>For its part, Swipe is distinguished by being a resource that exhibits great interactivity, since it allows <strong>make surveys at the moment and share the contents made through web links</strong>; which is very useful. Added to that, it supports the possibility of including images, videos from any platform and even PDF documents on your devices. <strong>just by dragging the files into the workspace</strong>. You can even add surveys and forms there.</p>
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<p>Basically, it refers to a website where <strong>you must register to create online presentations</strong> making use of optimal tools available. Among its advantages, we find that it has the function of <strong>add audios and videos to your presentations</strong>, in order to include a distinctive factor to them and that they look much more professional. Whereas, you can record the sound as each slide progresses or sync it to the video as well.</p>
<p>In addition to that, it has the option of <strong>create presentations incorporating the computer's webcam</strong>, allows you to add slides from PowerPoint, it is also possible <strong>integrate interactive quizzes and downloadable materials</strong>. It also offers the ability to export HD content to ensure maximum quality.</p>
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<p>As another important option, we find this online platform that <strong>it is distinguished by its completely intuitive interface</strong> which gives you the possibility to use its various functions, animations and templates in a very simple way. Additionally, it allows <strong>include content from external sources, interactive elements, animated text, images and videos</strong> to the slides without any complications.</p>
<p>For his part, <strong>guarantees responsive results</strong> And this means that your finish will look perfect on both computers and mobile phones. It also presents the option to share the presentations directly. <strong>through the Web</strong> or <strong>save them in JPEG format</strong>. It should be noted that it has free functions and also payment plans (with discounts for students and teachers). In addition to presentations, <strong>you can create infographics and banner ads</strong>.</p>
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<p>To end this list, we recommend this other online tool that is ideal for <strong>make dynamic presentations</strong>, since it is a platform that focuses on making online videos and thus, you can <strong>create totally interesting, fun and original slides there</strong>. Therefore, there is the possibility of <strong>add text, cartoons, dialog boxes, default sounds, and even extra animated slides</strong>.</p>
<p>Apart from this, it is characterized by hosting a large number of templates that can be adapted to the requirements of all users, in addition to <strong>exhibits a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface</strong>. In addition to this, it should be noted that you will have to register with your email address or with your Facebook or LinkedIn account to use all of its tools. However, if you use the free version, <strong>you must prepare your slides with a defined time limit</strong>.</p>
<h2><span class= Tips to make your presentations better and give them a more professional touch

Although, with the help of online tools to prepare your slides you will be able to obtain high quality presentations; the truth is that it is also very important that you have certain ideas when creating such presentations. Well, following some interesting recommendations, you will have the ability to give them a much more professional and original touch so that stand out from the rest, easily.

That is why, we believe it essential to point out some interesting tips with which you will be able to build better presentations in order to impact your target audience:

Add lots of visuals

Nowadays, beyond including the appropriate text on the slides, professionals they focus on use as many visuals as they can. Which can be images, cartoons, animated text or any interactive element.

This is because, from said content, you can capture the attention of the people who view your presentation. So, they will remain interested in all the information that you want to expose and without having to include all the available text. For this, you can make use of image banks that will help you to have more creativity.

Insert consistent audios and videos

Just as it is totally relevant to show images in a presentation, also it is very important to play videos during the same. Since, the vast majority of people prefer to see this type of content than having to read the information to know what you want to transmit.

In addition to this, like the videos, it is also recommended to include audios of great interest to your audience. Because these are elements that have the ability to take over people's attention and in that way, you can achieve your goal more easily.

Limit yourself to one message per slide

Another essential recommendation is based on limiting the concepts that are presented at the same time. This means that, you should focus on exposing one message / topic per slide. Since, in such a way, you will transform the information into small pieces easier for the audience to digest and thus, they will be easier to remember.

In this regard, always keep in mind that if you choose to mix multiple themes on a single slide, you will only be able to dilute the message and confuse the spectators. Which, will end up thinking that you do not have the capacity to expose coherent information. Taking into account that, also you must summarize the content so as not to get numerous slides as a result.

Be consistent with the design

While you are designing your presentation, it is important that you consider that, corporate templates are often tedious for any audience And, for that reason, it is that many experts in the field are against its use.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the best will be Create a presentation that doesn't become repetitive or monotonous and, on the contrary, it is valuable that use bold colors with original fonts, styles and designs. Since, so you can also capture the attention of the public without so much effort.

Create and use numbered lists

A very effective way to summarize and / or simplify the information to be presented lies in create numbered or bulleted lists to present on your slides. In view of the fact that this will allow you to follow the natural order of the text and know how many elements there are in total to expose them (especially, if you use the listed files).

In addition to this, when you use the lists to present any data or information, users they will be able to remember this text more easily. Therefore, they will make life easier for you and those who will view your slides.