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What are the best websites to make photomontages and photo effects online? 2020 list

With the great boom that social networks are exhibiting around the world today, photographs can be considered as one of the most essential elements in the digital field. Since, from them, Internet users can make themselves better known through the web, either through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, for example.

In this sense, the largest number of users who share photos on their social profiles, before publishing them, they carry out an editing process or make use of a filter, to optimize the attributes of the image. From there, the famous photo effects and photomontages are born, which are those that result from the combination of fragments of various photographic elements.

Therefore, in order to offer the best solutions to all those users, it is valuable to point out the most effective web pages to make these types of compositions online. So, below, we present a list in detail.

List of the best online tools to make photomontages and apply effects to photos

As we indicated initially, when sharing a photo on any social platform, it is valuable to carry out an editing process in order to display the best attributes of the image in question and display remarkable quality. For which, you can rely on optimal tools that facilitate the realization of photomontages and allow you to apply different effects to your photographs, online.

Here we introduce you to several options currently available:

It is one of the most used online tools when making photomontages, thanks to the fact that It is a free platform that is very simple and practical to use, as well as dynamic and creative.. Thus, once you access the web, you must click on the button «Create a montage» to start the process and build your own photo montage by inserting the images you want.

On the other hand, you can navigate through the different trends that the platform manages and thus, get the template that you like the most. It even allows you to use its search engine to find the content you want more quickly, just by using keywords. It is also characterized by being a website with a variety of themes and that provides the necessary utilities to make a 3D image.

In view of how fun all its filters are to make photomontages, this online platform is considered one of the best alternatives to obtain truly interesting photographic presentations and upload them on your social networks. In that sense, the platform It is characterized by having Instagram-style filters and also contains more than 100 edges to add to your photos.

Added to that, it allows you to make photo montages with various themes and all the available effects they are adapted to emotions (happiness, fear, anger, etc.). Among other details, we highlight that this website offers you the possibility to change the background of your photos easily, make high quality collage, turn your photographs into paintings and drawings, just like making greeting cards in a personalized way. It should be noted that you can filter the available content by categories.

In global terms, Befunky is in the top 10 of the most preferred online image editors by Internet users. Thanks to that, It is a recommended platform to make photomontages with your photographs and apply effects to them, easily. Best of all, it is a completely free website.

Now, among its main features, we find that Befunky guarantees high quality editions, supports the creation of collages, has various warm filters for photos and adjusts certain aspects such as contrast, brightness and quality of the image in question. Around its design, it’s vintage And, for that reason, it is a tool very managed by Instagram users, today.

It consists of an online photomontage creator that, in addition to facilitating the construction of photo montages, also works as a very complete graphic design tool. Since, it has a remarkable variety of templates to collect online photos, clipart and high quality backgrounds that They will help you get awesome montages for free.

In addition to that, you can add stickers to your edits to create custom photomontages, as well as delete and change the background, adjust the size, merge the photographic element with other additional images and set other patterns. It is worth noting that the platform supports several languages ​​and does not require prior registration by the user to be able to use all its benefits.

Although it is a solution with payment plans, the truth is that it is also a platform that provides a free trial that you can make the most of by accessing through your Facebook account or with your email address, for the first time. Furthermore, at the time of save changes without canceling a subscription, it is recommended to take a screenshot to obtain the edition without any limitation.

For its part, using Picmonkey, adjust the colors and change the exposure to make the most of your photos, apply various effects and filters, use retouching tools and build new designs from scratch using graphics. To start the editing process on this website, you must open the photo in the editor, make adjustments, save the results and download the final image.

Basically, it refers to an optimal photo editor and collage maker that it has highly trained design tools to facilitate truly flawless editing for its users. Thus, when it comes to making quality touch-ups for your photos online, this platform is one of the best for all the filters it houses and the professional utilities it adapts to the requirements of its users.

In this sense, Pizap has both basic and advanced tools to turn your common photos into a masterpiece. In addition to that, it allows add text, borders and stickers, to personalize the design of your photographic elements even more. It even has a mobile app that has the same functions as its web version and it’s totally free in the main app stores (Play Store and Apple Store).

It is another website from which, basically, you can edit your photos with photomontages and frames, as well as collage in a few minutes. Once you enter the platform, you will see that its handling is very simple, thanks to the fact that it is outlined by categories And, in this way, you can filter all the available content quickly and get what you want.

Added to this, it has a search bar that, using keywords, will show you all the matching results so you can start making your creations for free. Among other characteristics, we highlight that you should register on the web, either with your email or your Facebook account and thus, you will have at hand all the tools to make photomontages, apply effects, add stickers, use photo frames, make collages, etc..

It is a free web page that, in general, houses over 600 artistic and original effects to make quality photomontages. Taking into account that, section all available content through various categories that you can select to your liking and according to your requirements. Among these categories, we find some so popular: Valentine, Halloween, Christmas, Filters, Cards, Frames, Vintage, etc..

Apart from that, it has a powerful search engine with which you can obtain more accurate results and thus adapt them to the photos you want. On the other hand, in its web version, you will have to carry out a previous registration to be able to use all your tools. However, also it has mobile apps that allow you to make edits with simplicity.

It refers to a web page that has a wide range of templates for photomontages and best of all, is that stays updated and adds a new template every day. Therefore, if you want to have various solutions on hand to optimize your photos and make original photomontages, we recommend using this online platform.

When you enter the website in question, you can enter its section «Effects» and try among hundreds of options, in addition to having a section where it houses all the available filters and also has a complete gallery. Notably, it is very simple to use, it is totally free, it does not require previous registrations and it supports several languages.

Another recommended website for get creative photomontages online and for free, it is PhotoMontager. Which stores a wide variety of strange objects that you never even imagined and thanks to this, you can create very original and quality photographic presentations to share on your social networks.

In this sense, you should not register on the web to be able to use all its tools and, if you wish, you can download and install its software on your PC to carry out the editions. offline. Among other details, we distinguish that this platform has a wide variety of categories (at the top of the main page) through which you can view all the content available and that suits your preferences.

Tips to better edit your photos and make them stand out on your social media profiles

Tips to better edit your photos and make them stand out on your social media profiles

To publish photographs that stand out from the rest on social networks, it is not only necessary to use a tool to apply effects and / or make photomontages; but also, it is important to take into account certain recommendations when carrying out the editing processes in order to implement them. Then, we emphasize some of the most potential advice for these cases:

Don’t abuse the filters

It is very important to apply the necessary filters and not exceed them. Since, this could saturate the layout of the photography and with it, reduce its quality to the maximum; Well, you will notice that it has been subjected to an unprofessional editing process.

That is why, the most advisable is use one or two filters that are consistent with the effect you want to produce in the photo to highlight its best attributes, only. That is, you just have to focus on giving a special hue to the image from these filters and thus, avoid exceeding the acceptable limits.

Edit just what is necessary

When adjusting certain aspects of the photo, also it is highly relevant to edit only what is necessary. This means that, during the editing process, it will be decisive to make the improvements truly required by the image and, also, apply the famous saying that says «less is more»; as it happens in the case of filters.

So, for example, if you adjust the saturation of the photo and increase it, the best thing will be do not use the “soft light” option as a layer of uniform color to tan the skin.

Adjust the lighting and contrast of the image in photo retouching

When you are retouching your photography using any tool, it is essential that don’t forget to optimize lighting and contrast. Since lighting is one of the most important factors in exhibiting high color quality in any photo.

Therefore, adjust the lighting until you consider the scene features fully enhanced clarity And also focus on highlighting the contrast of all the elements present in the photo.

Share black and white images

Sometimes, to make a photograph look much more professional, it is recommended to convert the photo to black and white. Luckily, you can apply this effect from any photo editing tool.

So, apart from applying this effect to black and white, it is also good increase the contrast and brightness of the image in order to give an optimal final touch.

Improve exposure

If the photograph you are editing has been taken with a camera that did not succeed in the exposure, the most advisable thing will be retouch the exposition of it to achieve a much more striking effect.

Thus, taking care that there are not many totally black shadows in the image or several burned areas, proceed to increase the exposure values ​​until the result improves and to look more professional. Even at this point it’s also good increase (just a little) contrast without spoiling the final result.