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What are the best websites to read free online comics in Spanish and English? 2020 list

What are the best websites to read free online comics in Spanish and English? 2020 list

It is no secret to anyone that the most important comic book houses have taken a notable boom over time, especially because of their popularity in the film world. Therefore, have billions of fans worldwide , but many cannot access such content.

Then, either because users do not have the resources to buy their favorite comics or because in their country there is not much distribution of this recognized art, fortunately there is a solution to read the comics you want from the web . Since, there are several websites in Spanish and English where it is possible to read and download, free and legally, these comics .

In this sense, if you want to spend hours and hours enjoying the stories of your favorite superheroes, in this post we will present the best alternatives that, today, exist for it . Being websites that host from the most classic to the most current comics.


List of the best websites to watch online comics in Spanish and English free

In this sense, in order to see all the online comics you want and without paying anything for it , we have focused on finding the best options in the market.

Taking into account that, given that sometimes it can be risky to enter this type of online sites, we will let you know the pages that allow you to access this giant industry, legally .

In addition, it should be noted that there are not many platforms in Spanish where you can read a large comic bank without downloading it to your computer or smartphone. Therefore, we will detail some solutions available in Spanish and others in English, below:

Archive’s Web Comic Universe


Basically, this website in English consists of a database that houses a large number of old comics, that is, from the golden age. Like graphic novels that are extremely fun and interesting to read for a long time. Even allows you to download them for free .

Among the best advantages of this page, it should be noted that it allows you to navigate very easily through the entire platform to locate the comics you want. Thanks to that, has a search filter , from which you can sort the content by publication date, title or creator.

Comic Book Plus

Although this platform looks somewhat misleading, the truth is that it is a legal and free website where you can find a huge comic bank, especially you were gold and silver . That is to say, the site keeps cartoons that were published during the 1930s and 1956, where the most famous superheroes appear for the first time.

It should be noted that all content is in English, but it also has a section that offers comics in Spanish, just where it says “Non-English” . For its part, it offers great variety because you can find an extensive number of stories of drama, romance, crime, fantasy, etc. However, it will not be possible to find the most recent comics .

Read Comic Online

In case you are an amateur about reading comics and at the same time, you like reading manga or watching anime, this website is one of the most ideal for you. Which, offers a long list of content for comics and another for manga , but everything is in English.

Highlighting its most important features, it is worth noting that it has a very well organized and attractive platform . Thus, one of the websites of this type that, visually, looks better. Additionally, it provides you with several search options with powerful engines.

The Oatmeal

Among the majority of websites available to enjoy online comics, this platform is the one that offers one of the most striking interfaces there is, especially for its colorful themes. Now, in reference to the content you provide, this is a series of sarcastic comics based on today’s popular culture.

In addition to this, The Oatmeal contains a blog and a store where you can acquire all its material, very easily. In addition, to take advantage of the color of the platform, it also makes use of objects to give symbology and accentuate the sarcasm that is handled on the web. So, is excellent in terms of entertainment .

Digital Comic Museum

Although it does not offer the best design with respect to the interface, this is another good solution to read online comics from any device. Since, it provides an extensive catalog of free content that can be adjusted to the tastes of all who visit the website.

Now, to access to read online the comic you prefer, you simply have to click on the title of the comic, then select the volume number you want and finally, you have to press where it says “Preview” to go to the reading interface. In this sense, the web divides the content by publishers and locates the comics alphabetically.

Comic Genesis

This website hosts a complete database that only contains the vast majority of the comics that were published since 2000 . Therefore, it is an entertainment page where you can locate many modern and interesting comics ; few alternatives of such type.

It should be noted that, as well as the other solutions in this list, this website also is completely free and legal . However, as a point against, we emphasize that it does not offer the best interface, does not add search filters and for this, you can only locate your favorite comics from a personalized search from the indicated bar.


Although it is not a web page dedicated solely to offering comics to read online, it also provides you with content of this type. Since, it has several pages of uploaded material that you can find using the “Online Comics” tag. With which, you can see the first appearances of several important characters and superheroes of this world.

In addition to this, you will also encounter relevant information about the origin of several of those characters. However, this will have to be done from an image in JPG format, since on the web there is no reading interface .


Thanks to its attractive and intuitive design , this is another of the most optimal online sites to search and read all the comics you want, since it is very easy to navigate through all the content offered. Which, does it for free and with a completely legal distribution.

On the other hand, it is valuable to highlight that it allows you to access an extensive bank of comics, regardless of whether they are from yesteryear or the most recent. However, to make use of this kindness, you will have to register on the website . Which is also in English.

DC Kids

If you don’t care about age and just want to enjoy a great variety of comics, this is an excellent solution for you. Which offers a very comfortable interface and is a website created especially for children . That is, it is a section of DC aimed at the smallest of the house, which contains a tab of “Comics” where you will see different cartoons.

In this sense, apart from showing a comfortable interface, its design is very colorful and striking . However, if you have a slow internet connection, the web page can be very heavy. But, everything is worth it because it is a free site and with complete legality.

Comic Web

Free of charge, this web platform is based on an extensive catalog of old comics. Because, it houses the oldest and even comic strips, since the 1950s . Like a lot of old radio programs from the “Old Time Radio” section that can be really interesting, if you are a lover of the world of comics.

For its part, additionally, this website contains a complete list that refers to a list of books, news of great interest and many other sections that make it a complete page. Although, with a completely simple interface and in English .



As its name implies, it is an alternative where you can find different Marvel-based comics. Which, have been published by a user of the renowned website , which was responsible for providing about 60 Marvel stories .

Now, to read this content, just click on the one you select and that’s it. On the other hand, it is also a totally free and very reliable solution, has an integrated search engine and exhibits a well-designed interface. Comicoon

This website is in Spanish and is also free, where you can find and read comics online, without downloading them (you don’t have the option to do so either). It should be noted that, in reference to the number of cartoons hosted there, it is presumed that is around 200 to delight you for long periods.

Although the website does not have search filters, it offers you a search bar to specify the titles you want and also allows you to guide you through a upload timeline which can be seen on the right side of the web, right at the bottom of that bar. Which, is based on a timeline section by years and by a subcategory of months.

DriveThru Comics

It is estimated as one of the most complete websites to find a wide selection of comics, since it is the first online comic book store downloadable on the Internet . Thus, you can enter the titles you want to read directly in the search bar, to enjoy them without paying anything, since are free books to try .

However, it has certain developments that are paid and completely varied to satisfy the tastes of all its customers. If you want to find a payment book that fits your pocket, you can enter the value you are willing to pay for it and thus, browse the web to locate it.

In general, it contains the comics of the main and most recognized publishers of this world, as well as independent books of its own edition. ComicPedia

This is considered one of the shorter and more precise websites when searching for content related to comics distributed online. Since, although it may not seem like it, your comic bank is truly limited (inclusive, it is possible to claim that it contains less than 30 comics).

In this sense, it is considered a good solution for those amateur users in this world who prefer to find very specific editions of their favorite superheroes and in no apparent order. But, it reveals an excellent advantage that is based on being able to download the content for free and conveniently .


To conclude, we refer to this website where to find comics to read online, without the requirement to register or download it on your computer or mobile. Which offers an interface that has carefully taken care of its small details and, therefore, is very attractive. In addition to the comics being very easy to read, thanks to its system that is based on just clicking to turn the page .

However, it should be noted that the website does not show a categorized order of its content and for that reason, for some users it can be a bit tedious for the work required to find the desired comic.

So, you have two options to start your search: (1) Using the list that shows in alphabetical order or (2) Entering the titles directly in the search bar at the bottom of the home page.

What are the main risks of displaying comics on websites «free »?

As we indicated at the beginning of the previous list, it can sometimes be risky to access certain websites where to see and read comics. But well, you will ask what dangers it is and above all, what are the main risks that may exist when viewing this type of comic on pirated websites.