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What are the best websites to receive validation SMS without having a real phone number? 2022 list

UPDATED ✅ Do you want to know the best online platforms to receive messages with confirmation codes without a phone? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ Find out what they are.

Nowadays it is very common that most web platforms they request you your phone number to send you a validation message at the time of registrationthis may be a very easy step for most, but some of the users often have mistrust when providing your contact number especially if it is a portal with little credibility.

It can also happen that don’t have a smartphone and so therefore you cannot provide said contact telephone number to receive the code or maybe you already used your number on another platform and this time ask for a different one. No matter what the reason you can’t use your phone you will be able to find a lot of platforms that can provide you with one.

get a virtual phone number on many occasions it can be very helpful, especially because you avoid giving your real phone number to unreliable sites or to strangers. That is why in this post we are going to show the different web pages that you can use for receive validation SMS in an easy and fast way.

List of the best web pages to receive validation SMS without mobile

Taking into account the need that has become to have a phone where you can receive the validation code to complete any procedure registration or verification of a websitehere we are going to show you a list with the best web pages to receive validation SMS without having to use your real mobile:

Pinger Textfree

The first web portal that we show you is about Pinger Textfree, a place completely free and which will allow you receive SMS online So you can verify and complete your registration without major inconvenience. To make use of this website simply you must enter it and carry out the registration process on the platform, it is characterized by being very simple to use.

At the time of complete your registration you will be provided with different phone numbers that you can use when you require it, so fulfilling this step it will no longer be a problem for you. The only thing you have to do is enter the zip code of the area where you reside at the time of registration and start using Pinger Textfree in an easy and free way.


This is another of the portals that you will find currently available on the net and which will provide you with a virtual number So you can receive SMS messages, what will allow you receive the different validation codes that are sent to you from the different pages where you register.

It is important to mention that this website works with a large number of countriesso you just have to register in ReceiveaSMS Y access it to find the number corresponding to your country. At the time of entering it on the required website, you simply have to refresh ReceiveaSMS page Y check what text messages you have received.

In this way you can start to solve this type of inconvenience without having to provide your real data, thus getting a greater privacy in your personal data. Also, you can make use of ReceiveaSMS completely free.

Receive SMS

Receive SMS is a platform that is currently available in a large number of countries such as Spain, Holland, United States, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, among many others. This is how here you will find a lot of telephone numbers according to country where you reside. To make use of Receive SMS you simply must sign up for it completely free.

Here the user simply has to enter Receive SMS and take one of the numbers that are published at that time for your countrykeep in mind that they are changed frequently, so it is best to update the site every time you use it.

The numbers that are published here they are completely public as well as the messages that are received in it, that is, there is nothing hidden in the portal. It also has a app available for Android operating system so you can use it from the comfort of your smartphone.

SMS Receive
SMS Receive
MobSoft Srl

Receive free SMS

Like the platforms mentioned above, this one is also available for a large number of countries including what is Spain, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, United States, among many others. In terms of its operation, it is also very similar to the previous ones, where you simply have to enter it Y take the number corresponding to the country where you reside.

Therefore, this portal becomes a excellent option so you can start receive verification codes without you having to use your private phone. It has a free version where everyone the numbers and messages will be public, in case you want increased privacy you can choose the paid version.


This is another of the options currently available on the net, with this web portal you will have the opportunity to get a virtual number where you can start receiving verification messages of the different platforms wherever you want register, a way to keep your personal phone privately.

This website has numbers available for a large number of countries where they can be found. Russia, United States, United Arab Emirates, Ukraineamong others.

Sealite SMS Receiver

This website is currently available only to Estonia, but it is expected that in a short time is available for other countries of the European Union. This is how here users will have the opportunity to receive verification text messages of the different sites where they registeras well as receive also calls for such verification.

Here you can find different numbers availablewhere you simply have to choose the one you want and add it to the platform where you want to join. you won’t have to register to use Sellaitealso has a service completely free.

Free Online Phone

Free Online Phone is other of online platforms that you can find today on the net, here you will have the opportunity to find a large number of virtual numbers available where you should only take the one that is available for your country of residence. Today this website is enabled for more than 228 countries around the world with 24/7 support.

It is important to mention that some of the numbers available here are expiring, so it is possible that the one who enter does not workin this case you simply have to try the others that are available there to be able to receive your verification message.


twilio has become one of the most searched websites by most users, this is because this portal will take care of give you a completely private number something that most websites of this type do not. You will get this from test mode, that is, you can start counting on a completely private number for free.

With this number you will be able receive text messages and verification calls of the different platforms where you want to register. The only disadvantage in this case is that with the trial version you will not be able to send messages to other numbers. In addition, registration is required in order to start using Twilio.

Receive SMS now

This portal is ideal for all those people who need send and receive text messages anonymouslyas well as receive registration verification messages from different websites without your personal data being involved.

With Receive SMS you will have the opportunity to verify accounts such as Facebook, PayPal, Uber, eBay, among many others. Also, this service is completely free and is available for a large number of countries.

Bypass SMS verification codes using the PingMe Verification Code Wizard. This little app helps you sign in to different websites and apps, protecting your privacy. Use this tool to check if an app is right for you before registering an account with your real details.

A very interesting web page for activating SMS codes for creating accounts, it is designed for the market of Eastern countries, either Romania, Estonia or Russia but also offers telephones of United Kingdom or United States and it is worth remembering that when we are going to add a phone number to activate an account, in most cases we can choose the country of origin of the phone number. For more detail, we can use a VPN of the country in question and thus there will be more credibility when activating our account with the Virtual Telephone.

Perhaps, it is one of the best sites to receive SMS online that you will find on the internet. Completely free, you can choose a phone number from 6 different countries. Currently, several countries are available, such as the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland, the United Kingdom or Belgium.


We are facing one of the best known sites on the internet. The numbers are public telephones from anywhere in the world. The virtual number is displayed on the initial web page instantly, so it is quite fast to use. If you wish, you can buy phone numbers specific to you. With that, you will access a private inbox where you will have all the messages. In this way, you avoid them being public and you ensure that the SMS will arrive without problems.


The difference between this generator of phone numbers to receive messages with the rest is that they offer numbers of private SIM cards. Therefore, they are not virtual numbers. If you are really looking for a service to have a phone number to receive SMS that works, it is your best option. Of course, you will have to pay for this service, but, without a doubt, it is worth it.


On this website, you will have up to 5 phone numbers online to receive SMS. It works like the other websites we have seen and the service is completely free. If what you want is a temporary number to receive an SMS only once, this is the right place for it.

Until now, we have seen paid or free websites. Those that are free have the handicap that the SMS you receive will be public. If you are looking for something free where SMS are privateThis website will be very useful to you. They will give you a private phone number to receive messages. You can see these SMS in your own inbox. To create a free account, we recommend using a VPN or proxy as if you were in the United States.


Finally, we present a payment platformbut with which you will have the opportunity to have a Quality servicehere you go receive a virtual phone number where it will not only allow you receive verification SMSbut you will also have the opportunity to send SMS online.

In order to use this portal it is necessary that the user pays a monthly fee of 5 euroswith this number you will have the opportunity to separate what is your work with your personal lifeallowing you to have a second virtual telephone line.

It also allows you to configure the site so that everyone the SMS you receive reach your email inbox, which will allow you to be more aware of them. Also, you can add automatic replies to messages you receive.

Is it safe to use this type of website to receive validation messages?

You may have doubts about using these websites to receive the verification messages de the different sites where you want to register. However, these web platforms have great support and this is thanks to the fact that they offer a maximum security and privacy in user dataso you will be guaranteed excellent performance.

Also, make use of these portals will guarantee you have greater privacy in your telephone number, preventing it from being at the scope of third parties. It is also important that you use a legal and reliable siteTaking into account that there are thousands of platforms of this type where not all of them are guaranteed.