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What are the best websites to study and learn anything on the Internet? 2020 list

Undoubtedly The Internet has become one of the most valuable tools for human beings, because in it you can carry out practically everything you want. And this can be easily done, since only with type a few words in a search engine you can get all the information you need.

However, to do this much easier tasktoday exist millions of web pages that will allow you study online or learn anything online, which has become very important in order to be able to increase the intellectual knowledge of each individual.

As today there are many people interested in studying and learning things online, here we are going to show you the main web portals so you can start increase your knowledge online. For this, follow in detail everything we will teach you in this post.

List of the best websites to learn new things online and for free

Learning new things is always a very good alternative for most people, especially for those people who want increase your knowledge in a specific area, whether it's learning some language in particular, taking courses, doing long-distance studies, gastronomy courses, among many others.

According to all this, here we are going to show you a list of the best web platforms so you can start learning new things online and for free.

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:

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<p>We start this listing with <strong>Udacity</strong>, this is one of <strong>the most important websites currently in the online market</strong>. This platform is mainly dedicated to help <strong>people to learn to program through different courses</strong>. <strong>Udacity</strong> has the backing of companies like <strong>Microsoft and Google,</strong> reason why its quality is very advanced.</p>
<p>Here you will have the opportunity to get programs <strong>data science, programming, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, business, cloud computing, data structures and algorithms,</strong> among many others. As you can see you have a <strong>very wide and interesting program catalog</strong> where can you <strong>increase your knowledge professionally</strong>.</p>
<p>The only one <strong>disadvantage</strong> of all this is that <strong>the website is in English only,</strong> although you can use <strong>the google chrome translator</strong> if you use it as your main browser.</p>
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<p><strong>Coursera</strong> is currently another of the most important websites for what it is <strong>online learning. </strong>And it is that this company is dedicated to providing a <strong>access to education worldwide and for free</strong>, where it offers <strong>best universities in the world </strong>so that they can be at your fingertips and thus carry out studies in them.</p>
<p>Here you are going to get a great <strong>variety of free courses </strong>as they are handling the<strong> economy, business, entrepreneurship, literature, music, computing, </strong>among many others. Each of these courses has <strong>different methodologies and different times, </strong>since the duration of each of them will vary according to their content.</p>
<p>It is worth mentioning that most of these courses are in <strong>English</strong>, but also <strong>there are some in Spanish</strong>. However, since they are about <strong>free courses do not offer any kind of certificate unless you pay around 70 euros for it</strong>.</p>
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<p>If you are one of the people who likes to learn languages 鈥嬧媡hen <strong>Duolingo is your ideal website for it</strong>. Here you will be able to perform different <strong>completely free online courses, </strong>where will you have a <strong>beautifully designed interface </strong>where you can learn in a fun and interactive way.</p>
<p><strong>Duolingo </strong>it is characterized by <strong>offer different types of languages</strong>, where it has different <strong>learning levels </strong>which is improving as you move forward with them. The way of <strong>learning is very dynamic</strong>, <strong>There are games that will help make your teaching much more fun and easy.</strong>, that little by little will catch her completely.</p>
<p>Among its main advantages is that <strong>the interface is very well elaborated</strong>, which makes it very easy to use. It also has a <strong>forum</strong> where can you <strong>interact with the rest of the community</strong>, here you can <strong>exchange experience</strong> as well as <strong>practice the language you are studying</strong>.</p>
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Khan Academy, has become a academy worldwide which offers the possibility that people can enter their platform and thus learn new things on it. Here you will have the opportunity to study different types of subjects as they are mathematics, chemistry, physics, geography, music, English, among other.

Although it is worth mentioning that the main strength of this portal are the maths, making it an excellent choice for most users, considering that it is one of the most complicated subjects at the educational level. Therefore, here you can review what is trigonometry, calculations and algebra completely free and with the help of professionals.

This website is specially created for high school and college youth who can use this tool as a study aid and thus increase your knowledge. It is worth mentioning that this website has gone growing a lot in recent years, this thanks to the fact that more and more people are joining it with the purpose of learning and increasing your knowledge.

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<p>If you are interested in learning to program then <strong>Codecademy</strong> It is one of your best options for this. It is not a secret for anyone that every time <strong>computers become a fundamental part for human beings</strong>, as well as the large number of programs that can be run through them.</p>
<p>This is how in this portal you will get different <strong>types of production processes</strong> as they are in <strong>the area of 鈥嬧媘anagement, design, distribution, marketing</strong>, among many others. Each one of them will help you <strong>improve your knowledge and career prospects</strong>, so that in a <strong>future you will be able to create and design your own web pages or programs. </strong></p>
<p>In this way, with <strong>Codecademy</strong> you will have the opportunity to learn about <strong>programming languages</strong> as they are <strong>Java, HTML, Python, CSS</strong>, among many others. However, it is worth mentioning that these types of courses are long, this is because <strong>the learning curve is very smooth</strong> since everything will be done step by step taking into account that <strong>they are quite complex procedures</strong>.</p>
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<p><strong>EdX </strong>It is another of the web pages that is going to offer you a great <strong>number of educational courses in the best universities in the world, </strong>how <strong>it is MIT or Harvard, </strong>among many others. All these <strong>courses offered are completely free</strong>, although it happens the same as with <strong>Coursera website</strong>, here you will not receive a certificate for it unless you cancel a <strong>amount around 50 euros. </strong></p><!--CusAdsVi1-->
<p>One of the advantages of <strong>EdX </strong>is that it has the so-called <strong>MicroMaster, </strong>for what they can give you <strong>valid credits</strong> so you can complete <strong>the official masters of each of those universities</strong>. This will allow you to get studies a lot <strong>more complete and advanced</strong>. Finally, it is important to mention that this platform is recognized worldwide by companies such as <strong>Adobe, Volvo, IBM, </strong>among others.</p>
<h3><span class= Analytics Academy

Analytics Academy

East google web portal is found in English, but you can use it with the help of google chrome translator therefore, the language will not become a limitation. Thus, Analytics Academy It becomes an excellent opportunity for you to learn lots of things related to analytics and what is the use of Google Analytics.

All this becomes an excellent option for those users who have websites and they must have a control over the analysis of all the statistics of the same. In this way, with each of the courses offered here will give you the opportunity to further understand the operation of this type of tool.

Google Analytics is currently used by million companies that through this tool carry analyzing and collecting smart data from your companies. This is how with these courses you will have the ability to create accounts, implement tracking codes, analyze reports, configure campaigns, goals, among many other functions that you can perform.

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<p>This is another one of <strong>the most recognized web portals worldwide </strong>what they are for <strong>language courses</strong>, here you will have the opportunity to <strong>Study 15 completely different languages 鈥嬧媍ompletely free.</strong> Although it is important to mention that later <strong>It will ask you to cancel a fee if you want to obtain the certificate of your training. </strong></p>
<p>Thus, <strong>Babbel </strong>has a great <strong>course system</strong> where users will be able to learn different <strong>types of language from the comfort of your homes</strong>, considering that this is something very important especially in <strong>the workplace.</strong> It is worth mentioning that <strong>Babbel</strong> has a <strong>excellent interface so that he studies in it will be very nice and entertaining</strong>.</p>
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Myriad X

Myriad X is another of online platforms that are currently available on the web. In it you will have the opportunity to get different types of online courses in Spanish, which will be carried out from different universities around the world, where it has a agreed to world-renowned university institutes.

Although it is important to mention that most of these institutions are Spanish, although it also has an agreement with a large number of international universities. An excellent opportunity for all those young people interested in increasing their knowledge in different areas of study. These courses may perform completely free although if you want to get the certificate of the same must pay for it.

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<p>Finally, we introduce you<strong> Pianu, </strong>an ideal website for all those <strong>lovers of music and instruments,</strong> especially <strong>the piano</strong>. Here you will have the opportunity to <strong>learn new alternatives </strong>at the time of <strong>play this instrument, </strong>what will allow you to become <strong>in the best pianist the moment</strong>.</p>
<p>East <strong>web portal </strong>It is ideal for all those people who are beginning to make use of <strong>these musical instruments, and who want to learn much more from them and faster.</strong> Here you will be given different <strong>songs which must be replicated from your keyboard and at the end you will have a percentage of note according to what you have done</strong>.</p>
<h2><span class= Tips to be more productive and finish the courses you start on the Internet

Tips to be more productive and finish the courses you start on the Internet

Power learn on the internet without a doubt it is a great advantage for everyone, especially today when the time is so short and in many occasions there is no time left for anything. That is how Online learning favors mainly because it allows flexibility in the schedule, since it is mostly the same person who decides what time, place and time to do it.

But it is also important to mention that these courses often require a lot of dedication and time, as well as required by classroom courses. That is why here we are going to give you some tips that you should take into account when wanting to learn online and thus get the most out of it and be able to finish the courses.

Use the right technology

It is essential to have a fast internet access with a stable connection, as this will be the main basis for achieve optimal performance in online studies. Avoid Interference in the courses will prevent you from losing concentration and therefore your performance is not the best.

It is also important that when performing these online studios have fast and updated browsers installed in their latest versions. This will definitely enhance your online experience.

Get familiar with the virtual platform

most of online course platforms tend to be quite a few attractive and friendly in order that users don't get bored in it. However, being able to get acquainted with them completely is very important for your well-being when using it.

It is not a secret to anyone that even though a platform is very well designed, they will always exist some difficulties in its use, especially for those people who they are not used to the use of this type of technology. Accordingly, it is important that you spend time on the site, as well as read you all the user guides and page setup.

Always keep in mind your goals and objectives

Most of these Online courses are designed so that it is the student himself who organizes it in his own way and that in addition advance in it as he believes it justor. Bearing in mind everything moment what are the objectives and the reasons why you have decided to do it.

On many occasions when these workshops begin Through the Internet, users often get bored or tired, in these cases it is important that you remember your goals from the beginning and the importance of learning all the information from each of the modules in which you advance.

Choose the right place

When do these studies online it is essential that you choose the right place for it, look for an environment that is comfortable, quiet and where they don't exist no type of distraction that will make you unconscious of what you are studying. It is recommended that it be in lonely places where there is no distraction from family or friends.

It is also important that during the workshop do not use other web pages or social networks, either from the same computer or smartphone. All of this can become a distraction that will prevent you from paying attention to everything you must learn. So all of this it will become a waste of time for you.