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What are the best websites to take free online courses and learn new skills? 2022 list

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Online courses have become a great solution for millions of people around the world. Take advantage of technological advances for learning and deepening knowledge in various areas, many times for freeit can be just a click away no matter where you are.

No one doubts that he today’s world is competitive to the highest degree, which makes it mandatory to live in a constant update so as not to miss the train of development in all areas. This article is dedicated to people who, like you, feel the concern of being prepared to face every challenge.

Read on and take note of the benefits that this way of studying offers you, in addition to all the knowledge you can achieve. and finally one list of pages to which you can go to participate in courses for free or by payment.

What are the benefits of learning through online virtual courses?

To know the benefits of this learning system, it is necessary to show the increasing number of people who decide to be part of this educational universe. It accommodates people of all ages and social status, and its transversality It reaches practically every corner of the planet.

Making you see the advantages of learning through online courses is part of the reason for this post, so Here are the ones that we think are mandatory to mention:

Minimum economic burden

Even if you decide to register for an online paid course, it will always be much cheaper. Just thinking that you can have everything at hand virtually, should already give you an idea of ​​the savings in material costs.

To this we must add the minimization of expenses for travel, since we will be doing everything from home. Of course, none of the above should make you think that the expenses will be totally zero, since you will need to buy some materials that serve as support even if it is virtually.

It leaves you time for other activities

Whether we are aware of it or not, the possibility of manage our time has an invaluable positive charge in the psychological field. In this aspect, online education becomes a great ally for thousands of people who have responsibilities such as meeting work hours, attending to business, and even keeping an eye on family matters.

If we go a little further, we can ensure that studying online will not be interfering not even with the time we set aside for recreational activities, since rigidity has no place in this way of studying.

Age and location stay aside

If you ever gave yourself the excuse to stop studying because you are not living in or near a big city, it is time to put it aside. have the possibility to develop without having to move away from your homeland, there is no doubt that it is a temptation for anyone who has such concerns.

The same goes for the issue of age, since as we know it’s never too late to start studying or deepen knowledge acquired.

You will always be up to date

Being up-to-date is of paramount importance in the changing modern world. People who have decided to complete their training through online courses, millions by the way, can attest that this is one of the best ways to be up to date on topics that have to do with what they study.

This is because they can express their concerns and get answers almost instantly. Students and teachers stay in constant interactionwhich provides a very important advantage for keep motivations.

You can customize your study pace

Whatever activity you do, customize or set the beats contributes to performance. Studies and learning do not escape this premise, and when you sign up for an online course you get the most out of it.

Only you can know when you are most predisposed to absorb knowledge. This study method allows you to flexibility needed to choose the times and times that best suit your realities in every way.

Online Courses vs Face-to-Face Education: Which is better and more profitable?

The vast majority of us have had contact with what is known as face-to-face education, so it may be unnecessary to delve into the subject. However, with the rise of online courses, there has been a certain controversy on the effectiveness of both systems when it comes to imparting knowledge.

Without wanting to be part of such a discussion, here we will limit ourselves to leaving some differences between these two forms of teaching, and you yourself will be able to draw your conclusions about:

face-to-face education Its fundamental basis is the presence of a tutor, who would be, in practice, the only source of consultation for the group of students in a given classroom. In this sense, we are in the presence of an instructor who is responsible for transmitting the guidelines of certain study programs.

In addition to everything must be done according to the schedules and in the places established for this, support materials are often limited. The participants, for their part, usually play the role of passive subjects, being called to interact periodically as the instructor deems appropriate.

online education it begins to differ from the previous one from the very moment in which the role of the tutor is established. This is because here the instructor becomes part of an interactive dynamic to the highest degree.

To understand it better, just review the advantages of online education described above, where we may have missed including the possibility of the student to become an instructor at the same timeproviding ideas to all participants on different topics related to the subject studied.

What knowledge can I learn efficiently online with free courses?

Regardless of your current academic level, online learning options are lost sight of. You just have to establish your priorities and sign up somewhere in the wide range of educational offers present on the net.

In it you will find invitations both from prestigious international institutions of all levels, to training courses to learn almost everything that moves your interest. And more importantly, is the fact that in most cases you will be able to get a official certificate that endorses your studies.

Of course, there are always topics that demand more interest than others. Thus we have that the demand for specializations in Marketing, Commerce, Web Design, Finance, Languages and others, have a large number of applicants in all parts of the world.

But if that’s not your case, you also have options to complete your high school education or start a career at university. Just as you can sign up to learn practical subjects to help you deepen your knowledge in any trade.

List of the best pages to take free and paid Internet courses

Now you just need to know the best platforms to study online, for which we present a list of some of them. Take into account that each one has its particular virtues, which we highlight to help you make the decision to register with the ones you consider best suited to your requirements:


From the moment you enter the platform in search of information, you can notice everything that this offers prestigious Free online teaching page. There are many companies that use it to achieve optimal training for their staff. It is good to highlight that it is one of the favorites by the people of speak spanish. Most courses are free.

In addition to signing up for the digital marketing specialization, which is one of its flags, you can also choose to enroll in the subjects that the page shows you in an updated manner. From the beginning you receive support with different help materialssuch as video conferences and other forms of interactive participation. Some of their certificates are only obtained through payment.


More than three million visits and an offer that exceeds 1,120 courses, should give you an idea of ​​the acceptance of this platform worldwide. Whatever the subject that interests you to deepen your knowledge, it is possible to find free courses in a wide range of specializations online.

The best of all is that at the end they will send you your Participation certificatewith which we are sure that you will see your chances of entering the labor market expanded in subjects such as digital marketing, cooking, crafts, Internet, education, decoration and much more.


This excellent platform allows you to participate for free in online courses sponsored by renowned Spanish universities. Among the subjects in which you can register, we can especially mention the database design and the edition of virtual realitywhich is undoubtedly knowledge that becomes quite lucrative.

Another noteworthy fact about this platform is its dedication to serving Spanish and Latin American users. Also, if you have enough knowledge in a specific area you can bid for be part of your tutoring staff. Entering the page you get all the information about it.


When you enter this page, you immediately realize that there are many options for enhance your skills and knowledge on a wide variety of topics. There are hundreds of courses, some of which may be the one you are looking for to climb positions in your job, or to exploit what you have learned in a particular way.

Imagine how much you can scale when you learn how you can efficiently manage everything related to social networks, technological entrepreneurship or the design of PowerPoint presentations, just to name a few of the courses you find on the platform.

Google Activate

google activate

The name of the page alone is already a temptation to enter the platform in search of information. In it you can fill out to participate for free in a wide variety of courses related to technology in a fully updated way. Its free online courses are counted by dozens throughout the year.

Since you are in front of the computer, take the opportunity to enter this site once and for all, which is designed to enhance your skills and lead you straight to success. We assure you that nothing that has to do with technological developments and innovations is foreign to it. Just think of all the doors that open before you with a certificate endorsed by this technology giant.

connect via


This platform exhibits many features that have made it one of the most popular among the Spanish-speaking public. Millions of users can attest to this on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, that when asked they refer to it as a wonder, especially in terms of the possibilities of interaction at all levels of the online courses that it promotes.

In it you will find from thousands of courses for your training completely free, to highly specialized subjects for payment. So we recommend you join people and companies from more than 150 countrieswho see in Tutellus a great solution to advance in learning and improving skills.

khan academy

If you are looking for an online course platform that makes you feel confident that everything will be free, we recommend you start with this one. Through it you will contact with thousands of interns and volunteers of all levels ready to collaborate in your learning in specific subjects such as computing, mathematics, science and finance.

is totally in Spanish and you can access from all over the world, with the only drawback that it does not issue any type of certificate. It should also be noted that it is possible to join her to share knowledge, and in return receive donations from different institutions and individuals worldwide.

LearnFree It is a virtual teaching platform that since 2015 collects courses, tutorials, guides and manuals from all over the Internet to offer its users the best free training content. They find new courses for training online and daily; the team reviews and publishes each day so you can learn online on your own and at your own pace

The community already has more than 150 thousand users and countingthe material they select belongs to universities that offer their courses openly, the so-called moocs, free formation of companies and other resources of the Public Administrations of each country. Among the courses they collect; more than 120 courses of different languages, virtual teaching resources for teachers, professors and teacherscourses on Sciences or materials and free courses for the Health, Nursing or Pharmacy sector.


This page is a great shortcut to benefit from all that they have to offer in online teaching. big rigs such as Google or Facebook, in addition to companies of the importance of Amazon, Mercedes-Benz and other institutions, which value very well to the graduates of their courses.

Among its virtual schools we can mention cloud computing, artificial intelligence, innovation and data science. Its contents come in Spanish and English, which can help you learn one of those languages. It has both free and paid courses..


Although it was born as a platform dedicated to online language teaching, it currently offers other educational possibilities such as literature, geography, mathematics and others. It is distinguished from most other platforms by the fun approach to its teaching methods.

If you are thinking of learning another language, especially English, we highly recommend it.. You can do it for free or for a fee, which would be a way to better take advantage of its features.

If you dedicate yourself to working with the graphic designor you just want initiate you to explore this interesting world, nothing better than registering on this platform. Nothing that has to do with that field is foreign to him, and by entering you will improve and enhance your skills in subjects such as illustration, 2D and 3D animation, WordPress template design, and others with high monetization potential.

Although registration is completely free, all courses require payment. But from now on we make you see that they are very low prices compared to all the benefits that joining the universe of creativity.


Very similar to the previous one, both in its orientation towards graphic design and in the obligation to pay to access the online courses it offers, it is possible to obtain a professional training on issues inherent to design such as photography, animation, marketing and others.

By not issuing certificates, it is a great option for those who work independently in this field, although those who are hired by employers can also take advantage of it. demonstrating your progress within the companies where they do so.

Being sponsored by the Colombian government, you can sign up for a significant number of courses shorts online completely free of charge. So if you are interested in issues such as leather goods, gastronomy, agricultural and business administration or telecommunications, among others, do not miss the opportunity offered by this platform.

Their certificates are a good guarantee when looking for a job in the areas where you decide to register, since in addition to the aforementioned short courses, You can also study a long career virtually.

Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs They have a great ally in this platform to achieve high levels of professionalization and updating in the business area. But that’s not all, since it offers an interesting variety of courses on matters that are of interest to millions of people to develop skills in topics such as blockchain management in different fields, content creation and web development, among others.

The platform allows you to choose between its free courses and the premium versions. These are the latter, despite being paid, they only require a very low outlay, available to all interested parties.

In case you didn’t know, the Mooc system has been designed to teach totally free online courses sponsored by important universities, transnational companies and large technology platforms. In other words, this is one of their ways of contributing to human development in all parts of the world.

If we have left this platform for last, it is because from it you will be able to find the links that take you directly to other pages, where you can register to start or enhance the knowledge that will help you increase the value of your CV. And if you are self-employed, a high level of professionalism helps you attract more customers to your area of ​​action.


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