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What are the best websites to waste time and learn something new every day? 2022 list

What are the best websites to take free online courses and learn new skills? 2020 list

If there is something that characterizes the new generations, it is their independence, which in turn gives them a tremendous amount of free time. The problem is that many times it is not possible to do something useful with all that time we have , which is usually very boring.

Fortunately on the internet there are millions of people who think about this, and they have created web portals so you can waste your time learning something new about anything that interests you. With them you can get new knowledge by spending a few minutes a day .

Next, we will present a mega list of the best 100 web portals to waste your time learning new things online. Most are free, although some are by subscription, but worth doing it .

What are the benefits of distance learning online?

Learning is by far one of the most beneficial things that exist in this life. Well they say that the only thing that we take to the grave and does not weigh are our knowledge, so that is the only thing that nobody will ever take away from us in life . Learning something new from these websites will nourish you a lot, we assure you.

Seras mas culto

You’ll be more cultured

Many people believe that being a cult is knowing about topics such as philosophy, morals, ethics, mathematics and the Anunnaki, but the truth is that being a cult refers to a person who knows many things in general; from the most everyday, to the most complex and existential .

On the websites that we will recommend you, you will be able to nourish yourself with multiple knowledge of all kinds that will make you a more cultured person in general subjects. So if one day they talk about it in a conversation with your friends , you can defend yourself and even contribute your own criteria to the subject.

Save time

One of the benefits of online learning as such is that it saves you an impressive amount of time. You will not have to spend half an hour showering, or € 20 in fuel to get to the institute. Here you simply need a reliable internet connection , and you can learn everything you want from your room in underpants.

It’s cheaper

Not all the websites that we are going to recommend are free, but those that are paid request subscriptions of just over € 10. This is much less than what you will pay at any physical microcourse school. This is why many people prefer to study a distance course than to do it face-to-face for this obvious reason .

What new things can I learn in a short time online?

We are not going to deceive you, being self-taught online requires a lot of willpower and accompanying it with an exclusive dedication. So telling you that you can be a professional with these websites is a cosmic hoax .

These websites are more designed to provide you with simple but practical knowledge that can help you make your life easier in many ways. In them you can learn things like the ones named below .

Crafts and DIY

One of the most popular hobbies of this century are crafts and DIY, which are a very big world and you can take advantage of it. On these websites you will find courses to learn how to make homemade decorative items , recycle glass containers to make glasses, learn to make minor remodeling and much more.

Languages ​​

Did you know that you can learn a new language every year by spending only 10 minutes a day to work on pronunciation, listening and memorizing words? Well, this is a reality and even children learn languages ​​in this way .

Of course there are more difficult languages ​​than others, as is the case with our Spanish, but without a doubt with these websites you can learn English, French, Italian and many more, provided you take the necessary time >.


Programming is a complicated field for many people, but when you are a true enthusiast things change. If this is your case, you can learn to program from scratch with web languages ​​such as HTML5, CSS or JavaScripts with many of the websites that we will recommend .

Of course, you will learn basic things that a programmer should know, so if you like the world behind websites, you can make a stronger investment to learn more complex and professional things .

Exercise your brain

Cognitive skills are very important in the daily life of any person in the world. In these websites you can learn to exercise them to have a better memory, attention and reaction capacity. With just over five minutes a day you will give your control tower an excellent routine, which will thank you very much .


Marketing is one of the easiest careers you can learn online. In fact, the best marketers have done at least 10 online courses on their sector, which shows you that even professionals can learn useful things about the subject from hundreds of websites similar to the ones we are going to present here. .

List of the 100 best websites to learn something new and lose your time in something useful

Anyway, surely we have fallen short in the previous section, since there are many things you can do with these pages. But we will not fall into details and proceed to show you the list of the best websites to learn something useful while you waste time on the web.

To learn how to program


We will start with one of the most quoted skills worldwide, such as programming. If you are interested in learning it, you should definitely visit the following pages that we will recommend :

  • A website specially created to teach you everything you need to know about the world of programming and computing. From it you can learn languages ​​such as HTML5, CSS, PHP and many more . The most basic courses are usually free, while the most complex and advanced are paid.
  • This is one of the best known websites in the world of The programing. From it you can learn programming from the hand of its developers , although much more interesting are those created by its user community.
  • It is probably the best known page for learning to program online. This website offers you entertaining courses in English that you can take to enhance your programming knowledge . Like the vast majority, it has a fairly complete free plan, as well as another payment plan that is even more.
  • This page teaches you to program in Python with One of the most famous and effective methods in the world. It is paid, but at the end of your course you can be sure that you will be an expert in the subject .
  • a web to learn to be programmed in the main programming languages ​​for websites. At the end you will be able to make a HTML page perfectly, as well as you can learn to make your own PWA or web applications .
  • We continue with an excellent website that will give you many benefits. In it are some of the most complete courses and tutorials on programming , being one of the most complete in terms of training.
  • this is an excellent website to start programming from scratch, having a huge number of courses for children and adults . It is very popular and has won multiple awards worldwide for its cutting-edge teaching methods.
  • Search.MIT.Edu: This is a platform created by the University From Massachusetts . It is a whole machinery with more than 2000 free courses of disciplines related to technology , being the programming one of the most complete and important.
  • if you want to learn the basics of web page programming, then you should start at this site where all the necessary courses are for it. Here you will give a first test to the concepts of website development, and then continue learning more complex things .
  • We close with a game created especially to teach children and adolescents to learn programming, but it is so good that surely an adult who does not know much about the subject can learn something .

Microcourses to learn from everything h3>herramientas de gestión para programar tus redes sociales

This is the longest section of the entire list, as we bring you a selection of the best websites where you can take short courses to learn practically everything:

  • a platform that you can access through its website or through its Android and iOS applications. So you will have no excuse to learn from the hand of its thousands of courses in disciplines such as marketing, technology, business and a wide range .
  • Platzi. com: This portal tries to make your classes as close to the real experience of going to the classroom. It’s quite complete and offers hundreds of courses in marketing, entrepreneurship, business, programming and more .
  • This is not a web of courses as such but a huge community of knowledge-loving users, who create and share their own guides so that more people can access those skills .
  • : This is an American website that has been awarded many times due to the level of education provided there. They have hundreds of thousands of courses in hundreds of areas of knowledge, some of them being officially certified and valid to make your own curriculum.
  • this is actually a paid service that sends you lists of quick courses of no more than 10 days in different areas of knowledge, , and may indicate that information from a specific area is sent to you .
  • This is a very interesting application, since it not only teaches you with courses but also assesses you individually, teaching you on a graph what are your weak and strong points .
  • This is another American platform that offers thousands of courses in various areas of knowledge. Many of them are free, although there are also other paid ones that can give you official certification .
  • This is a community that It is based on P2P technology, since it is the same users who teach each other, thus enhancing the learning of all members using the platform . It is very easy to use and you will find content about practically everything.
  • A website that gives you the ability to learn a little bit through its excellent courses virtual. It has a large community of users who consume thousands of free and paid courses monthly that this offer.
  • If you want to learn about almost everything, in this portal you will find guides and complete classes teaching you about a infinity of topics such as nutrition, fitness, sports training and a long etcetera that you will surely love .
  • is not a platform to receive online classes, but to search and find them at the best price. This website works just like Trivago, Takeoff or Kayak, allowing you to search by keywords to find the best course of all.
  • strong> a website in English where the whole family can find knowledge because among its hundreds of guides there are many for adults and children of all ages , so you can watch them grow while teaching them useful things to its future in the short and long term.
  • a website where you can learn a bit of everything in more than 1500 courses that you can complete by dedicating a few minutes a day for one week. Many of them are free, but it’s a generally paid website .
  • is relatively new, so you may never You have heard about it, but it is one of the most complete you can find to learn from practically anything, from marketing and programming, to crafts, business and entrepreneurship.
  • A website that works like a huge community of users who share their knowledge with each other. Here you will find guides and tutorials of all kinds made by professionals with experience to spare .
  • This is a website that focuses on the Basic data management. If you want to learn how to manage databases in Excel or SQL, this is the page you should use to find the best content on the subject .
  • EngVid. com: 900 video lessons this website has to its credit. Among them you will find a huge amount of courses and knowledge fresh from the oven, so that with it you can learn a little bit every day that you spend time .
  • This is one of the best known Spanish platforms for learning about practically everything. It is endorsed by international organizations of the EU, being the one that gives you the most opportunities because its courses are 100% verified , although this quality is only in paid classes.
  • another worldwide recognition website from which you can learn from everything. This is by far the best micro-language platform in Spanish , since all of those offered are taught by teachers from educational centers such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​or the Polytechnic of Valencia, as well as many others in Europe . All your courses are certified, but to get yours you will have to pay the monthly subscription of around € 20.
  • We close with another website where you can find courses from practically everything you try to learn. It has a huge amount of them, there are many free, although as in all others, the best are paid .

To learn languages ​​

¿Cómo Cómo-cambiar-y-configurar-el-idioma-del-teclado-en-iPhone-o-iPad-para-usar-más-idiomas-Guía-paso-a-pasoy configurar el idioma del teclado en iPhone o iPad para usar más idiomas? Guía paso a paso

Languages ​​are possibly one of the things that most people want to learn. Imagine being able to travel the world and no matter where you are, to speak with the locals in their own language. It is certainly the best way to truly own the world:

  • Spend 10 minutes of your life a day and learn in a few months the language you always wanted to speak. That’s right, with just those daily minutes you will get the knowledge that will help you not only to grow personally , but also as a professional.
  • This is a very similar website to the previous one, but much more complete since has an evaluation system that indicates your strengths and weaknesses , so that you empower the former and strengthen the latter.
  • a website in English where you can learn a huge amount of languages ​​so that with a little dedication you can start defending yourself in any Where in the world you are.
  • One of the most famous websites to learn languages ​​in the world, especially the most commercial ones like Mandarin, English , French, Italian, Portuguese or German . You will do all this by playing several multilevel games daily so that you learn something new every day from it.
  • This is an excellent tool that allows you to learn languages of all kinds just listening to them and repeating what the assistant tells you to say . It is very practical because it proposes you to learn while you are practicing.
  • This is an Android and iOS application that offers you the simple task of learning a word in the language you choose daily. That’s it, with that you can expand your vocabulary and learn pronunciation as a Native American .
  • We continue with this website formed by A huge community of Spanish speakers that you will love. It has a free version that will teach you commonly used words and phrases, while the paid version even gives you the ability to speak with natives. In it you can learn more than 10 languages.
  • This is a website that offers you a very entertaining learning method with native teachers , so that these help you better understand the language you want to learn .
  • an excellent tool to learn more than 48 languages ​​in hundreds of classes taught through audiobooks, virtual classrooms, guides and much more . With this tool you will learn by having a full class experience.
  • This is one of the platforms for learning English with Latin American’s most famous American teachers strong>. It is paid, and the truth is not cheap, but the level of education they apply is worth every penny, being one of the most recognized platforms worldwide.

To learn Marketing


If digital marketing is your thing and you want to learn how to apply it in your business model anyway, these websites will help you obtain the necessary knowledge to do them. Not all of them are courses as such, but blogs made by experts with very complete guides on the profession:

  • This is one of the reference portals in the world of blogging and content marketing. Here you will find articles and guides made by the most influential personalities of digital marketing, and subscribing to their newsletter you will receive the best ebooks and mega guides to learn how to create your own strategies .
  • A blog written by several of the most influential digital marketers in the United States. If you want to know the latest trends in SEO, content marketing, programming and much more . They even have their own tools so you can put into practice everything you learn. If you join their community you will receive all kinds of very useful guides to your email.
  • One of the main Spanish marketing portals for you to learn what you need to apply a good strategy in your own business.
  • (Google Activate): This is by far the best portal There are currently to learn marketing. This is an official training platform from Google, where you are taught everything you need to know about digital marketing. This is possibly the only one where you can really become a professional if you have dedication, and you will follow a path that can lead you to be a marketer, Google developer or programmer, the decision is made by you . >
  • the Wikipedia of digital marketing. In this platform you will find theoretical articles for practically any topic related to the profession. Ideal to familiarize yourself with the terms and concepts handled in the sector .
  • This is a very complete digital academy that has a reputation Made in Spain. In it you can pay courses to train as community mannager, marketing strategist, SEO and several other things . In addition, in your blog you will find high demand content.
  • This is the official Facebook training platform, from which you can learn to master the platform of Top to bottom, to learn how to generate income with your profiles. When you finish the training you get a certificate , and you can start working for companies that require the services of an expert.
  • This is one of the most important internet advertising companies in the world and gives you the possibility to train in it completely free. If you really want to pursue professional marketing, a certificate on this platform is what you need .
  • : another platform of a company recognized that trains its own experts to make the most of it. With it you can be certified in Vevo, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks .
  • Google Academy: We closed with the other Google training platform with the that you can become an expert in Adwords, the advertising service of the internet search engine giant. You will be able to access complete guides on how the tool works, to later undergo an exam and obtain your certification. Go to

To learn new things

Aprender de todo

In this section we have listed portals that talk about unpopular topics, those that when you hear them in the mouth of others arouse your immediate interest in knowing more and more. Most are blogs in which they share very peculiar articles , but in their articles literally you will learn something new every time:

  • This is a website on psychoanalytics, alchemy and other topics related to mysticism, energy and philosophy . I must say that it is a portal that I personally love and I am a faithful reader of their work. Have you thought about why we measure time as we do? Well, they do, and they know perfectly why. Things like these, which seem simple but interesting, will undoubtedly kill hours of boredom and you will learn enough to be a more cultured person.
  • This is a portal where You will learn many interesting things about the behavior of people in general. They will teach you very useful things like tips to generate greater empathy in others, which will open many doors in your personal and professional life .
  • winner of a Bitácora award in 2015, this website teaches you very interesting things about science in general, those that usually leave you flashed for a few minutes because of the amazement that leaves you .
  • This is an excellent platform where you will find guides to learn about such interesting topics as information technology and the like . li>
  • If you want to learn to forge yourself a self-esteem of steel and avoid the toxic people of your life, without a doubt in this portal you will find the content indicated for it. With your articles you will motivate yourself, love and tell the world that you can with everything and that nothing is going to stop you . All this is achieved by combining psychology with NLP.
  • Yes, we know it is a social network, but in it you can find videos about virtually any thing . The community of content creators on this platform is one of the most sought-after in the world, and they offer you very interesting and well-worked videos completely free.
  • here It happens as in the previous one. In it you can find a huge amount of videos of all kinds of themes, this being even as complete as YouTube , especially for what refers to tutorials and guides on different topics.
  • a very entertaining website where you can find content related to the world of science, research and technology . If you want to surprise your friends with an interesting fact about the world, here you will surely find it to get it out of the conversation. Surely you will seem the most cultured of the rock.
  • With this website you will be kept informed of everything that happens in the world of science. If you want to know the latest developments that will revolutionize the world, you have to add it to your favorites list without any doubt .
  • This website uses scientific knowledge to help you improve your sports performance and your lifestyle in general with data to lead a healthier diet without affecting your routine. You will be surprised to discover how such small habits can have such great results in your body, all for good.
  • If you are interested in knowing how energy can influence your life and how you can control it for your benefit in a scientific way, then this is the portal. Combine scientific research with a touch of mysticism and wisdom, but to help you find total harmony in your life .
  • Astronomy in your pocket (Fanpage Facebook) strong>: this Facebook page makes you know every corner of the cosmos from your computer or smartphone reading its entertaining articles. Its strong point is its good ability to explain such complex tips in a direct and simple way so that you understand them without any doubts left in your head, causing it to explode in the adrenaline of knowing something new.
  • Selected Content (YouTube Channel): This is a very peculiar YouTube channel since it does not talk about a particular topic . His articles compile all kinds of interesting things related to science, religion, universal history and a long list of topics that leave you thinking a lot about things.
  • : A community of lovers of healthy and organic life. This website is a complete guide to how you can eat healthy without relying on meat, dairy or gluten. You will learn nutrition as an expert and if you want you can even start a completely vegan lifestyle .
  • If you want to learn about technology and Internet from scratch, with us you can find a lot of tutorials explaining you to do things as everyday as correctly configure your WiFi, to learn how to do a PWA with basic programming knowledge.
  • This is a platform created for the benefit of the world’s most hungry. What it does is teach you phrases to improve your vocabulary, and for each question you answer correctly a donation will be made to a UN charity .
  • : A portal designed to teach you something new about any random topic. On its platform you can watch videos. The idea is that you simply enter and start zapping, so that in each video you learn something new from any subject .
  • a website very similar to the previous one, with the difference that it shows you more than all written content. It’s completely in English, but there’s nothing that Chrome’s automatic translator can’t solve .
  • This is a website that you It allows you to join your mailing list to receive daily content directly to your inbox on any topic that is interesting. D e so that with it you can learn something new almost without having to blink .
  • a website in English that is worth the effort of Understand the language if you like crafts. In it you will find guides on DIY and similar things for you to do your own home remodeling and decorative items with your hands, without spending money on experts who do what you can do on yo