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What are the best websites to watch football matches online, free and live? 2022 list

What are the best websites to watch football matches online

The First Division advertisements already say so; “It’s not football, it’s LaLiga” , something that here in Spain we can also apply to the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, and even the England Premier. For us this sport is much more than that, that’s why we want to see all the matches that are possible .

However, it is not always possible to see all this content because sometimes we have to go out or they are simply not giving one of the matches on the channels that are included in our cable or satellite TV plan. That’s when the portals to see the meetings via Streaming enter the scene , since from these you can enjoy each one from any place where there is an internet connection available.

In this article we will present a list of websites and applications so you can enjoy your favorite games from anywhere in the globe , regardless of whether you are at work, shopping or at home from a relative. In addition, we will also show you a series of tricks so you can take advantage of the bookmakers.

List of the 15 best websites to see all football live internet and also free!

We will not turn the matter over and proceed to tell you which are the best 15 portals to watch football games online completely free . All of these are currently active, and we can assure you that you will be surprised by some of those that we are going to recommend because you can not believe that it is possible to see games for them, but we can assure you that if you can.


Pirlo.TV, etc is a leading portal in the world of free streaming football , since it has more than 5 years of existence, although it began to popularize virally from of 2015. He had to face a blockade a few years ago by the Civil Guard , but he has managed to overcome it to continue offering more than 1000 sporting events a month; from tennis, UFC and basketball, to baseball, golf and, of course, soccer.

To enjoy this content it is only necessary to have a good connection , although in spite of this the channels are not always stable and often fall in the middle of the transmission, which It can ruin your user experience.

In addition, the excessive publicity they have makes it an odyssey to get to the transmission, since for the first 3 clicks you make an ad skips . So you have to have a good advertising blocker in your browser.

Futbol por facebook

Yes friend, you are reading well, Facebook is today one of the best portals to enjoy your favorite games completely free and everything is legal How is this possible? Well, since they released their player in Streaming have been growing by leaps and bounds.

The reason they are completely legal is because today they have an agreement with UEFA to broadcast a match in each round of the competition completely free. For example, for the quarterfinals, broadcast the first leg of the match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona in Old Traford, one of the strongest dishes of the day .

Currently the amount of sporting events you can enjoy on this platform is quite limited and in fact it is limited to some football, baseball or basketball games. However, it is more than likely that many more sporting disciplines and meetings can be seen in the future.

* IMPORTATE: The social network only broadcasts this type of free and open content from some countries, of course for Spain and other Latin American countries the contents are very limited, trick? can we access Facebook using a free VPN using the IP of the countries that have all the games and live broadcasts enabled, what’s cool?

List countries to access via Facebook with VPN and be able to watch all football in open:

  • India
  • Afganistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bután
  • Nepal
  • Maldives
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pakistan


A portal that is based on the old interface of Rojadirecta , PirloTV or Red Card Online in fact the favicon is the same as the latter, so we can presume that it must be a parallel project by the developers themselves. From this website you can see thousands of sporting events, among which are the football of the best leagues in Europe, the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores de América .

You can access completely free , although again there is a negative point in the quality of the signal, which is constantly falling, and the excessive publicity they use.



This is another very easy-to-use portal that has hundreds of links to watch football games online completely free as if you were watching them on TV in front of your home chair. The advantage in relation to the previous ones is that it has less publicity, which considerably improves the user experience , which does not have to fight with so many pop-up ads.

The real problem with this website is that when you enter it, your antivirus will be triggered, since it identifies some ads as malicious sites, but at the outset we tell you that you should not worry much about this. As long as you don’t authorize downloading anything, your computer will be completely healthy .


If, again you are reading well, from Instagram you can also watch sports meetings and other types of programs How is this possible? Well, although they are same owner, this social network does not have an agreement like Facebook’s.

However, since they allowed the live story reproduction , many accounts have been used to win fans broadcasting football matches from them. Obviously the image quality is not the best, since they point to a TV and basically this is what you see , but it is quite stable and, best of all, is that they do not have a single advertising apex. Some of these accounts are @ or @almafutbolera .


This is an English-speaking portal dedicated to all mothers in the world. Undoubtedly, these would be proud of the work carried out by those behind this project since offer links to hundreds of sporting events, including football, baseball and basketball, with enviable stability and with little publicity.

What has allowed them to make a very dear brand among the community of streamers. The only detail is that it is in English , so you will only find links to transmissions with rapporteurs and commentators in that language.


This is another English-speaking portal that perfectly fulfills what it promises; Live sports broadcasts with the highest quality and stability possible today. In it you can find links to thousands of sporting events every day.

When you enter, the web receives you with a menu in which you have to choose the sport you want to see, and then it shows you the events or meetings available for that day , next to the link corresponding to see the retransmission. However, we again encounter the problem of advertising, which will make your head ache with each pop-up ad.


This is one of the most complete Spanish-speaking platforms currently available. Not only does it offer you links to watch the matches live, but is structured as a means of communication in which you can find news about your favorite teams of the Spanish light championship and the main leagues in the world .

In addition, it has a section of summaries in which you can see the tablets of each match in case you miss any, so that after an exhausting day you will be able to score all the goals that your team has managed to score the rival.

If you sign up for it, you can receive alert notifications one hour before each encounter begins , so you never miss any.

This portal was previously known as Sport Category, but for legal reasons they had to change the portal name and domain, and now they are known as Sportrar. However, they retain the same user interface and even the same categories in which you can browse to find your matches and watch them live completely free. The problem again is the large number of pop-up ads , but it’s nothing that can’t be solved with a good ad blocker in your browser.


This website offers you a wide range of channels that you can watch via streaming completely free. It has chains of all kinds, but the ones that have more demand are sports like ESPN, BeinSport, Movistar + and the like , since it is in them where you can enjoy most football matches. It has a fairly simple interface to navigate in which you simply have to select the channel you want to watch and then you will find the link to go to the live player.

This is one of the most complete websites that we can mention in this list because it not only allows you to watch football, but basically any channel in the world, although sports are the most sought after. Also, track your IP address to know your location and offer you a list of the most important channels in your country, so it’s like having satellite TV at home without problems.

You can follow them in their communities on Twitter and Facebook , in addition to being able to enjoy some live broadcasts through the latter. Best of all, it has very little publicity and no pop-up ads that hinder your experience.

An Anglo-Saxon-speaking platform of the most complete of this top, with a perfectly organized interface in which when entering simply you must select the league or competition you wish to see . Once you do this you will be shown all the events that are available there, as well as the links that will take you to the player so you can watch the event live.

It has a bit of publicity, but it’s not nearly as close as other sites on this list. In addition, its audience is not very large, so each channel has a small number of viewers that keep it stable for the greater part of the meeting .

A portal in Spanish where you can see the best live shows of the main sports seen in Spain. Its interface is quite simple but effective, since it will be very easy to navigate. When you enter you will see a list of all the events of the day, and the channel through which they are transmitting it , so you just have to click on the one you like best to go directly to the player streaming to watch it live . Easy as breathing, fast as going to the bathroom.


Intergoles is one of the many PirloTV links that developers have created to outwit authorities and their blockades. From this website you can see a large number of sporting events among which the king sport, football, stands out above the others, since LaLiga or the Champions League matches are the most demanded of the entire web . The problem with it is that it has a completely insane amount of advertising and pop-up ads, so you are likely to prefer other alternatives on this list.


This is a South American website that has many followers in that continent due to the image quality of their transmissions, since they use fairly stable servers, which is favored by the low influx of viewers they occupy during each match. < / p>

In it you can see the matches of the best leagues in the world, although you should know that the comments will have an Argentine accent and not the Spanish you are used to , which ends up being beneficial since their stories They are much more partial and exciting.

List of sites and websites where to watch football live legally and paid

All the portals that we previously recommend are completely free and therefore illegal , as they allow you to view paid content without spending money. This has its advantages, but also its disadvantages since as you have noticed there is a lot of publicity on most websites of this type and the stability of the transmission is not perfect, being able to leave you in the air right on the cusp of an important event like a Final or in a classic. If you do not want to suffer from these ills, what we recommend is that you use a paid service , of which there are many on the internet.

Here are the five best ones you can subscribe to:

DirecTV Sport Play