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What are the best websites to watch Internet TV for free from your computer? 2022 list

What are the best websites to watch Internet TV for free from your computer? 2020 list

Previously, telecommunications companies were limited to devoting few content, given the lack of capacity of televisions to capture satellite signals. However, today this has changed significantly and therefore, it is now possible to enjoy television channels from a computer or mobile device .

This basically means that, with the great boom of the Internet, the same television channels have chosen to offer all their content through their official websites and thereby, meet the requirements of each of its users so that for free, they see it in real time. They even allow to record a stream so that it is possible to watch it later.

Therefore, we have decided to let you know a series of listings that integrate various solutions of this type . The first one refers to the existing websites of the official channels to know how to watch TV Online from a PC in Spain and Latin America . On the other hand, the external multichannel websites to enjoy it anywhere in the world and, in addition, we offer different apps to watch live TV on a Smartphone .

List of the best live TV websites on official channels your PC in Spain and Latin America

Lista de las mejores webs de las cadenas oficiales para ver TV en vivo desde tu PC en España y Latinoamérica

To begin, we will see which are the most used websites to see all the programming broadcast by DTT chains in Latin America and Spain . Which, operate free of charge and, therefore, you should only have a web browser compatible with these sites on your computer. Then the best websites:

  • La 1 : The first channel belonging to the Spanish Television or TVE , under RTVE. Its official website has a complete program for all audiences, especially at the information and entertainment level .
  • La 2 : As its name indicates it, is the second channel of the TVE group and also operates under RTVE. The 2 is based on public and cultural service spaces , with a minority vocation compared to La 1.
  • La Sexta : The offer of this TV channel is especially aimed at the Spanish family audience, as it brings together a variety of humorous and entertainment content .
  • Antena 3 : It is a very recognized channel in Spain and is estimated as a generalist channel that integrates a great variety. Therefore, it is based on fiction series, film content, news programs and magazines.
  • Telecinco : It is also a generalist Spanish channel which has programming of all kinds, among which it is necessary to highlight the series of own production, magazines and reality shows.
  • NEOX : This Spanish channel It belongs to Atresmedia Corporation and its programming is based on entertaining the public. Therefore, it is aimed at young people between 13 and 22 years of age .
  • Fox Life : It is owned by the Fox group and a channel that was initially launched in the US, but later expanded to Europe, Latin America and Asia, to offer variety programming .
  • TNT : A Latin American channel of American origin that is operated by Turner Broadcasting System Latin America and offers film programming along with all kinds of series .
  • AXN : It is a Latin American channel owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment that is based on films, series and programs of its own production .
  • CHILEVISION : One of the oldest channels in Chile that is currently operated by Tuner Broadcasting System and has with general programming .
  • Disney Channel : With programming intended for children and young people , is a worldwide recognized channel and its owner is The Walt Disney Company.
  • Movistar Sports : This is a channel that, as the name implies, its programming is purely sporty and is of Peruvian origin executed by Media Networks.

anywhere in the world

Mejores sitios webs multicanales externos para ver la tele por internet en tu ordenador desde cualquier parte del mundo

These external multichannel websites , emerged in order to broadcast multiple television channels . Therefore, they are an excellent solution so that in addition to being able to watch the channels of your country, you can also enjoy the content of other channels that are native to different countries or cities , and even from another autonomous community.

Before starting the list, we recommend that you make use of an optimal web browser and it is also appropriate to install an advertising blocker . Since, most of these sites contain a lot of ads.

Now, let’s start with the main multichannel websites:

  • – Perhaps, it is the most recognized alternative worldwide and especially in Spain, to watch programs on demand. Which, are sorted by categories and country . It is a free registration service that only requires the Internet and works on any computer.
  • – Offers TV channels from a large number of countries and countries all kinds . In addition, it is a cross-platform option (supports computers, mobiles and tablets), transmits live content and has no cost.
  • – Offers a list of channels for all tastes , which can be public and open signal. It mainly offers programming from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.
  • See Free DTT – It can be considered the option with fewer commercials, which brings together channels of Around 17 countries at no cost . In addition, adds several categories such as: Most recent, most viewed, humor, animals, sexy, babies, etc.
  • – It presents several television channels and for the most part, are Spanish channels . The website includes live programming, events, programs, series, soap operas and videos.
  • TV Channel – It is a simpler alternative, but similarly, it can be a good solution for you There, you will find cable television, Telecinco live, BB and many other options for free .
  • Watch Live TV – It has international recognition and thanks to it , is a certified website to see worldwide programming . You can find more details on its official website.
  • – It is a free service that also exhibits a variety of channels and content . Within its website, you can find national channels (Spain), regional channels, TV music, entertainment, documentaries, movies, series, etc.
  • 09stream – It’s a web service in which you can locate a lot of content that suits all tastes. Be it popular TV shows worldwide, streaming TV , sports channels , etc.
  • – A perfect solution to enjoy all national television channels, as well as the regional and local DTT channels that exist. Includes advertising .

Best apps to watch TV live from your Android mobile phone wherever you are

Mejores apps para ver la tele en directo desde tu teléfono móvil Android e iOS estés donde estés

Now, if you want to have optimal applications through which you can see the TV content completely live and direct on your Smartphone .

Here are some of the best known with support for Android and iOS, you just have to look for them in the official Google Play and APP Store stores:

  • Atresplayer : An app native to Atresmedia to access all kinds of content from Spanish television . Includes news, sports, chapters of the most famous series and various TV shows.
  • Zattoo Live TV : Facilitates a large selection of national and international television channels , sports and children’s content, broadcasters in many countries and allows to record up to 30 programs .
  • Mitele – TV on demand : One Mediaset España app to enjoy on-demand television and lets you enjoy HD content. Also contains parental control and favorites list.
  • Online TV : With a very well designed interface, this application makes it easy for you to all channels of Spanish television and some regional television stations .
  • Yomvi : It is a Movistar service for mobiles and Tablets that has great entertainment for all ages . Thus, he adds series, soap operas, programs, sports competitions, documentaries, children’s content, cinema, etc.
  • TV Line : It’s free and exhibits a very attractive interface. This application offers several channels in Latin America and Europe .
  • RTVE Mobile : Free, it facilitates all the content transmitted by La 1, La 2, Teledeporte and the Channel 24 hours. Even adds daily news that you can read .
  • TV Spain : It has a free version and a paid version. As the name implies, it is an application that contains the majority of Spanish television channels .
  • TV Azteca Conecta : It is the application Official of the renowned Mexican channel that guarantees a unique interactive experience. Through it, you can enjoy all the programs of the channel and the live broadcasts .
  • América tvGO : It is an application of the television channel Peruvian “ América TV “, which contains a large library of all the transmissions that are made , so you can enjoy them on your mobile wherever.