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What are the best websites to work online from home and earn an extra salary? 2020 list

Due to the different unemployment rates that exist around the worldMany people have decided to work online from the comforts of their homes. This turns out to be very advantageous in certain ways, but it is not an easy task.

The hardest thing is to find the right occupation to generate income through the Internet. For this reason we write this post, so that you can find the right job for you.

As we always say, the Internet is world, and we take this as a reference in every way. If you are interested in knowing what are the best places to generate incomeRead below.

List of the best websites to work as a freelancer from home

The pages for work freelance They are the most recommended to earn money. Compared to the other methods, this is the most stable and reliable in terms of pay.

Then, We will show you the best places to work like a professional from the comfort of your home:

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<p> is the reference site for working from home<strong>, it has many features, </strong>In addition, it is one of the websites that provides the most ease of use. Among its applications we can find exams that <strong>prove our knowledge and skills</strong>, as well as a profile where we express why they should hire us.</p>
<p>So that agreements can be reached, the job provider can communicate in direct chat with the applicant, with the only detail <strong>that no external contact can be given to</strong>.</p>
<p>There, we can find jobs <strong>from all countries and for all kinds of people</strong> and language, including a large list of offers for Spanish-speaking people.</p>
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Twago is a site with a mechanism very similar to, although its level of fame is not the same. The life of a freelancer at first on this site can be a bit frustrating, as many of the people looking for staff to work with, evaluate performance with scores that the site grants to each freelancer.

Regarding the score, if you dare to take on the challenge of insurance you can get a good job there, since many of the people who offer jobs they also offer a very good pay, therefore the level of demands.


Fiverr is an excellent site for good pay, but not the same as other freelance job sites, because the mechanism is somewhat reverse. While the other platforms the applicant looks for job offers to do the entrusted activities, here the applicant must do the activities and publish them, for companies to buy them.

These tasks are known as Giggs, and the pay for them is not very high, however this is something that can increase over time. It may not be the type of job you are looking for, but if you look at it well it is a good option that we have to take into account.

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<p>This is an important platform that offers us the service of <strong>earn money for work done,</strong> It has a mechanism where the employer publishes the need for work and we apply by also setting the hourly price of our work.</p>
<p>Features a mix of style<strong> Between and Fiverr</strong>, something that makes it very important before the other pages, although the only detail is that it is a site completely in English, and we must master the language to understand all its functions.</p>
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Upwork is one of the most used platforms to get jobs independently, but with great detail, which requires a great filter to create a profile. It is a site highly sought by companies to hire, because everyone who has the approved profile is because they deserve it.

Here we will find the best job offers, although to be able to grow quickly in this place we must handle English very well. On the Internet we can find many sites that explain the presentation that we must have in order for our profile to be approved.

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<p>East <strong>is the most famous platform in Spain and LATAM</strong>Most of the offers are in the Spanish language, although you can also find some other offers in English. Workana was born in Argentina in 2012 with the intention of promoting a virtual community so that professionals in different areas can carry out their work from home.</p>
<p>Because it was created from a Spanish-speaking country, <strong>It is a complete option for people who do not speak English very well</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= Maltese


Like Workana, this is a portal where the Hispanic language predominates. He was born in France, and his name at first was Hopwork, and in 2017 he decided to make some changes in policy and functions, changing his name to Malt.

It is a fairly simple site to understand, and with a large number of offers simply requires a registration with our email and a good profile picture.


Returning with the platforms in English, this is the best selected. It offers an excellent registration system and applications that allow us to choose the job. more suitable for our skills.

This is one of the few sites that offers secure payments with a minimum commission percentage for using the service. It currently has more than 800,000 employers, and a million jobs completed. You cannot miss this excellent opportunity !!.


This portal has a style much like Fiverr, and its main characteristic is the great speed they have in offering jobs and the delivery of the same, the maximum delivery time is 4 hours so you must be quick in them.

That they are fast delivery work brings benefits such as good payment. The categories they offer are: writing and blog posts, video designs, illustrations, research, social media management, graphic design and others.


If you only look for jobs where you can put your knowledge to good use and you are fascinated by teaching, so this It should be the site of your choice. Here you can become that great instructor, charging much more than you can acquire by giving face-to-face classes.

You can do online courses offering your knowledge, it is a real opportunity if yours is to teach, orAn unmissable opportunity.

The best online platforms to earn extra money watching ads on the Internet

If you don't like working online, because you think you need an even more comfortable job, Then we leave you below five of the best sites, where you can earn income by simply clicking on ads:


Fanslave it is one of the most famous sites, recommended by many users. With it you can generate great income, and the only monotonous task that must be done is to click Facebook and Twitter profiles In order to create traffic, this section is called Traffic.

Other activities like just watching YouTube videos also generate enough profit. The minimum charge if we live in Spain is 5 euros and is paid by bank transfer, but if we live outside the accepted minimum charge is 15 euros and the payment platform is PayPal.

It does not matter in which country you are residing because there are no limitations, you simply have to put the address of your country correctly, and correctly register your PayPal mail, since it is there where all payments will be made.


This is a Spanish portal that allows us to earn money by simply viewing ads sent by emails, although if we want to see more announcements we can enter the web and look for them right there.

If we live in Spain only we must register our bank account and the minimum charge is five euros, but if we live outside of Spain, the minimum charge is 10 euros, and we must register our Payza user.

Clickxti is one of the most reliable sites when it comes to paying, and many of the users certify it.


In Clixsense or Ysense we can not only see ads and earn money, because among the activities assigned to us we also we found 30 second videos.

If we want to increase our profits, we increase our tasks, accepting purchases and completing surveys, as well as also participate in contests.

The only detail that scares many people is that everything is in English, but we should not worry because we can ask our browser to translate the site. The minimum charge is eight dollars, and we can be sure that the payment will be made.


BeRuby is one of the most wanted sites, because its working mechanism is somewhat unusual. It consists of simply seeing ads, and completing surveys of each page, among them are: Games, Social Networks, Companies and others.

The minimum time for each survey is 10 minutes, and if we complete some purchases we receive a percentage of what we pay. For the withdrawal of our income, the minimum amount must be 5 euros and is withdrawn by PayPal.

Although if we live in Spain we can withdraw the assets by means of bank transfers. If we live abroad, as in Argentina or Colombia, the minimum withdrawal is 25 pesos in one and in the other 5000 pesos.


Sumaclicks is a platform that works with a mechanism very similar to that of Clickxti, but with a difference, where you can only click on the ads that are sent by mail and can not be searched any more if we have completed the daily round.

It is a highly sought-after website in Spain by students, as it can be considered as a job for students. The minimum amount to collect is 10 euros and it is carried out by bank transactions, although if we live in an external country, it generates a check, so that it can be cashed by our country.

Earn extra money every month on these websites to fill out surveys it is possible

Complete surveys It is a very common practice of people who like to earn a little extra money. But we must be very aware when we seek to earn income in this way, because there are sites that deceive us and never pay.

If we want to avoid being victims of these pages, then we must use the five websites that we will find below:


Although its main objective is to pay for surveys carried out, it also assigns extra activities where watching 30-second videos we get rewards.

Other tasks that we can find on this site, They are very fun presentation views, installing applications, or following people who are on Instagram.

Her strength and what she is well known for is surveys, In addition, a fairly considerable remuneration is received with this platform.


It is a portal highly recognized in Spain and in LATAMFurthermore, it is one of the best-paying sites for simply filling out surveys. The work done is added as points, which can redeem for gifts, as well as PayPal cards, or even credits for social networks like Facebook.

In order to access this site we must be resident in Spain, USA, Argentina or Colombia, otherwise we must use a VPN to change our IP.


This is a fairly easy to use platform, and we can find it present in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, United States … In itself, we can find it available in almost all LATAM countries.

It has a 24-hour support, and if we have any questions we can quickly consult your blog for quick questions. Like all the platforms we mentioned, in order to earn money we just have to register, confirm the mail and do the entrusted activities.


With Toluna we can get a considerable income, simply by completing the surveys. More than 10 million people around the world are part of this community.

Payments received when completing the surveys can be exchanged in bank transfers, or in Amazon gift cards. It has other payment redemption methods, detail that makes it more interesting than other portals.

This platform we can only find it available in Spain, and surveys cannot be completed from any LATAM address.


This page offers paid surveys with products and services we use on a daily basis, and we can find it available almost everywhere in the world. We receive the payment through PayPal, and we only have to register to start completing the tasks.

Each survey lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and vary according to the interests that we specify when we create our account. Depending on the country where you register Suvery will give you a five dollar bonus.

Sell ​​your photos and earn extra money every month on the following web pages

Selling photos turns out be a good option to generate extra income monthlyWe just have to have a lot of creativity and a good place to offer them.

Then, We will show you five of the best sites where we can sell all our images, and have a very good remuneration for them:

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<p>Big stock <strong>is one of the most popular places to sell photos</strong>, has a larger repertoire of 42 million photos published and sold. The only requirement other than registration is that all the images that we publish on this network <strong>be our complete responsibility</strong>.</p>
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Adobe stock

If you didn't know, Adobe itself has its own stock of photos and images, and offers great rates and plans. Many of the people recommend it because the image loaded on their platform, the image that sold in less than 15 days.

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<p>This is a portal with wide global recognition, where <strong>millions of artists mount their images without any limitation</strong>, as long as they are your complete responsibility. We can be part of this community no matter where we live, since it is available in any country in the world.</p>
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This site started in the market with a simple and little commercial objective, because it was more than anything to exchange photos, but then they realized the profitability of the sales of images and They decided to set up a library where the artist receives remuneration for each image sold.

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<p>Freepik is a site, where we can <strong>load all our illustrations</strong>, photography and images, although vectors, is the category of images that they are mostly looking for. It is a good place to <strong>commercialize all our creations.</strong></p>
<h2><span class= Watch videos on the following websites and earn an extra salary every month

To finish with this post, we are going to leave you Five pages you can use to earn money simply by watching videos:


It is a very famous place worldwide, and is located available in different languages, was founded in 2008, and since then has entered many people's homes as a fairly profitable option to acquire a second income.

As well as having a list of paid activities, it is also complemented by a referral program, where you get a percentage of money for each new person registered on this platform.

In order to withdraw the payments made you must have at least two dollars, and through the payments that we request, that minimum amount will increase by one dollar, until reaching a minimum rate of $ 10. Use different platforms to make payments, including Find Neteller and Skrill.

Gift Hunter Club

This is the number one site for many, as it offers a very good remuneration for each video watched, as well as also completely in Spanish. This, has a mobile application that allows the user to watch the videos wherever they are. At first I worked with the option to see ads, but currently I no longer have this option.

Anyone over the age of 14 You can register regardless of the country where you do it. The minimum amount to withdraw the balances must be five dollars or euros, and the method used is PayPal, or in that case Amazon Cards.


This is a web that has more than 7 years of experience offering all its members the opportunity to generate monthly extra income. It is available in all countries of the world and registration is completely free.

The only detail of this site is that it is completely in EnglishHowever, with a good command of this language it will not be a problem.

In order to make a withdrawal of balances we must have at least a cumulative of five dollars, and register a PayPal account, since it is there where the movement of balances will take place.

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<p>This is another of the websites <strong>most recommended to earn income just by watching audiovisual ads</strong>. If you are a Spanish-speaking person and you don't speak English very well, then working here can be quite an uncomfortable detail for you.</p>
<p>We can withdraw the income <strong>when we have at least 2 dollars accumulated</strong>, and withdraw through the platform <strong>Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, LiteCoin and Dash.</strong></p>
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<p>We culminate with the entire article, mentioning this last website. It is not very famous like the others we mentioned earlier, <strong>however it is an excellent option</strong> if we want to take as serious work to see ads and videos on the Internet</p>

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