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What are the compatible ebook formats to read on the Amazon Kindle eReader? 2022 list

Amazon Kindle it is the ebook reader created by Amazon for a few years, and which is currently used by million users. And it is that this tool not only allows read books, it also offers the option of store those of your preference so that later you can access them in a faster way, and finally it allows you buy books so you can have with you at all times.

However, there is a slight similarity between what the ebook reader from Amazon with Apple operating system, and it is that both companies are very Strict when accepting the different types of existing formatsThis has led them to have many incompatibilities with different files.

When you want read a book in this reader on many occasions it is not a such a simple task, especially if the ebooks it has an incompatible format. So, here we are going to teach you What are the compatible formats of ebooks with Kindle so you have it in mind when choose an eReader to visualize it, or even for create one and sell it.

List of all Ebook formats supported by the Kindle eReader

As previously mentioned, one of the main drawbacks at the time of want to open an ebook on amazon processor is the format compatibility, Taking into account that Kindle is supported with a greatly reduced number of ebook extensions. So, here we are going to show you the list of what are the supported formats with this tool so that you can take them into account when using it.

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:

  • AZW: This is a format created by Amazon to be used in your Kindle tool, it is mainly used for those devices from pre-seventh generations.
  • AZW3: Another of the formats native to amazon, who at the time of preparing your electronic book reader took the initiative of create your own extensions to be executed by said application. In the case of AZW3 or as it is also known Kindle format 8It can only be read by the Amazon program and which is available for the last generations of the applicationthat is, of the seventh generation onwards.
  • PRC: This is a very common format in electronic books and that can be read today by most of web readers as long as this no have no DRM protection.
  • MOBI: Known as Mobipocket ebook, is a open source standard specialized in the edition of electronic books, it was bought by the amazon industry one years ago. Therefore, it can also be read by the Amazon app as long as you don't have a DRM protection.
  • PDF: One of the most popular and used formats worldwide, it is capable of executing a large number of files of all kinds, and although it is not known as a ebook extension, the processor Kindle is capable of reading it. Therefore, it becomes an excellent option for save notes or notes and then review them with this program. Although the most recommended, is always convert PDF files to a specialized format in ebooks to get a better result, especially if this contains images or videos.
  • TXT: This is a format of plain and basic text, and where currently very few ebooks are saved because they are too many simple. But as same as PDF becomes a very good option for save basic and short notes and then open them in this reader.
  • DOC: It is also one of the most popular extensions today, it consists of save plain text and is mainly used by the Microsoft Word word processor, which makes it a well known extension. The same is also compatible with electronic book reader.
  • DOCX: Like DOC, this meets the same purposes and it is also related to Microsoft Word word processor. However, this is the new text format Word that allows to get some more advanced tools. Like DOC also available for be read on Kindle.
  • JPEG: This is another of the formats available for the Amazon appHowever, it is important to mention that view images or insert images in this program can be a whole headache for both author and reader, since this usually appears in grayscale and also so much color as quality displayed will not be the most optimal.

Others of available and compatible formats with this program they are PNG, GIF or BMP, being all these very common nowadays In Internet and which are capable of be read by this program. However, it is important to mention that these three formats are not highly recommended to use on Kindle, since like images in jpeg will not be seen in its best quality, which can become a true problem for most.

And finally, we must mention that does not support ePUB, even though this is one of the most used extensions in electronic books. So maybe there are many books that you will not be able to see with this processor unless convert them to one of the supported extensions with the application from Amazon.

How to change the format of my digital book to make it compatible with Amazon Kindle?

In the event that you have a digital book in a format not compatible with the Amazon Kindle reader, then the most recommended is that you do a change of formate so that it can be read by the tool. The easiest method to do this process is using the free software "Caliber".

Therefore, you can use the gauge converter and pass your digital book in the format you wanteither AZW, this being one of the formats created by Amazon for this tool.

To do This conversion with the help of caliber will require you to carry out each of these steps:

  • The first thing will be download and install the software of "Caliber" available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Once installed the next thing will be to run it, there you will import the digital book that you have in the incompatible formatwhich can be EPUB.
  • When it has been loaded into the software, you must connect your eReader Kindle to computer for Caliber to detect.
  • Now select the ebook what you want to pass and right click on it. There select "Send to device"> "Send in specific format to device"> "Main memory".

How to change the format of my digital book to make it compatible with Amazon Kindle?

  • After this the software will start to convert ebook in a format that is compatible with amazon and automatically will be added to the reader.

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