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What are the default username and password to enter any router?

What are the default username and password to enter any router?

The only way to have total control of our Internet service at home or at work, is if we carry out the router administration. But, on many occasions we only limit ourselves to the operator company technician taking care of it.

But, what happens when we want to make a change in the personalization of the network? or when do we want to improve its security? Surely it would be necessary for the technician to visit us again for this to carry out the modifications.

So in this article we will show you how you can get into the administration and configuration of your router, regardless of the manufacturer’s brand. This way you can save some time and money when making any changes.

What is the username and password of your router? WiFi?

When we acquire an Internet service for our home, this usually comes with the purchase of a router or WiFi router.

In most cases the person who carries out the installation of the service is a technician, who is responsible for configuring everything and assigning us a password for the Internet connection. But this password is only for the Internet connection on the devices, but what happens when we want to modify it.

For this it is necessary that we have access to the router, this is achieved by typing in the browser of our preference the following addresses. It should be noted that this depends on the brand of the device.

These first two are usually the most common :



The following are less common variations, but that will depend on the manufacturer of your router:


Once we have chosen any of these links a window will appear in which we must put a username and password.

Iniciar sesión en el router

To obtain this information we can check just below the router, as almost everyone brings a label with the username and password.

etiqueta posterior router

We can also find it in the user manual of the equipment or in the same box, and if it is not available we can consult the manufacturer’s website.

If you still find it difficult to find the data, you can try with «Admin» of user and «Admin» of password, or leaving the latter blank . Similarly, using “Admin” of user and “1234” of password. Usually these are the default data of most routers.

If this does not work you can try to reset the router, or you can contact the technician or the person who installed the equipment, since it is possible that you have modified this data. After all this you have not managed to find the information, we will present a different way to get them so pay close attention.

This is a simple and lightweight application that you can download from the next link

It makes it easy for you to see the default users and passwords of almost any router by brand and model. It also allows you to see the access link to the router to which you are currently connected. The application is called “Router default password” and is fully portable. Once downloaded and open you click on «Special list».

router default password

Clicking there will appear a gigantic list of brands of routers, just simply look for the one you are using for the tool to throw the data.

special list

As we can see the username and password of the router is used to access the router configuration. Now, we will see what are those aspects of the configuration that we can change.


What aspects of the router can be modified from the configuration panel?

One of the most important points in an Internet service is security and privacy. After this is already secured, we must promote rapid navigation.

If we access the device from the security area, we can choose what type of protection to use, and if necessary increase it to the maximum level with its respective password.

seguridad WIFI

From here it is also possible to block access to certain devices that we consider intrusive through Mac filtering, this is done from the local network section. Where we will find which are the connected devices and we will detect which ones are connecting without our consent.

Another very important thing is restrict access to unwanted information for our children through proper parental control.

Also from here we can modify the name of the network in case it is generating interference with some other. We will even have the power to configure the equipment as a repeater. According to our navigation service provider we can choose if we want to have a dynamic or static IP.

In general terms, we will have access to everything that has to do with enabling and disabling certain ports, choosing which channel we want to navigate to avoid those that are saturated and much more. Everything is done from the menu of device settings.

List of all users and passwords of the main manufacturers and models of major routers and models of the market

Next we will present the main brands of routers with their respective users and passwords. The try model refers to the standard, that is almost all the models, and if there is any other that has a specific password we will also detail it.

Here’s a list of users and passwords by brand:


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-2 User: «none» Password: «none»
  • TD-854W User: admin Password: ttnet
  • TD-8800 User: «none» Password: admin
  • TL-WR1043ND User: root Password: admin


  • Try User: admin Password: admin
  • P5P800 User: n / a Password: admin
  • AAM6310 User: root Password: root
  • G136 User: admin Password: epicrouter
  • RT-N10E User: admin Password: password
  • RT-N12HP_B1 User: admin Password: password
  • WL-520GU User : admin Password: admin
  • AAM6010EV-T4 User: admin Password: admin


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: «none»
  • Try-2 User: «none» Password: «none»
  • Try-3 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-4 User: «none» Password: admin
  • Try-5 User: admin Password: password
  • DIR-100 User: se create at start Password: create at start
  • DSL-2640S User: admin Password: sky
  • DVA-G3810BN-TL User: admin Password: telus
  • DVG-1120M User: root Password: «none»
  • VWR User: user Password: user
  • VWR-VR User: user Password: user


  • RT-1900ac User: created at the beginning Password: created at the beginning
  • RT-2600ac User: admin Password: “none”


  • RT-3500 User: admin Password: admin


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-2 User: admin Password: password
  • Try-3 User: admin Password: 1234 li >
  • Try-4 User: “none” Password: 1234
  • AC790S User: “none” Password: admin
  • AirCard 782S User: “none” Password: admin li>
  • CG814W User: admin Password: password
  • CG814WG User: comcast Password: 1234
  • CG814WG User: superuser Password: 1234
  • CGW814WG User: comcast Password: 1234
  • DG480 User: admin Password: changeme
  • DG834GT User: «none» Password: password
  • DG834PN User: «none» Password: password
  • FVX538 User: «none» Password: password
  • ME102 User: admin Password: epicrouter
  • VMDG480 User: admin Password: changeme
  • VMDG490 User: admin Password: On the router’s label


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-2 User: admin Password: «none»


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-2 User: «none» Password: «none»
  • Try-3 User: admin Password: password
  • Try-4 User: admin Password: «none»
  • CVR100W User: cisco Password: cisco
  • DPC3825 User: cusadmin Password: password li >
  • DPC3914B User: cusadmin Password: highspeed
  • DPC3941B User: cusadmin Password: highspeed


  • Try User: admin Password: admin
  • Fon WLAN 7570 User: admin Password: Fritzfonbox
  • WLAN 7340 User: «none» Password: «none» li>


  • Try-1 User: admin Password: admin
  • Try-2 User: admin Password: «none»
  • Try-3 User: vodafone Password: vodafone
  • Try-4 User: root Password: admin
  • Echolife HG520b Telmex User: user Password: user
  • F2000 User: admin Password: comes on the back of the router
  • HG253s User: admin Password: superonline
  • HG521g User: admin Password: 3bb
  • HG532e User: user Password: user
  • HG630 User: admin Password: 3bb
  • HG630 User: user Password: user
  • HG658 User: user Password: HuaweiUser
  • HG630 User: user Password: HuaweiUser
  • HG658b User: user Password: HuaweiUser
  • HG8245Q User: digicel Password: digicel
  • HG8245 User: telecomadmin Password: admintelecom
  • HG8245A User : telecomadmin Password: admintelecom
  • HG8245H User: telecomadmin Password: admintelecom
  • HG 8245T User: telecomadmin Password: admintelecom
  • HG8247 User: telecomadmin Password: admintelecom
  • R205 User: «none» Password: admin
  • SmartAX MT880a User: user Password : user

List of all users and passwords of the main router operators from Spain

Now we will see some of the main Internet distributors in Spain, along with their respective users and passwords:


The combination usually varies between user: «administrator» password: «1234» or user: «1234» password: «1234». However, in some newer devices such as the “Home Gateway Unit”, the password and the default user are usually attached to a label just below the device.


For devices with Vodafone service, the user is: «Vodafone» and the password is also pasted under the device. But, it is never other to prove by password: «Vodafone», since sometimes this is the one that brings by default.


The equipment provided by the ONO operator, is usually simpler, and the user is usually: «admin» and the password: «password».


Orange routers comes by default with the password and the user accounted forly.


When it comes to this company and the ZTE routers, we can try different combinations. It can be “advanced” for username and password, or “support” for both. But user can also serve: root and password: 12345.