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What are the differences between cybersecurity and computer security? 2022 list

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Currently it is very common to see how most people refer to what is cybersecuritya term that can refer to other words such as cybercriminals, cyberthreats, cyberspace, among other similar concepts. But the truth of all this is that on many occasions used as the synonym for computer securitybut this is not entirely correct.

Despite being very similar concepts, each of them usually has its own own meaning, according to the ideas that are intended to be expressed with each of them. However, in order to make good use of each of these concepts related to Internet user protectionit is necessary to be able to really know what they mean.

be able to protect everyone digital assets It is an obligation for everyone, especially today when there are so many threats on the network, software and data that put technological assets at risk. That is why here we are going to show you what it is cybersecurity, computer security problems and everything you can achieve by rectifying them, for this, follow in detail everything that we are going to teach you next in the post.

What are cybersecurity and computer security and what is its importance today?

What are cybersecurity and computer security and what is its importance today?

There is no doubt that these two terms are very similar so it tends to confuse to most people and think that it is the same thing. It should be noted that the term cybersecurity it began to be used a long time ago very frequently, so it can be closely associated with what it is digital marketing.

However, it is important to really know what each of them means so as not to go uninformed at some point. According to this, here we are going to show you what it is cybersecurity and Informatic security and the importance of each of them today.

To do this, follow in detail each of the concepts that we will teach you below:

What is cybersecurity?

cybersecurity has become an increasingly important topic in the life of companies and people, since it usually covers different situations, especially today when teleworking It has spread all over the world very quickly.

Nowadays the digital security has become one of the main bases for digital businessso it is about reduce risks that any business can have. Therefore, cybersecurity It is nothing more than the action of wanting to protect all the information on the equipment and in turn store it in the cloud or other equipment. In this way it not only allows prevent risksbut also offers users a little more confidence, as it helps reduce the risk of user and system exposure.

In this way it can be said that the cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, electronic systems, networks, mobile devices and data from any malicious attack. All of this is also known as electronic information security or technology securitythese terms will depend on the different contexts that are present and range from businesses to mobile computing.

These can be divided into different categories such as the ones we will show you below:

  • Network security: It is considered as the practice of protecting a computer network from intruders, whether they are targeted criminals or malware.
  • The application security: It is focused on maintaining the software and devices free from any danger. This is because if an application is affected, it could offer access to the data that it wants to protect, so the effective security it begins during the design stage, long before the implementation of a program.
  • Operational security: It includes the processes and decisions to be able to control and protect data resources. It can be said that it is about the permissions that users have to access a network and the procedures that determine how and where data that includes this category may be stored and shared.
  • Security of the information: takes care of protect the integrity and data privacy in both traffic and storage.
  • Disaster recovery: It helps an organization to have the ability to respond to a cybersecurity incident or any other event that may affect the continuity of your operations or important data may be lost. In this case, disaster recovery policies dictate how the organization restores operations and information to return to the same operational capacity that they had before the event occurred. Therefore, business continuity is the plan that the organization uses to operate without certain resources.
  • End User Training: By breaching good security practice, the system is left vulnerable so that anyone can accidentally introduce a virus into the system. So users should know cHow to delete suspicious emails and do not connect unidentified USB drivesas well as other lessons that are critical to the security of an organization.

What is computer security?

computer security can be defined as the process of preventing and detecting the unauthorized use of a computer system for malicious purposes. In this way, it implies the process of being able to protect against intruders the use of resources. computers computer science, and thus prevent illicit activities from being carried out with the intention of obtaining personal information or monetary gain.

Thus, computer security It usually encompasses different security measures, such as security programs. firewall software, computer antivirus and other measures that depend mainly on users, such as the activation and deactivation certain software features, such as ActiveX, Java and in the same way take care of the use of computers and their network or Internet resources.

This is how computer security has become a very important factor for all, since it allows to prevent what is data theft such as private information, bank details and of credit cards, documents, passwords, filesamong others.

It can be said that most of the actions that are taken every day depend on the computer security along the route that the data follows. As every route has a start and end point, in this case, at the start point, the data present can be used by unauthorized intrusions, so an intruder can modify and change the source codes of the software and thus use your emails, data and images to carry out different types of illegal activities.

While other attackers prefer to directly access computers with the purpose of attacking other computers or websites and creating chaos, in the case of hackers they have the ability to completely block a computer system and thus cause a data loss. In the same way you can throw attacks DDoS to prevent websites from being accessed by causing the server to crash. Thus, it is necessary to be able protect the computer and this can be achieved through computer security.

Finally, it should be mentioned that computer security covers four specific areas which we show you below:

  • Integrity: In this case only authorized users may be able to modify the data when necessary.
  • Confidentiality: Only authorized users have access to data, information and resources.
  • Availability: The data must be available to users when they are needed.
  • Authentication: The communication is actually being generated with those who think you are communicating.

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