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What are the differences between Internet and Extranet and what is each of these networks for?

What are the differences between Internet and Extranet and what is each of these networks for?

The Internet and Extranet acronyms are two methods that are constantly used today in the technological area, and although they have both similarities and distinctions , they are used to provide information and access to users , since they are computer networks that help us keep constantly updated and communicated.

These tools provide the opportunity to stay informed inside the home, as well as in the offices, which is why they are fundamental for the development of certain daily activities.

We know that many people tend to confuse both terms, and that has encouraged us to write this article where you will learn to clearly differentiate the definition of each one. Since while they share the same technological principles, there are marked differences in the type of data they provide to us and in the way of accessing them .

Internet and Extranet what are they and how does each work?

To know how they work and what the Internet and extranet are for, it is important to know its meaning. The Internet is a network that is used in a public digital environment, where its users browse and exchange ideas without any limits and sometimes without restrictions . That is, you can get different websites, such as companies, financial institutions, online shopping, various types of social networks and blogs, among others.

For its part, the extranet is a network where a large number of users are connected to a private network, which is used by companies to share all kinds of information, either in written or audiovisual form, with its related. This is the same as saying that it has been designed to maintain and improve relations with suppliers and customers .

How does the Internet work?


To use the Internet, it must be connected to a computer, which must have the same protocol . If this does not happen, it is not possible to achieve any type of connection between users.

These protocols are connected through computers that have a unique IP address for each one . These protocols are provided by telephone companies, which have networks that provide high speed, this being essential for the Internet to work.

Internet bases its operation through a client-server design . The local computer, which requires and captures information, is the customer; while the server is a remote computer that transmits information.

How does an Extranet work?


The extranet usually has semi-private access. This means that the user who uses it does not need to be an employee of the company, but must have some kind of link to it .

As we know, buying and selling are part of the daily activities of any company. Extranet works similarly to the corporate intranet , of which it is in fact an extension. So those related to each corporate entity access limited data for internal use using a previously assigned user and password . An example of this is when we access our accounts at any bank.

You can also implement a restricted access network, which will be used only by a certain group of companies or companies independently, which implement it to develop their work in a more coordinated and so save time.

It is also an interconnected computer network that uses Internet standards. It is suitable for companies whose value chain is dependent. It is implemented when it is required to have a restricted data communication between them, which helps to improve efficiency and at the same time translates into savings of time and money.

We have then that an extranet serves as the Internet, since it uses similar standards at the technological level. The security you provide is essential so that the data is confidential even if they travel over the networks. Likewise, it can only be used by individuals and entities that are authorized to access the information that companies exchange through this medium.

What features identify an Internet network?

Within the fundamental characteristics of the Internet we can indicate that:

  • It is universal, as it is used worldwide.
  • It helps people to access any type of information , as well as different types of information. services.
  • It can be used in real time when you want to make a conference, or when you want to talk to a person who is far away.
  • Through this Different types of activities can be carried out and the best of all is that their price is usually low.
  • Through it you can design various projects, allowing groups to work online and online. in a coordinated way.
  • To use it, it is not necessary to be an expert, since by just learning how it works you can access different web pages and contents, which is why it is a worldwide phenomenon and is used by millions of people.
  • Let the user access several websites without providing their personal data s .
  • It is extremely useful for the person who wants to disseminate any type of content, be it commercial or social.

What features identify an Extranet network?

The Extranet has different characteristics, and we can see them in the list that we present below:

  • Provides semi-public access.
  • It is used only within the network of a company.
  • Let the person using it can verify the information of the different sections to which access has been allowed .
  • It has an Internet protocol, as well as a public communication tool that allows sharing the information necessary for the company to comply with its objectives.
  • Unlike the intranet, it allows the use of the company’s website to customers or suppliers, and gives access to certain parts of the page, usually the requested parts.
  • It has the same technological characteristics as the Internet, since it is used safely by providing reliability in the data provided.
  • You need to have a level of security and even more privacy, in addition to using a firewall that uses processes such as message encryption within public networks.
  • You can access Through any medium, whether using a computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Provides greater communication benefit to the company that employs it .
  • It transmits a flow of data and helps to control the information, which allows you to have reliability and know that the information transmitted will reach where it is required in a secure way.
  • It You can restrict and control who has access to the company’s data, since it is possible to preserve the data of each of the people who use it.
  • Allows transactions in real time, quickly and easily .

What are the main differences between Internet and Extranet?

As the main difference it can be indicated that the type of information and access is not the same . Likewise, the information found on the extranet is restricted , while on the Internet it is something public where any individual can freely exchange information.

The extranet is the result when two or more intranets connect to each other via the Internet. An example of this is the interconnection between banks to facilitate transfers.

Consequently, the Internet allows any type of file to be transmitted with subjects that are in different locations immediately, while the extranet is a limited and closed network that can only be used by a certain group of people.

What sectors use Extranet networks?


The extranet is used in sectors such as:

  • Online banking, which provides its services to the public through an extranet, giving its customers the option to check their accounts and do any type of operation with them.
  • Groups of companies They use it to innovate applications jointly.
  • It is used by public and private companies to design programs at the educational level.
  • Applies to manage projects interactively between public entities and private with common purposes.
  • They use it to maintain communication companies and in some circumstances educational institutes or any training program.
  • It is used to share research.
  • Applies to design catalogs and offers and even to download software.
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