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What are the differences between Outlook and Exchange and which is better for you?

Emails have become a very important tool for the development of activities and communication between people, These elements make the transfer of immediate information possible no matter where you are.

In this sense, both Outlook and Microsoft Exchange have a lot to offer, since both, and despite being complementary, They have very well marked characteristics, each in their own way, which enhances its use and you as a user enjoy all its benefits.

In the following article, you will know the basics of both Exchange and Outlook, as well as their main differences, and the alternatives to each of these email programs.

What is Microsoft Exchange?

What is the Microsoft Exchange platform

Is about an email service designed for business or educational purposes, it is included within Outlook, providing the possibility of using it dynamically, easily, and with very useful add-ons.

Among the tools and options available to Exchange are: protection and security of the information stored against malware and viruses, synchronization with the cloud, efficient organization level through the calendar, search for contacts and emails precisely, in addition to an intuitive inbox where you will find everything in detail.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook inbox

It is a platform belonging to Microsoft, which was designed to send and receive emails and store them in your inboxIt also has other functions that make this service one of the best and most used today. In this sense, Outlook It has been in constant evolution, allowing a variety of elements that enhance its use, and make it possible to perform various tasks and activities in a simple way, without any problems.

Main differences between Outlook and Exchange

The main difference between the two is that while the first is an email client, the second is an email serverNow, you must be clear about this difference so that you can better understand its functions.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client, it is used to send and receive emails at all times, on the other hand, Microsoft Exchange It is an email server, it is a system that is responsible for managing and storing both sent and received emails via Internet.

Now that you know this difference, which is the basis of everything, you need to know what other aspects make both Outlook and Exchange not the same:


One of the first Microsoft Exchange interfaces

Microsoft Exchange consists of a software package that operates jointly with the server, originating the back end in a centralized system. It is specifically designed to receive and store emails. Microsoft Outlook is a computer program that is installed on the computer and its main function is to communicate all its users with each other, maintaining a constant synchronization with Exchange.


Microsoft Exchange allows to centralize all emails thanks to its integrated database, in order that backups are produced continuously, it also makes emails travel faster, sending them directly to another server that uses this system.

Outlook It offers very important tools such as integration to Office, calendar, contacts and address book, among others. It is designed to carry out all the administration of the information of the system without any type of problems or difficulties.


Forms of security in Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange it is a fairly secure system, protecting emails from cyber attacks, viruses and hacking, making the stored information completely protectedThis is why it requires permanent maintenance so that its operation is optimal at all times.

Microsoft Outlook show a specific search mode, where you can use elements such as keywords to find the emails in the tray, it also syncs all emails with the contact list and calendar.


Microsoft Exchange is available in web browsers or servers, it must be used with the Windows server system. Microsoft Outlook allows you to access directly from the web and manage all the information and functions that the platform has for your useIt also has a version for computers and mobile phones.


Advantages of imap and POP in Outlook mail

Microsoft Exchange runs through a particular server. While Microsoft Outlook can be run using POP3 or IMAP protocols, that is, it allows access by a different variety of devices in both cases.

Best alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the email platforms most used throughout the world, all this thanks to the number of functions it has and the space that allows to store a lot of information. Now, thanks to technology, the competition grows in all aspects and for this reason we bring you the best alternatives to Outlook, all of them of great quality, proving to be of great help for the development of any activity.

These options are:


Inbox on the Gmail web

It is an email client that is at the forefront of platforms of this type, has infinite options to improve communications and work toolsIts interface is easy to use and not only allows you to send and receive emails, and thanks to the add-ons it offers you can expand its use. It has a storage capacity of 15 Gb, and in your inbox you can see in detail everything related to the mail that is stored.

EM Client Download Site

It is a simple platform, with an interface that you will learn to use in a few minutes, it is compatible with the main email clients, on the other hand it has various functions such as instant messaging, calendar, contact manager, chat and attachments, among other interesting functions. It is completely free and you can customize its appearance whenever you want.

Mailbird download site

This platform is very practical, presenting all its functions in a simplified way, another of its advantages is the synchronization with social networks, with an inbox that you can classify by color. It allows you to search for old emails using keywords, as well as you can delay the sending of emails to a specific contact for the time you decide to schedule it.

Best alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

Everything will depend on the needs you have, you know about scope and capacity that Microsoft Exchange It has all of its most important features, but this tool is not the only option that exists in terms of email services.

Next, you will know the best alternatives so that in this way you are clear about what selection you should make if you want something other than Exchange:

Ubuntu server

Ubuntu Server download site

It is an open source operating system that does not have a graphical environment, which means that to use it you must execute all actions through a command console, has a command line interface, which causes the server to have a lower load and thus better perform all its functions. To use it, your computer must meet all the established requirements since missing any of these is unlikely that you can handle it.

Zimbra Access Site

It is an open source program that has an application interface that acts as IMAP and POP3 serverIt is made up of calendars, documents, emails and a contact list. Zimbra can function as a private cloud, or for public useEverything will depend on the needs and the way you are going to execute it.

Kerio connect

Kerio connect download site

It is an ideal messaging program for small businesses, it also has very useful functions such as calendar, notes, contact and folder management, among others. On the other hand, it has the novelty of sync the software with the mobile phone, and thus share information safely through your chat. For use this option download it through