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What are the main reasons and advantages of using Linux and why should you switch now to know all its benefits? List 2022

The advantages that Linux has over other operating systems have led to it being used in different areas, excelling in supercomputers, but also in smartphones, servers and personal computers, where it is used to manage a wide variety of processes.

Every year new users join this open source operating system, which does not stop implementing changes in the distributions, which are adapted to the demands, but also specializing to reach creators and professionals from different branches.

Of course, the final decision to change the operating system is in your hands, but it is clear that Linux is an alternative on the market. Here we are going to delve into seven of the main advantages of installing it, as well as the best tools available to play games, preserve security, develop applications and play multimedia files on your PC.

What are the main differences between Linux and Windows or MacOS?

Comparison of Linux Windows and MacOS

Windows and MacOS occupy 97% of the general market, but when you look at the business universe, Linux occupies a 29% share when it comes to servers. The reason why common users do not favor an open source operating system is due to ignorance of its advantages, habit or perhaps because Windows it is the most commercial and is everywhere.

But now, we are going to focus on the differences that these three operating systems have, elements that should be considered when thinking about making a change:

  • In Linux the user has access to the source code and you can modify it, in Windows this is not possible because it is a proprietary OS.
  • Being part of a community, errors in Linux are fixed faster than in Windows, which hackers profit from by creating viruses.
  • Linux runs faster, even on older computers, which is not the case on Windows or Mac.
  • The Windows files cannot have the same name in a single directory, on Linux it can be achieved.
  • Windows is easier to use and dominates much of the market, although the new Linux distros help with the software transition.
  • In the case of graphic designers, they lean towards Mac due to the compatibility of the system with programs and multiple monitors.
  • Regarding the price, Linux is free Meanwhile in Mac and Windows you must buy a license.
  • In stability, Linux is superior, followed by Mac. Windows requires a lot of resources to run smoothly.
  • To play, Windows is the main candidate. Most modern games are compatible with this platform.
  • Windows and Linux can be run on various types of computers, Mac only in teams Manzana.

These are the main reasons to start using Linux as your main operating system

Desktop enhancements, along with ease of installation and use, have led Linux to not only be preferred in business servers, but thousands of people around the world use it for their daily tasks and uses.

Although there are hundreds of reasons that we could mention to use Linux on your computer, we have selected the seven that follow:

It is becoming easier to use

It is true that, previously, using Linux It was for experts, but that has changed. There are distributions very similar to Windows or Mac that allow you to enjoy the software as soon as the installation is finished. Likewise, they have stores to make downloading new applications easy.

Better privacy

None of the Linux distributions store your personal data, but neither does it allow it to leak. Disk and important document encryption can be manually configured to keep them protected. There are never traces of navigation on the computer and it has the technical support of the entire community.

Specialized distributions

There are Linux distributions for all tastes and functions. You can choose to install a virtual machine and test to see which one suits what you need. And not only can it be used on a computer, it can also be used on a smartphone, all of this. thanks to the fact that it is open source and perfectly adaptable.

Higher performance in low-performance equipment

Linux on old computers

There are teams that due to their characteristics they no longer work with Windows or they do it very badly. This is a good time to consider switch to Linux and give your computer a second life. This operating system manages resources better and it has desks that are less heavy and work well on older computers.

Proton and gaming on Linux

Now we talk about the catalog of games that can be obtained on Linux. Proton, which is the life of the Steam Play app, lets you spend time with video games from Windows along with those of this operating system. All you need to do is install and start playing one of the 12,000 titles currently available.

Better performance when playing

With the diversity of existing distributions, and especially with those specialized in videogames, there is an ideal configuration to enjoy the experience without making any modifications. Today’s distros can handle even next-gen games without being too heavy.

Greater freedom of customization

Custom desktop environment on Linux

The variety of desktops that Linux has allows configure the distro to your liking. The same happens with programs and applications, the user can choose in the installation which one to leave or delete, so it will be dedicated to the specific function that is required.

List of the best tools to install on Linux and get the most out of this operating system

The tools that each person is going to install on their computer depend on the priorities they have. Choosing the ideal applications can take a long time. To save you this work, we have made a list of the most essential for playing video, programming tools, maintaining security and playing video games.


VLC program for Linux

The applications to play any multimedia file should not be missing in the distribution Linux what do you choose, there are many specialized in audio and video.

Here we have selected five:

  • VLC: it is one of the best known and most used players, perhaps because it is multiplatform. It works with many formats and also allows you to take screenshots, make adjustments to the video and download content from YouTube.
  • Kodi: it is special to create a kind of multimedia center on the computer, reproducing audio, video and photos in almost all formats. It organizes the entire library by themes and, with the plugins added, you can search for the covers of movies, series or music albums.
  • SMPlayer: It is perhaps the main alternative to VLC, with the ability to run any audio or video format. But it also plays videos from YouTube and has Chromecast support.
  • Rhythmbox: This player is special for audio files, compatible with Last.FM and SoundCloud, apart from playing radio stations on the web. On the other hand, with the music on your computer it gives you the option to create playlists.
  • GIMP: we close with a photo editor that is the alternative to the well-known Photoshop, ideal for working with images and placing them with the layers and effects that you deem appropriate.

Of security

Archery interfaces on Linux

We all care about safety and in this matter, too there are tools that complement the protection of the Linux operating system and that it is worth having installed.

We recommend five:

  • Nmap– Ideal for protecting network security. It scans the ports and displays the details of the computers it registers, including the time it has been connected and the operating system it uses.
  • Archery: this application detects the vulnerability that your distro may have, presenting reports once the search is finished. Discover the possible threats and analyze the network in depth.
  • Chkrootkit: this tool scans the system cleaning it of malicious software, especially one called rootkits, which allows unauthorized user access to the server.
  • REMnux: the main job of this tool is to analyze malware. But in addition, it detects the faults that may exist in certain files or folders as well as in PDF documents.
  • Maltrail: to take care of a server, this program cannot be left out. Cut any type of threat using different tools, including a sensor that checks incoming traffic and detects unusual or suspicious activity.

For programmers

Sublime Text on Linux

From the beginning, Linux was used by programmers and hackers for testing purposes. For this reason, there are tools that are useful to carry out this work without complications.

Check out these five that are here:

  • Bluefish: is an editor of HTML files, easy to use and compatible with many languages. It is one of the ones that uses less computer memory, working with Python, SQL, CSS, XML and PHP languages ​​to name just a few.
  • Eclipse– Provides a comprehensive development environment for various operating systems, including Linux. With it you can program in C ++, in addition to Java, Python and PHP. On its website it gives all the details, including the plugins that can be installed.
  • Glade: supports several programming languages, here we highlight C ++, Java and C for the development of graphical interfaces. In its recent versions it has worked in the code editors, which allows it to work better with other programs.
  • Sublime Text: as its name implies, it is a text editor to put together the structure of the applications. It works with many programming languages, including JavaScript, SQL, XML, HTML, PHP, and Python.


Counter Strike on Linux

The list of games to run on Linux grows daily. There is something for all tastes and in different genres.

If you are one of those passionate about video games, take note of the five that we bring you in this list:

  • Counter-Strike: when it comes to popularity, this game occupies one of the first places among shooting fans. It is based on the fight between terrorists and counterterrorists who fight to achieve their objectives. It gives the same performance as if you play it on a Windows computer. It is free and has updates.
  • DOTA 2: millions of players practice it daily online. Heroes with special powers and abilities are required to be an expert in this strategy game. Teams of five warriors are assembled that must battle with the opponents and defeat them. The download is free although you can buy some features to advance.
  • Faeria– This is a game that brings together several tools in one. But mainly it is based on the cards with which they attack the opponent. There is a battlefield in which you get monsters that you have to defeat with different strategies. You have to pay to download and for additional items.
  • Robocraft: in this game the participant has to create a vehicle to go to battle. When you win the fights you get points and with the losses you receive damages that lower the attack power. But, for each positive offensive you make, you can buy cubes that renew your forces.
  • Tannenberg: it is another paid game that has World War I as its setting, so the uniforms and weapons of each team are allusive to this event. It has three modes and includes a real map of the places where the battles were fought. It is multiplayer online.

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