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What are the main vulnerabilities of browsers when downloading files and archives over the Internet? 2022 list

The web browsers are very different from each other. However, all are equally vulnerable to cyber attacks. What are the main vulnerabilities of browsers when downloading files online?. Read on if you want to find out.

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, every browser available on the Internet has its own characteristics. However, when downloading a file, it is likely that malware puts the integrity of the computer at risk.

For that reason, It is essential to take certain measures to solve possible vulnerabilities that are present in the browser. Thus, in this way, you can prevent any type of attack.

List of the main vulnerabilities of Internet browsers

List of the main vulnerabilities of Internet browsers

Vulnerabilities are small security breaches that can be present in any browser. Even if the computer has an antivirus, a vulnerability may be enough to an attacker can steal all the information stored on your personal computer.

Here is a list of the main vulnerabilities of Internet browsers:


Plugins are applications or tools IT that provide additional functions to the browser. However, these programs may be vulnerable to a computer attack. In such a way, the attacker could run malicious code in the background to steal information.

Network communication

The network communication system that a browser uses to transmit and receive information from the Internet can be intercepted by attackers, which allows them to divert all the data sent to an unknown server, or a strange portal. In fact, browsers do not recognize that they are under attack.

Malware in the operating system

In the event that the computer is infected by malware, it is very likely that this malicious code is responsible for modifying the memory space of the browser. This can cause problems with their performance.

Browser executables

The term refers to shortcuts that allow you to start web browsing. Browser extensions can be hacked by computer attackers, because of some malicious code on the computer. Product of some download from a corrupted portal.

Unofficial downloads

Browsing on shady web portals can be detrimental both for the web browser and for the computer. Download applications or documents from a non-secure page, it may imply that the file is contaminated with a malicious program that takes control of the browser.

Notifications and pop-up advertising

On many occasions, while the user is browsing the web, it is possible to find notifications, download links or pop-up advertising prompting them to click on the box to start a download. If you have not requested a download, you should not press any notification or advertisement on the screen.

Automatic downloads

There are portals that, at the time of entering, they automatically download some strange file. It can be a text or executable file. However, it is recommended not to click on such files, as it is possible that they are contaminated.

How can I protect myself from attacks when downloading files online?

How can I protect myself from attacks when downloading files online?

Ignore vulnerabilities present on the computer can be harmful to a computer. The consequences can range from the loss of documents to the theft of personal information. For this reason, it is extremely important to know how you can protect yourself from attacks when downloading a file online. First of all, it is recommended download the browser from an official website.

Attackers can disguise malicious code in the appearance of a browser executable like Firefox or Chrome. So be sure to visit trusted sites. It is also recommended manage extensions with great discretion to install in web browsers. Extensions are tools that expand the range of functions of a browser. However, downloading extensions from unofficial sites can carry risks, as they could be contaminated.

In the same way, it is necessary that browsers stay updated. With each update, patches are added that repair any possible vulnerabilities present. So to avoid cyber attacks, regularly update all your browsers. In addition, you must be very careful with external download links, also with the portals that you frequent. In both cases, you can compromise the security of your computer, as you could be Phishing victim, or any other cyber attack.

The best extensions and tools to make your downloads more secure

The best extensions and tools to make your downloads more secure

Navigate in Internet involves being exposed to endless platforms to download. However, it is likely that most represent a security risk. To avoid problems, it is better to use a download manager.

For that reason, we present you the best extensions and tools to make your downloads more secure:

Turbo Download Manager

It is a download extension available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Allows you to resume downloads if they have been abruptly interrupted. Facilitates a preview of the downloaded file and increases the download speed.

Free Download Manager

It is a free application that, in addition, is also available as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. It can be downloaded both in Windows like in MacOs. The Download Manager Free Download Manager It is characterized by allowing any type of file. In addition, you have control over downloads, at the level of being able to pause and resume, among many other functions.

Download Free Download Manager Windows

Download Free Download Manager MacOS

Online Download Manager

It is a universal download manager exclusive to Google Chrome. Allows you to download any type of content from the Internet. Videos, music, documents, images, among much more. Further, supports many formats, and you have individual control over downloads. As a plus, use the API from Google drive Y Dropbox, for the user to log in safely.

EagleGet Free Downloader

It is an exclusive download manager for Windows. It has a simple interface, which favors the learning of its use. It makes it easy to download multiple files, as well as the paths to where they go. Further, you can download any type of content, even torrent files. It is available as an extension in Google Chrome.

Download EagleGet Free Downloader Windows