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What are the most popular types of youtubers that exist and which of them do you want to look like? 2022 list

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There are many people who They have risen to fame thanks to their YouTube channel, amassing millions of subscribers by uploading quality videos and creating an interesting connection with their fans.. The themes are different and there are for most tastes, just explore a little and these are easily found.

To reward the best or most outstanding youtubers of each year, the social network places a video called YouTube Rewindin which the success achieved and the popularity of the creators stands out, who provide entertainment and information to the millions of people who visit this platform.

If you want venture into the world of video creation and you still haven’t decided which is the best niche to attract an audience and generate good income, you came to the right course. Here are several examples of super successful channels in at least nine categories.

All types of youtubers and YouTube channels

Being a youtuber went from being fun to a profession, or to a way of working in which the main mission is that the big brands notice the content and are willing to be one of your sponsors.

In the list that follows, you will see real examples of YouTube channels that are profitable and make good money:


gamers on youtube

Share the latest news from online games and the most recent releases, it has become a source of fixed income for many youtubers.

As shown in the following examples:

  • Markiplier: There are 30.5 million subscribers to this character who has been online since 2012 and uploads content from games like LetsPlay, The Eight Pages or Minecraft.
  • VEGETTA777: 32.9 million members are grouped by this Spanish guy who shows live events of games like Minecraft, GTA V or Far Cry 4 on his channel.
  • The Willy Rex: the producer of this space is Guillermo Diaz and it already exceeds 18 million fans. Minecraft or Clash Royale are two of the games that have helped him increase his views.
  • Tyler Wine: 6.2 million subscribers join this space that refers to video games such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto or Garry’s Mode. Its owner is 26 years old.
  • Play german: 45.5 million fans have this Chilean who talks about the subject related to video games.

video reactions

Video reactions on Youtube

This type of content is based on reactions to an event, news or a particular topic. On the other hand, it also refers to the response that someone had to an event without knowing that it was being recorded.

Here are some examples of prominent youtubers who are dedicated to this:

  • Awake Productions: Just over 46 million members have this channel that is dedicated to analyzing the sequences and scenes of cartoons. He discusses, speculates and analyzes the details that seem relevant to him.
  • TheRubiusOMG: 40.4 million subscribers has this Spaniard who entertains visitors with jokes on various topics in a simple way.
  • smosh: This American channel has the advantage that it also dubs its videos into Spanish and they are based on making parodies on topics of the moment.
  • Gera Husseim: This Mexican creator who groups 129 thousand followers, is dedicated to commenting on the most recent news of new music, commenting on the hits of the moment and reacting to its content.
  • auronplay: criticism of other youtubers, analyzes based on humor and funny videos have allowed him to reach 28.9 million subscribers as well as thousands of views.


News on YouTube

A lots of specialized news channels have a presence on YouTube, in which live events are mixed with news reports or analysis.

Here are five that are very popular:

  • EFE Agency: 814 thousand subscribers add the account of one of the most famous news companies in the world. They produce about 20,000 videos a year and are backed by 70 years of experience.
  • BFM TV: they publish relevant content on a daily basis and is considered one of the main French channels. It brings together more than a million affiliates.
  • SkyNews: Almost five million followers gather on this British channel that is characterized by offering breaking news reports from its news center, although the content is in English.
  • DW Spanish: This German international network has almost three million subscribers, with reporters in 16 countries.
  • Cnn in Spanish: There are 3.8 million fans of this site where videos of the network’s most outstanding programs as well as special reports are uploaded.

cryptocurrency traders

Traders on YouTube

The investment in cryptocurrencies is a common business In the current times and taking into account this boom, many youtubers have specialized in the subject to offer updated information and thus become an authority on the subject.

Here are several successful channels:

  • Crypto Center: Daily news about the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as explanation of new projects is the theme of this channel that has 47 thousand subscribers.
  • Healthy Pockets: More than 435 thousand fans have joined this channel where they teach how to stack, cryptocurrency investment tricks and predictions of projects that may be stable.
  • ThirteenBits: In this place, everything related to projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano is explained. They add up to more than 257 technology videos.
  • cryptoyoda: About 122 thousand users have joined this channel in which predictions of future currencies in the market and some other videos related to entertainment are made.
  • Kryptonian: news, investment tricks and current data is what can be found in this portal that is approaching 50 thousand subscribers.


Otakus and YouTube

There are various qualifications and also specialized channels that are dedicated to producing related content, here are some of the most relevant:

  • Anime Lith: A group of 343 thousand subscribers have joined this channel that has a lot of information related to animations, recent episodes of series and movies, as well as funny videos.
  • Kido Senpai: the creators already exceed half a million affiliates since they came out in 2015. They deal with any genre of anime, especially movies that are creative and exciting.
  • X Okimura X: the most viral videos, outstanding openings and a summary of the best anime by months and years are presented in this space for its 765,000 subscribers.
  • Ricardo Otaku: he frequently publishes content related to anime series, counting with 3.3 million subscribers and more than 300 million views.
  • Otaku Corner: 463 videos are saved in this profile related to anime, manga, premieres, recommendations and video games. There are already just over 600 thousand who are part of this community.

product reviews

product review on youtube

these channels they are about give real opinions on the operation of a product or service purchased. This helps brands get more buyers and engage new customers as testimonials have a real impact on the audience.

Some that stand out on this topic are these:

  • Range Tops: analysis and comments of different brands are carried out by these guys, going through phones, computers and televisions. They gather 3.2 million subscribers.
  • Technonaut: this channel has 805 million followers and became operational in 2010. They make reviews with knowledge of the latest technological releases available in the market.
  • YourTechnoWorld: This channel with 2.76 million followers is responsible for giving mobile device recommendations and making comparisons between the new models of the main brands.
  • RosyMcMichael: The comments of this influencer are aimed at the world of beauty and makeup, making comparisons of various brands and new products on the market.
  • let’s put it to the test: in a fun way, they make the comparison of different products, either domestic or of any kind. They add a touch of humor to all the comments to engage the public.


Talk about technology on YouTube

Technology covers different aspects and before buying any device, there is nothing better than knowing if it really works for what you want it and if it meets the minimum quality standards.

Here are the specialists, of which there are hundreds in the network:

  • the geeky trucker: 269 ​​thousand users have given their trust to this driver who frankly and simply expresses his opinions, with a language that anyone can understand. It is a very particular style and upload content frequently.
  • Veronica Sierra: This engineer gathers 139 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she focuses on different gadgets, mobile devices, smart watches, automated vehicles and many more.
  • Mazthertutorials: Computer videos seen from different perspectives are available on this channel, including the integration of Windows programs to the mobile device. The more than 400 thousand followers also find news and current affairs.
  • mario’s net: tricks for troubleshooting operating systems and analysis of all technological fields is part of what is achieved in this direction. With the touch of humor that its host puts on it, the 200,000 affiliates learn about hardware, software, applications, and browsers.
  • Giocode: If you are specifically curious about operating systems, this is the channel for you. The themes of Windows, Mac and Linux are the central axis, showing how to optimize them and get the best out of them no matter what equipment you are using.

Top and lists

Top and lists

And closing the list, the content producers that are based on the topics that are trending or that are in fashion on a daily basis. It can be in music, fashion, entertainment, entertainment or any other similar topic.

The selection includes five channels highlighted in this particular:

  • Grace Villareal: This influencer generates content for a community of 800 thousand subscribers, talking about fashion, makeup, cooking or curious situations that give a little laughter and fun. It started in the year 2012.
  • I summarize it for you: With a universe of 6.68 million fans, this youtuber offers summaries of series and movies, many well-known and others not so much. He summarizes the sagas and the impact they have at the box office level.
  • Doc Tops: in their description it is stated that they show entertaining videos about the world and life, talking about exotic and unusual things. It gathers more than 13 million subscribers.
  • Drakotako Channel: an entertainment channel that has various playlists related to animals, wonders of nature and inventions of man.
  • TopMusicOFF: musical premieres each week, month by month, creating a Top 50 enjoyed by more than 840,000 fans.

But these are not the only themes available, there are dozens that are monetizable and for which you can choose if you want to dedicate yourself to being a youtuber and impose your own style. It is important that you have an appropriate recording team and that you seek at all times to produce interesting material that is valuable to your audience and that you manage to build a community that is faithful.