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What are the most used keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word? Complete list 2022

What are the most used keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word? Complete list 2020

Microsoft Word is one of the most commonly used programs worldwide and in almost all operating systems. This is due to its great utility when you want to create a specific document.

In this way, knowing each one of its shortcuts is one of the most important tools, this will allow you to work on it in a much faster and easier way. It is also important to clarify that these key combinations work according to the language.

That is why here we will explain what are all the shortcuts that you can do within Word when making a document. Both in the Windows and Mac operating system


List of the best shortcuts and key combinations for Word the keyboard on Windows and Mac

Lista de los mejores atajos y combinaciones de teclas para usar Word con el teclado en Windows y Mac

It is important to mention that the key combinations will basically depend on the operating system you are using, as well as the language of the Microsoft Word program . Basically these shortcuts will help us save time and allow us to work much faster without the need to use the mouse.

These key combinations are responsible for executing actions or commands specifically and at great speed, simply by pressing two or more keys simultaneously. So, here we show you the main Word shortcuts for both the Windows and Mac operating system.

In the case of the Windows operating system we find the following key combinations when using the Microsoft Word program.

Shortcuts using the “Ctrl + other key”

Atajos utilizando la tecla “Ctrl + otra tecla”

The use of the Ctrl key in Word is the most common, through it we can carry out almost all the functions available within the program. In this way, here we show you what are the main shortcuts that you can do from that key.

Other key combinations using “Shift + another key” on Windows

The Shift key also allows you to perform some functions with which you will not need to use the mouse . Here we leave you the main shortcuts from the repeatedShift•.

If you are using a Mac computer you can use the following key combinations for Microsoft Word

Uso de atajos para las funciones básicas de Word

Use shortcuts for the basic functions of Word

The following functions are the most common when using this program, usually they are used every time we create a Word document.

Shortcuts for text formation on Mac

Keep in mind that when creating a text document, its formation is essential, for this you must take into account that this well structured, which will allow a good reading of it. Therefore, the following shortcuts will help you make a good layout in the body of the document.

Key combinations for character style on Mac

Characters are one of the most important pieces in a Word document, to handle the use of fonts, size, bold, underlined , among others it is essential to give the text a good appearance. In this way, here we show you the main shortcuts that will help you carry this out.

How to change and customize shortcuts and shortcuts in Microsoft Word ?

The shortcuts of the Windows and Mac keyboard in Microsoft Word for people with visual or physical disabilities , is considered one of the most complete today. These methods are very easy to use especially in touch screens and that practically nullifies the need to use the mouse to be able to develop a specific function.

Most commonly used shortcuts in Windows

Métodos abreviados más usados en Windows

The following table lists the most common shortcuts of Microsoft Word in the case of Windows

Scroll in the ribbon via the keyboard

The Word ribbon is nothing more than the tabs located at the top of the screen, each of them offers different options and are composed of different groups, where each of they include some commands. Being able to access each of them from the keyboard is possible, for this it is necessary to use the shortcut and which can be carried out through in two ways:

  • The first way to access the ribbon is by pressing the “Alt” key and then using the right and left keys to move between the tabs, to enter some of them simply press the clearlyEnterrd.
  • The second way to access the ribbon options is directly accessing a specific one, for this we use the access keys.

We use the access keys in Windows

Use the ribbon command with the keyboard Windows

Use the access keys to view the KeyTips in Windows

To be able to use the access keys you must press the “Alt” key. Then select the letter shown in KeyTips you want use.

Depending on the letter you press, the corresponding KeyTips will be displayed. For example, if you press the “Alt + A” keys, “Office Backstage” will open where you have a set of different KeyTips , if later press “Alt” again the KeyTips.

will appear

Shortcuts to change the focus with the keyboard without the need of using the mouse

Microsoft Word shortcut reference for Windows

This allows you to create and edit documents within Word to be able to edit it in the best possible way without using the mouse.

Key combinations to create, view and save documents

Shortcuts for working with Web content

Combinations of keys to print and preview of the document

Shortcuts for document changes and spell checking

Shortcuts to search, replace items within the document

Keys to move between the document

Keys to mark a table of contents or insert table

Modify, move texts and graphics with the keyboard in Windows

To be able to select the text within the document, you must press and hold the Shift key and with the help of the arrow keys select the corresponding text.

Keys to extend a selection

Shortcuts to delete text and graphics

Shortcuts to copy and move graphics

Keys for editing tables and being able to scroll through them in Windows

Shortcuts to move within a table

Apply formats and characters within a paragraph through the Windows keyboard

Keys for copying formats

Keys to modify paragraph orientation

Copy and modify text formats

Most commonly used shortcuts for Mac in Microsoft Word

Métodos abreviados más usados para Mac en Microsoft Word

Move the cursor using the keyboard on Mac

Keys for selecting texts and graphics on Mac

Select texts and graphics in a table on Mac

Keys for editing text and graphics

Align and format the paragraphs