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What are the most used keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10? Complete list 2020

What are the most used keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10? Complete list 2020

Without a doubt, the last (to date) of the Microsoft operating systems, W10, is the most used by all users loyal to the products of this brand, finally surpassing Windows 7 > which for many years copied market share as OS of personal computers.

While it is true, each new Operating System brings with it many new surprises and tools, counting on the fact that we have less and less time, it is certainly an advantage to have certain basic knowledge in the management of our PC, in this case , using exclusively the computer keyboard, pressing its keys in combination to open, close, copy and a long list of useful and, above all, quick actions to save us that time that We value so much.

We are going to show you an extensive but useful list of those combinations of keys that we can use to navigate and use our computer much faster using only our keyboard , there are countless combinations or gestures, here we bring you those that can serve more in the day to day, if for some reason you forget any of these keyboard shortcuts , do not hesitate to visit this post again and have it as a reference, since we will update the content so that always be up to date.

Full list of gestures, commands and keyboard shortcuts for use in Windows 10

We present the most complete and updated list of key combinations to control all controls and accesses on your computer with Windows 10 operating system , a list categorized by actions to make it easier for you and useful to get to the keyboard shortcut or gesture that interests you most, there we go with the W10 shortcodes!

Combination of keys to copy, cut and paste in Windows 10

Combinacion teclas copiar texto Windows 10

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Keyboard gestures using the Windows Start key < i class="fab fa-windows">

Tecla Inicio de Windows

Keyboard shortcuts for Recording Games

Combination of keys to control screen capture in W10

System command keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Atajos teclado del símbolo del sistema W10

Keyboard gestures for dialog boxes in W10

regedit ejecutar

File Explorer keyboard shortcuts

Atajos del teclado del Explorador de archivos W10

Keyboard shortcuts for virtual desktops

Escritorios virtuales W10

Gestures and key combination for the taskbar

Configuration keyboard shortcuts

And so far this long but interesting list that will surely serve you in the future to be able to control your computer more efficiently, and who knows when at some point we can run out of a mouse and we have to become keyboard experts!