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What is Outlook for and what are the main features and benefits of this free email service from Microsoft? List 2022

Outlook is a messaging service that allows you to send and receive emails, from wherever you are, no matter what types of files you are going to manage.

However, this platform brings many benefits that help enhance communicationsIn this sense, it offers a series of tools that maximize the usefulness of the mail, and facilitate daily tasks in an easy and simple way to execute.

In the following article, you will know in a detailed way, what are the best functions of Outlook, as well as the advantages of using this service as your main email.

The best features and benefits of using Outlook as your primary email

The platform Outlook offers a number of features that are really amazing, All of them are intended to facilitate the actions that you can execute through email. Each feature is designed to increase performance and enhance the level of service. As expected, each function has advantages that will make you never stop using Outlook.

The best features that this service has are in the following list:

Quickly answers

Suggest responses in Outlook

It is a function that is used when you are on break or when you are not active with your email. You can activate this option and so the sender will receive a scheduled automatic reply from OutlookAll this in order for the person to obtain proof that the information sent reached its destination.


  • I know produces without the need for you to be present.
  • It allows set the time and day that you require.
  • May be used with any contact.
  • You have the freedom to write the answer you want.

Notice if any attachments are missing

Upload and share attachments in Outlook

It occurs automatically when you mention the word in your email Attach, and you do not perform this action before sending the mail. Thus, the platform will not allow you to send the email until you perform this task.


  • It is the best way to find out that you did not attach the file.
  • It forces somehow to be aware of what you write before sending.
  • Can enable or disable this option at any time.

Add an email signature

Create signatures in Outllok

Signatures in the mail They are that personal touch that is given to the messages with your name or some symbol that identifies you, are added automatically and appear at the bottom of the email message, you can create it according to your liking.


  • They personalize and give it a formal touch to all your sent emails.
  • The signatures can include images, logos and handwritten signature.
  • Can edit and modify it whenever you see fit.

Create a calendar appointment

Show calendar in Outlook app

Are the specific activities that you can program through Outlook, here You will have the possibility of inserting any diligence or appointment on a specific day in the calendar, and thus have it pending every time you enter the system.


  • It allows schedule all the appointments you consider necessary.
  • You can schedule an appointment or several in the same day.
  • Set the set time in which you must fulfill this commitment.

Schedule a meeting

Create new event in Outlook Calendar

It is a function that you can activate it when you need to schedule some kind of conference or meeting with a group of people, either family or work, on a given day. This option is in charge of sending an invitation to contacts, as well as tracking all those who have accepted it.


  • Allows you to invite all the contacts you think necessary.
  • Can include files attached to the invitation.
  • Set the exact time and day of the meeting.

Create folders

Browse folders with keyboard shortcuts in Outlook

The folders are the best tool to keep all the emails in your inbox in order Outlook, for this reason, the platform allows you to create all the ones you need, and thus give a better management to your inbox.


  • Creates all the folders you need.
  • Lets create folders for different contacts or group them by subject.
  • With the use of folders, makes it easier to identify emails that are no longer useful or that you want to delete.

Delegate access

Delegate access to Outlook accounts

Consists in empower another person to have access to the Outlook account and to handle and manage all the emails found here. This option is recommended if you manage business accounts, since the information stored there may be of a common nature.


  • In case of being on vacation or absent, another trusted person can handle the mail.
  • You can edit the permissions and choose who can access the mail.
  • The delegated person has access to all functions at exception of deleting contacts and emails.

Modify the quick access bar

Wrap panels in Outlook

The access bar is where you will find all the functions that you can execute within the Outlook account, here you will find tabs such as calendar, people and tasks among others, which you will have the opportunity to modify to your liking when you see fit.


  • It allows modify all the buttons and tabs that are available.
  • Set the order in which the icons will appear.
  • Modify the number of icons in the bar.
  • Lets scroll in a simple way by the platform.

Configuration with Outlook calendar

Calendar interface in Outlook

This function it is ideal if you use Outlook on different computers, since all the notifications that you have programmed in Calendar You will see them automatically in the email calendar, including everything that is programmed in it.


  • Everything that If you modify the calendar, it will be visible in your email account.
  • You will be able to see the alerts and notifications recorded in the calendar.

Outlook rules

Create basic rules in Outlook

They are the configurations that are made in certain emails, in order that everything is automated, once the information is received or sent.


  • Can create the rules in a custom way and according to your needs.
  • It allows move emails from the inbox to a specific folder.
  • Creates automatic replies to certain emails.

Set mentions

Use mentions when composing mail in Outlook

Used when you send an email to different people, but you only want to highlight one or some specific contacts, you just have to place “@” followed by the name and you will make the respective mention.


  • It allows highlight a specific contact.
  • Differentiate the contacts in case of mentioning an important announcement.
  • It is very useful especially when many contacts appear as the recipient.

Read out loud

Read aloud in Outlook

This option allow the platform to read your email aloudWhile you are doing another activity on the computer, you can also dictate the emails with your voice, as long as you have the necessary equipment.


  • Listen to the message allows you to modify the information, and detect possible writing errors.
  • Is ideal for people with visual problems.
  • Can display the text word by word while you listen.

Time zone change

Adjust time zone in Outlook

Function designed for all those users who are constantly traveling, and that they need to have their email account programmed to send and receive the information at the right time.


  • Configure different time zones simultaneously.
  • Can do it at the moment what you wish.

Delivery delay

Delay delivery in Outlook

It consists of configuring the Outlook mail so that the emails are sent at a specific time and date, and thus avoid inconvenience when the recipients are not available to receive any type of email.


  • Can schedule the sending of emails so that they arrive on days or business hours, without interfering with the person’s rest.
  • Schedule the schedule manually.
  • It allows cancel the shipment whenever you want.

Save emails to PDF

Print emails in Outlook

It is a widely used option, especially whether it is important documents or files, you just have to read the email and go to the option “Print”, And in this way you will have saved the information under this format.


  • Stores the information received on your computer immediately.
  • Save the mail regardless of the number of pages or elements it contains.

Create backup copies

Export emails from Outlook fast and easy

It is advisable run a backup, especially in your email, since this site usually stores really valuable information, on the other hand, we are never exempt from certain mishaps that could delete stored emails.


  • The copy will be stored in local files.
  • It is an option safe in case of any inconvenience.
  • You can restore at any time.