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What is www, what is it for and what do its initials mean in computing and web pages?

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Since time immemorial, human beings have always sought to generate connections with their patrons, in the same way that you have always sought to belong to something.

For these purposes, the human being is capable of making any invention, we can verify this with the Internet, which does not need much introduction, to know all the benefits that we can achieve with it.

That is why in this article we are going to touch a little on the subject of the Internet, but not from its origin as such, if not rather the origin of one of the elements that made the Internet what we know todaythe World Wide Web.

What is the World Wide Web and what is this Internet navigation element for?

The World Wide Web which is better known to most as “WWW.” It is a gigantic network of nodes, which allow us to view all kinds of content, text, video or image on our device, whether it is a mobile or a computer.


It is a large network of web pages to which we can have access with an Internet connection, It is also called by many a hypertext service. which to your are connected by hyperlinks.

The World Wide Web ensures that all the information nodes to which we want to access, have their respective addresswhat we know as the link of a web page.

Without this immense mesh working in synergy with the Internet, information would be in complete chaos, and we would have great difficulty accessing it, or perhaps simply the best invention in historywhich is the Internet, did not exist.

History of the WWW How and when was the world wide web born?

Now that we have a little notion of what the World Wide Web is, It is important that we know a little about how the origin was and the arrival of this technology as we know it.

It is curious to mention that the great inventions or the truly revolutionary inventions and that represent a great advance for humanity are not born overnight and WWW was no exception.

Since this technology It was developed little by little during 3 different times and by different characters, or at least it is the one that history records for us.

The beginning occurs in 1940 thanks to the idea of ​​an American engineer Vannevar Bushwhich was based on a system that allowed information stored in a database to be found with high precision and speed.

In other words, through this interface called Memex by its creator, information could be accessed through a call or a password. Unfortunately this project could not be completed, but based on this idea a little later another invention called Xanandú makes the hypertext proposal a little more formal.

This other project was presented in the 50s by Ted Nelson and Douglas Engelbart, but they lacked something crucial: the Internet, which was still in its infancy and would not be fully operational until the end of the 60s.

But in the end it turned out to be Tim Berners Lee, a British computer scientist.who in 1989 began to work on the idea of ​​the WWW, whose success lies in the union of the Internet with the idea of ​​hypertexts, and with this the system of hyperlinks was developed, which is nothing more than a system that allows each web resource has its own specific link.

Tim Berners Lee
Tim Berners-Lee

Berners Lee developed his project hand in hand with CERN, the European organization for nuclear research located in Switzerland, and formally presented his project on August 6, 1991. Thanks to a server from the NeXT company and a computer from the same company, I managed to create the first web page in which the whole idea and its function were such a way that it would expand throughout the globe.

The World Wide Web was finally launched in 1993 by the CERNand then from there it has done nothing but grow.

Java and javascripts, impact of this language on the web

The Java and JavaScript languages, despite the fact that they are not such an integral part of the Internet, have become essential for the good performance of web pages. Perhaps those who integrated JavaScripts in the web, at the time of doing so, did not know that this could have transcendence in this world.

They were wrong since one of its main functions is to complement with a language as strong for this technological world as HTML.


In addition, JavaScripts allow the components of a web page to load better and faster, and this greatly improves the Internet browsing experience. On the other hand Java, which although they have a similar name has nothing to do with the previous one, It was released by Sun Microsystems and was designed to improve the visual part of web pages, that is, the interface.even so it was not widely used and replaced over the years by HTML5.


But its strong point on this side of the technology has been the great platform support it provides to the servers.

What are the main standards of the World Wide Web?

Web standards are the languages ​​and protocols that were established so that the operation of the network is the most appropriate and is also fully compatible with any device that we are using. In 1994 Tim Berners Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium.and after this they dedicated themselves to establishing the standards that would govern the WWW.

Now we will meet them:

Standard Uniform URL Resource Identifier

Uniforms Resource Locators or URL for its acronym in English, it is the identification system of web pages with all their resources.

Standard HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

This standard is responsible for establishing the correct communication between the server and the browser.

HTML hypertext markup language standard

This parameter defines the structure and content of a website.

XML Extensible Markup Language Standard

It is responsible for describing the structure of the web content. It is important to highlight that all these bases were established under the premises that everything you share on the web is free of charge, easily accessible anywhere in the world and free of rights. All this was handled by the W3C or better known as the World Wide Web Consortium, under the direction of Tim Berners Lee.

Impact of the WWW How did this new telecommunications technology change the world?

On this topic we can only contribute positive things because since the arrival of the Internet in our lives, and more specifically in the field of communication, has done nothing more than break down all barriers and open new paths to express art, science and feelings.

Really The Internet has earned a place in all business and commercial fieldsreducing distances when it comes to doing business or getting jobs, and the same thing happens with interpersonal relationships.


Since its arrival, this powerful tool has ordered and structured for all users endless resources and information that have increased the skills of those who know how to make the most of them. For this reason it is not surprising that the younger generations that have been born in this era cannot imagine a world without access to this.

We conclude this point by saying that the Internet has become a monster of mass communication, which allows us to reach anywhere in the world.

And the Deep Web? What role does the “dark web” play in the WWW?

The Deep Web can generate many controversies just by hearing that its Namebut myths and false beliefs aside, the deep web is only the content of the Internet that is simply not indexed in conventional search engines.

deep web

Therefore, this tells us that not all the content of the Deep Web is shady, or illegal, on the contrary, many web pages and blogs work in this way, either because they offer a private service, of which there are many.

It is said that the information we see on the World Wide Web or the common Internet only represents approximately 15 percent of the total existing, which leaves us with the other 85 percent divided between the Deep Web and the Dark Web which can represent dark and illegal things. There is a theory that the great world powers use this anonymous part of the Internet to handle various information that cannot be public knowledge.

Browsers, how do they work to allow us to navigate the world wide web?

The first browser was created by Tim Berners Lee which was a browser and a web page editor at the same time, while the WWW was not launched this browser remained as a simple software. But, starting in 1993 when the WWW was released to the publicthe first graphic browser was created, which was called Mosaic.


When we currently talk about a Web browser we are referring to software with sufficient graphic power how to process floating information on the Internet network and show it to us on the screen, either in video, image or text.

web browsers

It is a great tool that is an integral part of our day to day life since without it we would not be able to access the Internet. A browser can be said to be an instrument capable of reading and interpreting all Web programming languages ​​to present users with clean and graphically pleasing content.

In the search bar of a browser is where the call to the hyperlink that will bring the information to our view begins. This call travels from the browser to an address server.which then redirects you to the server where the site data is located.

When the browser gets access to the server it locates the file “Index” and immediately starts translating the code, and starts arranging the visual components of the web page and presenting them on the screen. This process usually happens in a matter of seconds and that is how simple the basic process of a browser is.

What are the main types of websites that can be created on the world wide web?

Web sites are basically cataloged in two ways according to their structure, static websites are those that are only there to present unique information, perhaps on a single main page, they are widely used as conversion and sales pages, and usually redirect the user to another page.

On the other hand, we have dynamic Web sites which make the user feel part of the community by allowing him to make comments, even upload files to share, and usually have a more complex structure. But we can also catalog them according to the type of content they offer and below we have some of the most outstanding.



blogs are the most common websites today, they can be of a personal or professional natureand in them the creator or editor is in charge of giving his opinion on the subject that is required, and also in accordance with the theme of the same.
Social networks

Social networks

They are all those pages that allow us to create a profile in order to be able to post stories, images and videosso that all our friends, family and followers can see them, and above all have conversations with the people closest to our lives.



Content Management System is a type of web pages that offer users services so that they can manage content for upload your own web pages without the need for programming knowledge.


A blog is a very personal website where the owner recounts his experiences related to a specific topicit can be travel, gastronomy, exercise, among other things.


Wikis are the most consulted pages when looking for relevant information based on any topic, and these are usually always up to date, because the users themselves are responsible for assembling the information as it is discovered.

Online stores

Online stores

Online stores are a type of website that has been increasing a lot lately, thanks to the fact that they are very easy to do and also leave a good return on capital for the entrepreneurs who create them. These websites are responsible for solving many problems for both users and creators since they are integrated with ecommerceswhich greatly speeds up the means of payment.

Corporate Websites

These are used by universities, large companies, and all kinds of corporations to, sell your services and have an even global reach.

download sites

Download sites are very popular because in them we can find songs, movies, series and video games, just by following a few short steps, the only drawback is that most of them infringe the rights of the manufacturers.



These types of websites are made for users to make inquiries about issues that are of vital importance, and so other users can answer their questions and even give advice on things in which they have experience.

List of the best browsers to access the world internet network

Here is a small list of some of the main browsers that exist:

  • Google Chrome: It is considered the best by many although the debate is long, developed by the giant Google, based on Chromium.
  • MozillaFirefox: A widely used free license software and has a deserved position among the big ones in the market.
  • brave: A new browser that pays you in cryptocurrencies as you use it and also blocks ads on the web pages you visit.
  • Safari: It is the native browser of all Apple devices and therefore a highly respected browser.
  • Microsoft Edge: The little brother of Internet Explorer, lately it has gained a lot of popularity due to the improvements implemented by Microsoft.
  • Opera: It is an excellent browser which is endowed with many useful add-ons, without slowing down its performance.