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What to do when your Windows 10 computer doesn’t start? Step by step guide

What to do when your Windows 10 computer doesn't start? Step by step guide

Windows 10 has been recognized by many as the ultimate operating system in several ways, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect . The reality is that it continues to present faults that affect the user experience and in many cases make them fear for their information in the event of a breakdown of such magnitude that a hard reset is necessary to eliminate everything.

Blue, black or multicolored screenshots are in many cases the most frequent inconveniences, but not the only ones. You may also have unexpected reboots or that you hang on the logo just when you try to start the operating system. In short, there are many problems that can occur, but almost all have a solution , so in the worst case you will have to cut the power and plug it back so that everything returns to normal at least for a short time.

In this article we have compiled the possible causes why your Windows 10 does not start and all the solutions to these problems . So continue reading and become an expert of this operating system so you can deal with each situation on your own. Thanks to this you will not have to spend money on technicians who save your life.

What to do when my Windows 10 computer does not start for these reasons?

Well, entering into matter we can tell you that most of the problems in this operating system have a solution. All can be solved easily and only in drastic cases will you need a hard reset of Windows 10 .

However, at the outset we warn you that there are scenarios in which there is nothing to do to prevent the reinstallation of the operating system, which translates into a great loss of information.


After last update

This usually happens because when the W10 system is updated , it may have caused a mismatch of the files or modifications of your user options by any program that has the computer and be incompatible.

We share this important information so you can repair your computer or restore it to a point before the update , so you can continue enjoying your Windows 10 >.

Repair your computer startup

Startup Repair is a tool that can help you recover your computer and continue normally, since it solves a large amount of incident that prevents Windows from starting. This makes a complete study of the equipment in search of the error and tries to correct it in order to start the system correctly.

You can find this recovery tool, in the system troubleshooting menu . This set of functions is located on the hard disk of the computer and on the Windows installation disk.

There are several ways to do this and one of them is to do it from WinRE (Recovery Environment) on your computer’s hard drive . In order to access the system or recovery environment from the Windows 10 system image, you must force your computer to shut down at least three consecutive times during the startup phase.

After you let it start normally, you will see several recovery options on the screen. Find and click the option to: Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup recovery .

clic en solucionar problemas

When you do this, it will show you your Microsoft account, select it, enter the password and click continue. This will do a repair and you can start Windows normally .

The second way to fix this problem is to restore to an earlier system date. When you perform this restoration your applications or drivers that you may have installed recently may be affected , since this will return to the computer until the last time this startup with total normality.

Once this is understood, what you should do is the following:

  • The “Advanced options” menu, look for the option that says “System restore” and click on it.
  • This will show you several points where it works correctly, select the point closest to your current date, and click on restore. You wait until Windows is restored, restart the system and you can use your computer with ease.

The third way to act is from the command prompt. As in the previous methods, in the “Advanced options” menu, you will select the “Command Prompt” option.

simbolo del sistema

There you will write sfc / scannow (respecting each spacing and the order of the letters) and press enter. With this your system will be scanned and will automatically begin to repair all errors or corruptions that may be found. Restart the computer when it’s all over.

Black screen

If the black screen appears before you can log in to Windows 10 , there are several solutions that can be applied to make everything go back to the way it was before. The first test you should do is a Windows key sequence to activate the screen.

With this you try to activate the device. Press the Lock, Shift or Num Lock keys, and display if you turn on the key status light. If it turns on, do the following, so you can activate the device:

  • If your keyboard is connected, press the key that has the Windows logo + Ctrl + Shift + B . If your case is in Tablet mode, press the volume down and volume buttons at the same time, you have to do it three times in an interval of 2 seconds .
  • The device will make a beep sound and the screen will flash or dim, while Windows updates it.
  • If your computer is desktop, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete , select an account and try to log in. If you see that you are not logged in, select the Start / Off button located in the lower right corner of the screen, so that the device restarts.
  • If the light still does not turn on status, press the Start / Shutdown button on the computer for approximately 10 seconds to turn it off and disconnect the adapter. After 30 seconds, reconnect the adapter and restart the computer.

If this does not work, you can try it and check the connections of each hardware of your PC . Most likely, the device has a connection problem with the screen, so what you should do is:

  • Make sure the screen is properly connected to the power outlet.
  • Disconnect the video cable , which runs from the screen to the PC and reconnect it firmly. After doing so, try pressing a key or moving the mouse to see if the screen reacts.
  • Try using the keyboard shortcut to increase or lower the screen brightness.
  • If you tried everything and the screen is still black try the following method.

Now you may panic and it is normal, even we would do it, but you don’t have to give up before you tried everything. Therefore the next thing you should do is uninstall the antivirus you have .

It is very common for some antivirus to generate incompatibility , which causes the screens of the equipment to be black and sometimes blank. In order to eliminate the problem you have to remove the software.

Do not worry about computer protection since it has a default antivirus within your system, which is Windows Defender. To remove the antivirus you will have to log in to Windows in safe mode . Which you have to follow these steps to do it:

  • Press the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the computer and turn it on again. This process is repeated three to five times.
  • This will cause you to enter WinRE, and you will have to click on Choose an option> Advanced options> Startup settings> Restart .

Elegir una opción

  • Already started, you will see some options. Select option 5, or you can press F5 to start the safe mode with the network functions .
  • When the device is in safe mode, select the button « Start », and go to Settings> System> Applications and functions .
  • In the list of installed applications look for the name of the antivirus you installed and click on uninstall. And restart the device .

Blue screen «of death»

Pantalla azul de la muerte Windows 10

This may be the cause of some corruption in the system files due to any incompatibility of the Windows 10 computer, and also due to some physical damage to the hard disk.

Knowing that Windows has an error and that’s why you can’t start, you will need to perform an update in context . This is very similar to a reinstallation of the operating system, but unlike, this time you will not lose your files .

This is achieved when you install the installation disk. You follow all the processes while Windows will warn you that a new version is already available, and that is when you will be ordered to finish installing it without losing your files .

When you start Windows, updates the video, chipset and audio drivers . With this you can eliminate errors that may be in your computer. Finally restart the computer and confirm its correct operation.

Does not start in safe mode

If you are in this section it is because your computer only starts in safe mode , and this is due to some damage to the system files.

Initially to solve this, a repair of the system files is performed with the System File Checker tool following these steps:

  • Click the Windows startup .
  • Type in the search box CMD. When cmd appears. exe in the list of programs, click on “Execute” and in the text box that will appear digita cmd and press expone Enter ».
  • In the command window enter sfc / scannow and press Enter . This will execute an automatic command that repairs the system files. Wait for the process to complete, restart the computer and verify that the problem has been fixed.

If after you run the System File Checker tool, the problem remains, you will have to perform a search and repair of the hard disk sectors that may be damaged.

You do this with the Check Disk tool by following these steps:

  • You open the Windows startup, and in the search bar type CMD. From the list that appears, right click on cmd.exe and also click on the “Run as administrator” option.
  • On the command line enter chkdhs f / r / , and press the «Y» to confirm the execution of the command.
  • Once the program finishes the operation, restart the computer and verify that the problem is already solved.

Tips, tricks and more effective solutions to the problem that Windows 10 does not start

If your device has many failures when starting it is always recommended that you fix it immediately to avoid further damage in the future, so always do the tricks we will show you below:

  • Start in safe mode : In this way you can solve a lot of errors, with the help of this, you can uninstall those applications that are the culprits, that your computer is in a Malfunction.
  • Restore your system: When your device is not reacting, what you have to do is force it to restore the system to a point, earlier that it had a good operation . This will eliminate software that caused a distortion in its operation.
  • Clean your computer : The easiest way is to use the safe mode and access the option to clean the system, with that you delete cache, temporary files, improperly installed programs and others. Although as we showed you before, it is more efficient with the command prompt.
  • With a clean erase the card : This is a very practical method, you just have to remove the memory card from your equipment, and with a (clean) wipe you rub it carefully on the copper parts of it. In this way you remove any dirt or dust that has lodged in it and prevents a good start.