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WhatsApp Marketing What is it and how to use WhatsApp Business to make effective marketing campaigns?

Marketing trends are constantly changing. One of the reasons for this is that new platforms are always emerging through which it is possible to reach a large number of people and have an impact on them.

So, It is not surprising that platforms are included within a marketing strategy or campaign that, in principle, do not seem ideal. This is precisely what happens with WhatsApp.

Did you know that WhatsApp Marketing exists?. If you want to investigate a little more in depth on the subject, we share all the relevant data regarding it. For example, you will know what it is and how you can use it in WhatsApp Business to generate 100% effective campaigns.

What is marketing on WhatsApp and what are the benefits of doing it?

Before talking about how you can execute a strategy through this platform, It is convenient to explain exactly what WhatsApp marketing is and its benefits. Starting from there, it can be said that it is only one digital marketing strategy applied through the mobile app WhatsApp.

Its use is focused on exploiting the characteristics of the platform in terms of instant messaging at its highest level. Consequently, a series of methods are applied ranging from simple communication with users, to sending valuable content to them. Although WhatsApp is not designed for that purpose, Yes can have positive results for your company.

Let’s see below:

Benefits of marketing on WhatsApp

Being more specific, it is time to mention which are the main benefits that you can obtain for your brand or company with the use of the messaging application.

In this sense, the most important are:

  • Has no algorithms that can harm you.
  • Success can be measured of your shipments.
  • There is a wide variety of content formats, that is, images, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • You have the possibility to get a lot visibility.
  • There is little competition.
  • Improve user experience, through person-to-person communication.

Differences between marketing in WhatsApp Business and marketing in social networks What to consider when planning a campaign?

Differences between marketing in WhatsApp Business and marketing in social networks What to take into account when planning a campaign?

To establish any marketing strategy, it is necessary to carry out a series of previous steps. For example, study the audience you are going to target a campaign It is essential for the achievement of the objectives to be effective. Then, some of the main questions to ask are: Why will I use this platform? What are my goals? How will I achieve my goals? etc. In this way, you have a complete vision of what you want.

Many people consider that the methodologies to achieve the results are the same on each platform, But this is not so. The contents must be focused on the type of network or application to which they are directed. Sharing content on social networks is not the same as on WhatsApp. It must be remembered that the latter is focused on instant messaging, which marks differentiating aspects with other means of communication such as social networks.

WhatsApp is a much more private space that the networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.. It is not designed precisely for socializing, but rather for establish communication with a smaller circle of people and have privacy.

Thus, be careful not to be invasive. In this sense, you should study what are the best steps to collect the contact number of people in a respectful way. Thereafter, decide what type of content you are going to share with your contact list, with what frequency, with what objectives, etc. If you take all these points into consideration, your campaign can be very effective.

Learn step by step how to do marketing in WhatsApp Business to grow your business like never before

Learn step by step how to do marketing in WhatsApp Business to grow your business like never before

Offer a quality experience For your customers, it is essential for your brand or business to prosper. To achieve this, there are a series of steps about how to do marketing in WhatsApp Business so that your project grows like never before.

Take note:

Define your goal

Defining the objective is the first step that must be taken in any campaign. This provides organization, coherence, reduction of errors and increases quality and effectiveness of the strategy.

So, the moment you decide to use this platform as a marketing channel, you will have to ask yourself and answer the following questions:

  • Why use WhatsApp for my business? (Benefits to be achieved).
  • What is the way I am going to use it? (Select the function you need, such as customer service, sending promotions, sales processes, etc.).
  • When am I going to use it? (Set the days you will use it).
  • Who am I going to address? (Define your buyer persona specific to WhatsApp).

Establish a content plan

After being very clear about what goals you are pursuing, the next step is define a content plan. At this point, it is necessary to decide what content you are going to share with your contacts, be it messages, images, GIFs, infographics, videos, audios, etc. You may design your content plan based on the structure of a calendar.

In the, specify specifically what days you are going to share what content. Thus, you will always have your planning at hand in an organized way. One recommendation that you can consider is that the messages to be shared within WhatsApp must be short and direct. Remember that despite being a messaging app, it does not work the same as email. Here people want to have the information quickly.

Define the means of distribution

On the other hand, you must study which are the means of diffusion within the platform that are best for you. For example, there are information that is shared through broadcast messages, and others that can be placed in the states.

So that you have a clearer idea, the use of statuses is ideal to share information in a non-invasive way. If the client does not write to you directly, they may not be interested at the moment. Then, take advantage of the statuses to show your products or services. In the case of broadcast messages, take advantage of them when you have to communicate something truly interesting to your clients such as special promotions, events, etc.

Analyze the metrics

WhatsApp Business has a section specifically geared towards statistics. Through this panel, you can find out what is working and what is not.

Some analytics that you should pay attention to for your business are:

  • Days and hours where users tend to be more receptive.
  • Content types that have greater response from customers.
  • What are the formats that attract attention better.

Thus, your WhatsApp strategy can be directed more efficiently and make adjustments when necessary.

Trial and error do not stop experimenting

Finally, not all campaigns turn out to be as planned in the first instance. However, that does not mean that they are not useful. The trial and error it’s a great way to find out exactly what your customers need and the best ways to satisfy them. So do not be discouraged. Dare to constantly experiment, until you find a methodology that brings conversion for your brand or business.

Discover other ways to include WhatsApp Business in your sales funnel and make the most of it

Discover other ways to include WhatsApp Business in your sales funnel and make the most of it

When referring to a sales funnel, we mean what are the phases that lead a person from being a potential customer, to a buyer of your product or service.

Next, we will share other ways to include WhatsApp Business in your sales funnel:

To collect Lead

If you unify the strategies, you will be able capture leads automatically and quickly.

So, in principle, your process of recruiting and managing leads may work through the following actions:

  • Receive a message on WhatsApp.
  • Submit a series of questions to collect more information.
  • Wait for the answer of people.
  • Include the data obtained in a document or database.

However, the question is how to get it?. There are a number of practical ideas that you can apply to start generating Leads with WhatsApp.

Some of the main ones are:

  • Add to your website a WhatsApp button.
  • Use your WhatsApp Business profile and statuses to mention offers or services in links that take the user to the main lead generation pages.
  • Create content specifically to share only through WhatsApp. Thus, you encourage people to be part of your channel.
  • Take advantage of stories to include CTAs (Call to Action) or short links that redirect to a Landing Page.
  • Segment your contact base, to be able to establish future content focused on the different interests of your clients.

To improve customer service

After the customer is in the middle of the funnel, there is a fundamental part. It’s about the personalization of the message according to each contact. This will depend on when you are in the purchase process.

In the same vein, it is essential that a type of communication is established focused on each type of problem that the user may present. This helps improve conversion rates, because the service is much more personalized. So be sure to offer care geared toward their particular needs. By improving the user experience, the chances of finalizing the sale of a product or service are increased.

Last step for sale

If the previous two steps were carried out correctly, it is possible that the person reaches the stage of finalizing the sale. When the client is located here, the reduction in the average time to close the transaction.

Customer data should be requested in the previous stages, so that the closure of the process is as smooth as possible. A good recommendation that you can implement is integrate your marketing strategy in WhatsApp to a CRM (Costumer Relationship Management). Thus, you can import all the information you obtained through the conversation with that contact and speed up future transactions.