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Whatsapp Tricks: Become an expert with these tips and secret tips from Wasat – 2022 List

Whatsapp Tricks: Become an expert with these tips and secret tips from Wasat - 2020 List

Being an extremely useful function to meet a family member, friend or acquaintance in a certain place For anyone it is a secret that, WhatsApp has become the main free download messaging application worldwide. Since, is compatible with all existing smartphones and guarantees full assistance to its users, thanks to everything it allows to manage.

In this sense, the app allows you to send and receive messages as well as photographs, audios, videos, locations, etc. Thus, one of the most complete solutions on the market that reveals excellent advantages. For example, its low cost compared to other Internet services.

However, despite the fact that people who use WhatsApp believe that all their functions can be perfectly known, it really isn’t. Since, there are different secret tricks and tips that you can implement within the app to get more out of it ; You didn’t even imagine To learn more about this, read on.

What features make Whatsapp a unique messaging app?

But, before specifying the multitude of tricks that this instant messaging app hides, it is necessary to know its main features that make it a unique alternative in the market. Reason why, WhatsApp Messenger has so many users of different ages and in hundreds of countries .

Here are some of these peculiarities:

The application offers message details

Beyond providing you with all the necessary tools to share and receive messages, Wasap allows you to know the most relevant details of these messages . Since, it has focused on the outstanding curiosity of its users who constantly wondered when the message they delivered was delivered and if the other person read a specific message.

That is, in view of this requirement, he decided to add the peculiarity of being able to observe these statistics with just click on the detailed information icon that is located at the top of the screen, in the Android case. Or, just swipe right to left , if you use an iPhone. Which is not possible in many other instant messaging applications.

Allows you to deactivate read receipts

Just as it offers the simplicity of browsing, it also allows to adjust certain aspects related to privacy . Since, WhatsApp Messenger decided to include, some time ago, a function that allows you to disable message reading receipts, so that other users cannot know if you already read their message sent in the chat or not.

In this way, it has an excellent tool to go beyond all your contacts. Taking into account that, simultaneously, it will prevent you from observing if any contact has read your sent message. This undoubtedly distinguishes the app from similar ones .

In Wasap you can make unlimited video calls

Although you can find a variety of mobile apps that allow you to send messages and different multimedia items from a smartphone easily, many of these do not provide the option to make video calls . From there, comes the great fame and boom that this application has taken.

Which means that, when installing WhatsApp, you will have the opportunity to make video calls to as many contacts as you want , as long as you want and with a remarkable quality. Even, regardless of the distance at which the interlocutor is. So, you can get closer to your family and friends who reside elsewhere.

Your ability to quote messages

While it is true, one of the most common features of this messaging app is that it allows you to create the number of groups you want with hundreds of contacts without any problem. However, the communication could become a bit tedious and to confuse the participants for all the amount of messages sent with undetermined responses.

Given that, he added a novel feature to quote messages in any chat. So, you can answer directly what one of many users has written. It is also ideal for individual chats when receiving many questions below, for example.

Possibility of adding stickers to your photos and clips

The stickers, currently, have taken a remarkable boom in the world of the Internet. That way, WhatsApp offers many possibilities to use them in your chats and best of all, to add them in any multimedia element you want . Achieving this way, ensure greater customization.

Even today, it has the option to include some unique stickers through WhatsApp and add them based on location . Thanks to that, it allows you to tag a specific site and even expose the current time.

5 curious facts about Wasap you probably didn’t know

5 datos curiosos de Wasap que seguramente no conocías

In addition to the main peculiarities of WhatsApp, also you need to detail some curious data in order to know more about this famous instant messaging app. Taking into account some details regarding its beginnings, the number of users it has, information regarding the messages sent by this route, etc.

Facebook didn’t want to hire its creators

In case you did not know, the main creator of Wasap is known as Brian Acton , who broke his silence regarding some secrets kept by the renowned social network Facebook.

In this sense, the co-founder of the messaging app assured that had been rejected by the directives and human resources staff of Facebook in a job interview that took place during the month August 2009 and attended by his current CEO, known as Jan Koum.

So, via Twitter, Brian Acton posted the following: «Facebook hasn’t caught me. It was a great opportunity to connect with fantastic people. Looking forward to the next adventure in life ».

But, what those of Facebook did not know, is that later these characters would create WhatsApp and with this, they would obtain a great success. Especially, thanks to the privacy they guaranteed to their users .

Its creators worked for Yahoo!

Another of the most relevant curious facts in the history of Wasap, is that its creators worked for the famous search engine Yahoo! Being these, the characters detailed above, that is, Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

It should be noted that, the now billionaires, began their friendship when they both work at Yahoo! And it was until 2007 that they stayed there . Since, later in order to work on a new idea together and tired of exploring customer data to strengthen advertising, they decided to leave this renowned company.

More than 70 million messages are sent daily

Surely, you can imagine that, via WhatsApp, multiple messages are sent day after day. But, perhaps you could not even assume that they were more than 70 million daily messages issued through the famous messaging app.

In this sense, it is also appropriate to note that, until last year Wasap had facilitated the sending of more than 1,641,600,000,000 errands worldwide . Bearing in mind that, this figure is constantly increasing.

Each user sends an average of 150 daily messages

As it is a quantity of messages sent greater than 70 million daily, according to official data, it has been possible to specify that each user is responsible for issuing about 150 messages every 24 hours , in average. Even so, it could be concluded that WhatsApp is the app to which people spend more time , compared to others that are managed directly from the mobile phone.

Facebook changed the principles of the app

As of 2014, specifically on February 19, the famous instant messaging app was acquired by the company Facebook by paying a total of $ 19 billion to Brian Acton and Jan Koum, Their creators. With which, since then, there has been a great change in the principles of WhatsApp Messenger.

In view of the fact that, previously, it kept the motto «neither ads, nor games nor tricks» , since its developers only wanted to focus the service on messages and thus be able to put aside advertising. But with the new management of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook; All this has been modified. Bearing in mind that, its main objective has been to monetize the Wasap .

List of the top 40 tricks to get the most out of Whatsap

In order to get the most out of your WhatsApp, you need to know certain tricks and secrets that this famous messaging app keeps. Therefore, in this section, we have chosen the 40 best tricks for this so that you can try them now :

Share your location with a specific contact

Comparte tu ubicación con un contacto determinado

Just as you can send photos, videos, contacts and documents, it is also possible to share your location with the WhatsApp user you want .

Being an extremely useful function to meet a family member, friend or acquaintance in a certain place and even, it is used a lot to allow your contact to see your location live and direct for a selected time , so that he can track you. This duration can be between 15 minutes, 1 hour or up to 8 hours.

In this sense, the steps to follow to do this on devices operating under Android, are:

  • Enter the application, click on the “Chat” section and search for a specific chat.
  • Now, click on the clip located at the right of the message box and among all the options, select locatedLocation .
  • Subsequently, Wasap will issue a message that asks you for permission to access your location, which you must click on permittedContinuar†.
  • After that, if you have the GPS deactivated, you need to enable it . Taking into account that, the same app tells you to do it.
  • Now, select the “Real-time location” selection and click on “Allow” >, they will tell you to choose the time you want. You can also add a comment and finally, send it with the usual button.

In the case of iOS devices, you have to complete the following procedures:

  • To start, access the application in question, go to the “Chat” section, search and select a specific chat.
  • Once the above is fulfilled, Click on the “+” icon that you see to the left of the message box.
  • Now, at this point, you must choose the “Location” and access the “Share live location” option.
  • Finally, you can choose the preferred time frame , add a comment and send it.

Learn about who you chat with the most

If you’re curious and want to know who is really your favorite WhatsApp contact , since it may not be who you suppose; This app has a function to know. So, it is possible to locate the people to whom you send more messages and even, you can also find out how much storage each user occupies.

The steps you have to follow for it, both on Android and iPhone, are the ones we detail here:

  • To start, go to the Settings menu of the application and go to “Data and storage” .
  • Subsequently, enter the first option that prints “Storage usage” .
  • Next, they will show you the list of all your contacts and to specify the statistics of each one, you simply have to select it . There, you will know everything about the amount of messages sent, photographs, stickers, videos, audios, etc.

You can retrieve a message that has been sent to you and deleted

Some time ago, the Facebook-owned application included a new option that allows all users to delete the messages they send so that the other person cannot read them in any way.

However, not everything leaves it so simple, because it is responsible for showing contacts a message that emits “This message was deleted” and creates a great doubt.

Although you did not know, surely, it is now possible to retrieve these messages and without even knowing the other user. Being the trick that, here, we present:

  • You can use one of these two applications that have been designed to recover texts and even photographs, clips and audio notes that have been deleted. Thus, it is “WAMR” (available on Google Play Store) and “WhatsRemoved” (with its APK file).
  • Once you decide to download and install any of the two on your smartphone, you will have to admit the permissions to read the notifications and store files on the device .
  • Then, just wait for anyone to I sent a message via WhatsApp and then delete it, so you can see how appear in any of these apps .

Please note that, this trick is not valid for iOS devices . We also highlight that the recommended apps do not have the ability to redo old Wasap messages, as it only recovers those that are deleted after installation.

Make group video calls

Previously, in WhatsApp, it was only possible to make voice calls or video calls to a single contact in the application. However, currently, is allowed to make a video call for up to 4 people at the same time .

Thus, the process to do for this, is to search for a friend’s chat to start the video call normally. After that, press the “Add participants” button that you will see in the upper right and finally click on “Add more friends from your list” to specify All participants and go.

Manage more than two WhatsApp Web accounts

Surely you have wondered if it is possible to manage several WhatsApp accounts at the same time and specifically, in its web version. Well, in this post, we indicate that, if it is possible to do it and basically, everything will depend on the amount of web browsers you have installed on your computer.

In this sense, in order to open two or more accounts on the same computer, you will have to access from each browser with the incognito windows . Whether through Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and others, so that you manage to increase these incognito windows, in order to have more possibilities to access different accounts.

Send texts without adding to the contact

Enviar textos sin agregar al contacto

Many times, users need to send a message to anyone through WhatsApp, but they don’t want to add them to their contacts . Either to prevent them from observing their profile picture, their status, etc.

Fortunately, for this, there is a trick that you can easily manage from any Android phone or an iPhone. In the case of Android users, you will have to do the following:

  • Enter your preferred web browser and type the following “” , taking into account that the “34” belongs to the callsign international according to each country and the “xxxx” expose the person’s phone number.
  • Once you click on the magnifying glass to search, automatically the conversation will load in WhatsApp and you only have to write the text you want or add the element you want to click on “Send Message” .