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Where are all the Telegram downloads saved to see your files, photos and videos? Step by step guide

Beyond being an instant messaging app, Telegram works as an ideal platform for share and receive all kinds of content. Especially multimedia files, such as photos, videos, music, etc.

By default, this application has chosen to save said content together with the files in a specific folder. With this, its objective is to optimize the user experience by facilitate this search without having to enter the application for it.

But since not all users know where Telegram downloads are stored, it is convenient to explain it in detail. Here, we will reveal how Telegram downloads can be accessed from different operating systems.

In which folder on my mobile or computer are the Telegram downloads stored?

It is likely that the majority of Telegram users have doubts about where the photos, videos and the various files that are downloaded on the platform are stored. Whereas, knowing it will make it easier to find these elements, instead of having to look for it step by step in the app chats. In the case of Android devices, it is easy to search for Telegram downloads.

If it’s photos or videos, you just have to access the device’s Gallery app, search for the album or folder called “Telegram” and enter it. To carry out a more precise search, it is suggested to open the file explorer of the computer and locate the option “Internal storage” to select it. Then choose the folder “Telegram” and depending on the element you want to find, press any of the available choices: Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images or Telegram Video.

If it is a iPhone or iPad, ie a device iOS, it is complex to open the folders where the instant messaging application saves downloaded files and documents. Well, as a security measure, Apple does not support access to these spaces so that every single file is kept safe. Reason why, users they will have to open Telegram and look for these elements directly within the app.

When downloading a multimedia file through Telegram Desktop Y Telegram Web, automatically, it is stored in the “Downloads” folder. To be able to open it, you must enter the file explorer of the computer or the section “This team”, look for the option “Downloads” and double-click on it to enter and see the elements coming from the app (for example, the Telegram Desktop folder).

In which folder on my mobile or computer are the Telegram downloads stored?

Learn step by step to access Telegram downloads from your mobile or computer to see the photos and files that are shared by you.

To detail the aforementioned, we proceed to specify the step by step to follow to enter the download section of this app from your mobile device.

In order to locate the photos, videos, audio files and documents that other users share with you via Telegram:

On Android

On Android

It’s simple see the items you receive and download through the Telegram app for Android.

Here, the procedure to execute:

  • Open the file explorer of your smartphone or tablet. For example, on Samsung devices, you have to locating the Samsung folder and selecting the option “My files”.
  • Then, choose “Internal storage” in the available listing.
  • Among all the folders, search for “Telegram” to select it.
  • Then choose the folder you need (Audio, Documents, Images or Video) to access the type of content received.
  • To manage the specific element, select the same and you will find all the options. Be it Move, Copy, Details, Share, Delete, etc.

On iOS

On iOS

As in this operating system it is not possible to access the download folders for security and privacy reasons, users have to do the following when viewing the files received through Telegram:

  • Login to your Telegram account from the app compatible with iPhone and iPad.
  • Search the chat from where you got the multimedia element.
  • Locate the downloaded file and open it through the same platform, if you want to share it.

In the computer

In the computer

Both in the web version and the desktop version, Telegram downloads work the same way on the computer.

Therefore, if you manage your account through any of them and you want to locate the downloaded files, the process to follow is the same and is based on:

  • On your PC, search for “This team” through the search space located next to the Start button.
  • Open that section which is displayed as a result of “Best match”.
  • From the Folders section, click on the one with the name “Downloads”.
  • If you want to find a downloaded item from Telegram Web, it will be found directly in said folder with its original name.
  • In case you want view a file obtained through Telegram for desktop, you must enter the folder “Telegram Desktop” in Downloads and there, locate the element in question.