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Which and how many versions of Windows 10 are there to date? 2022 list

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One of the most important characteristics of Microsoft refers to its uniqueness to stay updated and thereby provide the best service to all its customers worldwide. Hence, the creation of Windows 10 as an operating system that started from an initial build that included the original core of its predecessor, that is, Windows 8.1.

In this sense, Microsoft described its latest operating system developed, so far; What an operating system as a service that received continuous updates of its functionalities to increase with the capacity of business environments. Thus, it became the favorite operating system for millions of users, as soon as it was launched on the market.

For that reason, it’s worth learning a little about the history of Windows 10. through each and every version/update it has released to date. So, below, we will mention and detail each of these, also pointing out the main advantages of keeping Windows 10 on your PC updated.

What are the benefits of using the latest updated version of Windows 10 on my computer?

What are the benefits of using the latest updated version of Windows 10 on my computer?

Before telling you which are all the versions that Windows 10 has released, to date; it is good to know what they are the main benefits of making use of the latest updated version of this Microsoft operating system. Therefore, in this section of the post, we will take care of detailing these advantages so that you always keep in mind The importance of upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10:

To be able to use a new ecosystem

Of course, the newest ecosystem is in the Microsoft Store and by getting the latest Windows 10 update, you can ensure that you have the best performance of universal apps and that these may be compatible with your computerBesides that achieve synchronization in a much faster way.

In this sense, thanks to the fact that Microsoft is in charge of correcting the errors detected in previous versions of Windows 10, it will guarantee you a better experience with said operating system and well, it will optimize it for all users.

Get better use of virtual cloud technology

As Microsoft is aware of the remarkable importance that the virtual cloud currently has for users; has focused on integrate this technology into Windows 10 updates in the best possible way. Therefore, by updating the operating system, you will be able to go much further into virtual cloud technology and thus stay ahead of the curve.

Thus, it is necessary to note that, in each updated version, Microsoft has achieved an unbeatable result in Windows 10. Thus, leaving previous versions somewhat obsolete with respect to this important technology. Being an enormously grateful aspect for all its clients and especially for those users who get used to handling several computers for work or student issues.

Since, thanks to the virtual cloud, they will not have to be forced to configure certain parameters manuallybut these will be defined automatically and according to your preferences.

Have maximum fluency (even on totally basic computers)

The newer your version of Windows 10, greater fluidity will show off in the team. The best of the case is that it will not only provide this fluidity in computers whose components are advanced, but also in the most basic computer equipment. That is to say, even if your PC shows certain limitations such as its RAM or the processor, It will have a good fluidity if you install the latest update of W10.

The reason for this feature is because Microsoft has focused on keeping a low consumption of resources in all its versions of Windows 10 and, being fully updated, the consumption of resources will be clearly lower. Thus, the computers will be able to handle the virtual environment with complete agility and ease.

Receive remarkable security and reliability

Currently, the amount of malicious software is totally excessive and in the face of this problem, Microsoft continues to provide complete security for its latest operating system, that is, Windows 10. Therefore, if you make sure you have its latest update, you will have the greatest certainty of having a 100% reliable operating system.

It should be noted that, Windows Defender It is the main tool that Windows 10 uses so that no threat affects the good internal state of your computer and does not affect your privacy either. According to experts, this operating system is the safest to date for its appropriate levels of encryption, a seamless source code and also an absolutely protected password manager.

Use a very intuitive operating system

In general, Windows 10 has been classified as an operating system with great simplicity. So, as Microsoft takes into account that not all users are capable of handling computer equipment with ease and ease, the company continues betting on implement solutions for its millions of customers and thus, ensure that all your products are considered practical.

For this reason, starting with the new versions of Windows 10, you will get an operating system much more intuitive, simple to handle and understand; resulting thus, affordable for all types of subjects and even for the elderly. Hence, the integration of Cortana which is of great help to many.

Windows 10 updates are instant

Fortunately, Windows has implemented a much more common sense and truly consistent update system. Therefore, there is no need to wait for non-critical updates, because the system will provide you with these updates, instantly, once they are available and without you being aware of it. Which is very beneficial to always keep you updated with the latest versions of W10.

List of all versions and updates of Windows 10 to date

At this point, it is valuable to specify what the main versions and updates of Windows 10 have been, to date. But, before that, it is relevant to shorten that the most important versions of W10 are labeled as “YYMM”where “YY” refers to the last two digits of the year of release and “MM” It is based on the month of publication. For example: version 1909 is the one released on September (09) of the year 2019 (19).

Now let’s start with the list of all versions and updates of this recognized Microsoft operating system:

Version 1507

It was published on July 15, 2015 and is about the original version of Windows 10so its code name is “Threshold 1”. Regarding its build number, we narrow it down to 10.0.10240. For his part, after almost two years, specifically on May 09, 2017, support for this version ended.

Now, its most notable changes refer to: A completely updated start menu, improved multitasking (including virtual desktops), various integrated and fully updated applications, Cortana or Windows virtual assistant introduceda new web browser known as “Microsoft Edge” which replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser and offers a “continuous” mode which allows all users to switch between tablet mode and desktop mode.

Version 1511

The launch of this occurred in the same year as the first version of Windows 10, so it is an operating system update. which was published on August 18, 2015 and was baptized with a code name called “Threshold 2”. In this way, it is considered the first important update of this operating system and, well, the second version of it.

Since it was released a few months after version 1511, introduced only a few new features. Among these, it is worth noting that it included visual and functional adjustments, as well as tab preview, synchronization in Microsoft Edge and pre-installed video, messaging and phone apps, specifically Skype.

Version 1607

It consists of the W10 anniversary update, which was also identified as “Redstone 1” with your code name. Thus, it refers to the second relevant update of this OS and, in addition, it is cataloged as the first in a series of updates that are known by code names of Redstone.

Also, it should be noted that, specifically, was published on July 18, 2016 and presented to the public on August 2 of that same year. However, we note that it carries the build number 10.0.14393 and is a version of Windows 10 supported by Current Branch (CB), Long Term Support Branch (LTSB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB) users.

Version 1703

also called “Creators Update”it is a version of Windows 10 that is identified as the third major update of the OS and the second in a series of updates under Redstone code names, as this has also been known as “Redstone 2”. Which was made available to Windows Insiders on March 20, 2017.

Among other details, version 1703 of Windows 10 was followed by a public release on april 05 of this same year, through Update Assistant and finally, was implemented on April 11, 2017.

Version 1709

is the known “Fall Creators Update” which, in addition to this, has also been identified as Redstone 3 with your code name. Which carries the build number 10.0.16299 and refers to the fourth major update of this Microsoft operating system. Also, it is the third update in the series under the Redstone codenames.

Regarding its preliminary launch, we highlight that the April 07, 2017. Whereas, the final version took place on September 26, 2017, when it was made available to Windows Insiders and well, before being released to all customers. in october 2017.

Version 1803

This was the first version of Windows 10 released in the year 2018, specifically the April 10 of that year and for this reason, it is also known as “April 2018 Update”. Now, as for its code name, we limit that it is Redstone 4 and thus, it is identified as the fifth interesting update of W10.

In addition to this, we highlight that version 1803 of Windows 10 carries the build number 10.0.17134 and its first preview version was released on August 31, 2017 to Insiders. On the other hand, its release to the public it was april 30after being made fully available to Insiders on April 16.

Version 1809

During the year 2018, the sixth major update of Windows 10 was also released. As such, the fifth update in a series of updates under the code names Redstone (is the “Redstone 5”). Thus, its first preview was released on February 14, 2018 to Windows Insiders and later, the original update for public consumers. was released on October 02, 2018. Reason why, it is also called “October 2018 Update”.

However, this initial launch was stopped four days later due to a serious error that deleted the personal files of its users. Therefore, Microsoft had to work quickly to optimize this version of Windows 10 and once they managed to correct this flaw, they released version 1809 again on October 25 of this year. But, after that, they confirmed another bug that overwrote the files without any confirmation and once it was improved, the release to the public took place. November 13, 2018.

1903 version

It is defined as the first version of Windows 10 released this year, specifically on May 10, 2019. In this way, it is the seventh official update of this operating system and its code name is “19H1”. Thus, it is the first update to use a more descriptive code name, because it includes the order released and the year of publication.

For its part, it is one of the versions of Windows 10 that showed the most changes to the public. Since, it has full screen hidden notifications, displays a new default wallpaper, Add a novel “light theme”you have the ability to pause update for 35 days or less and show Cortana on the taskbar.

1909 version

It is the last update of Windows 10 produced during the year 2019 and thus, it is known as “November 2019 Update”. which is codenamed “19H2”, its build number is 10.0.18363 and it stands out as the eighth major update of the operating system. It should be noted that version 1909 is intended to be delivered as a cumulative update of the first version of 2019.

Now, we highlight the most relevant changes of this update: It has OneDrive integration with File Explorer search, offers the simplicity of creating events directly from the Calendar dropdown on the taskbar. In addition, it supports the use of third-party digital assistants on the lock screen (Alexa is one of them) and showcases improvements in notification management.

2004 version

Finally, we find this update as the latest preview version of Windows 10, Until now. Which has been cataloged as the ninth major update of said operating system and, in addition, by its code name “20H1”is the third version to use a more descriptive code name.

Although its official launch has not been given, the first preview has already been obtained by Microsoft Insiders, which was generated on February 14, 2019. Thus, a version of W10 that has caused many expectations in the public.

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