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Who are the best email providers and managers? 2020 list

Who are the best email providers and managers? 2020 list

The services of email have become one of the best alternatives for both people and companies, since they can be sent through them a large number of messages regardless of the location of the receiver. In addition, it allows communication between two people in just a few seconds.

Today there are a lot of mail services available in the market, many of them are of great importance worldwide as Gmail or Hotmail . However, there are many others of great importance that have not achieved the desired success.

Being able to choose which email to start using can be a very difficult task, this will depend on many factors, since each company varies in its services, thus offering advantages and disadvantages to each of the users. That is why here we present the best email managers and providers.

List of the 10 best free and paid email services and providers

When you want to create an email account it is important to have several aspects present, which will help us to choose the best service and the one that best suits our needs . Thus, it is important that the service we choose has automatic filters in order to avoid spam and those spam emails.

It is also essential to keep in mind that storage capacity has, as well as its easy handling and that it can be accessed from the mobile device, the synchronization of the email administrator and especially the price if not is free. Although today there are really good platforms and they are completely free,

Once having clear the main aspects that we need at the moment of wanting to choose the best email, we can start choosing it, for this we bring you a list with the 10 best free and paid email managers .



First of all, we present you with a totally free email and which is preferred by most today, so much so that it is positioned as the number one email service, removing it post to Microsoft email.

It currently has a pretty attractive interface that includes items such as calendar, tasks, calls, to be able to view messages without the need to open them, offline mode , postpone messages , among many other functions.

In the case that you are a very busy person or that you forget things, Gmail gives you the possibility to create reminders so that you remember to answer the important messages. In addition, it gives you the possibility to delete those messages that you have sent and that you regret later, keep in mind that for this you have a time limit.

In other words, Gmail , has become a very interesting platform for all its users, it has a great capacity for storage and synchronization. In addition, it has mobile platforms for both Android and iOS devices of very good quality. Finally, in case you want to change your server, Gmail offers you the possibility to transfer all your messages and contacts very quickly and simple.



Outlook has become the old Microsoft Hotmail , but in its improved version, a change where new features have been incorporated thus creating a platform More secure and stable. This email is one of the most used worldwide behind Google Gmail, however, it remained in the first place for years.

Despite this, it has managed to remain at the top for many years, all this thanks to its excellent services and large storage capacity . In addition, it is a very light platform that allows it to run at high speed, it has tools from agendas, videoconferencing, chat, calendar , among many others.

Like the vast majority of other emails, it has folders that will allow you to classify each of the emails, whether they are sent, received, unwanted, among many others, keep in mind Note that these are automatically classified.

However, you can change your folder yourself if you wish. Also Microsoft Outlook has with the possibility of “Quick view” to each of the messages you receive. Among its most outstanding functions we can find that it allows to add other email accounts and to incorporate contacts from platforms such as Facebook.

Yahoo Mail


Another of the most interesting email platforms that we can find in the market is Yahoo, it has a fairly current interface and with a lot of very interesting tools that will make the user’s stay more nice. Keep in mind that these tools may vary depending on where you use the email, either from the computer’s browser or from the mobile platform for Android or iOS devices.

Keep in mind that Yahoo Mail that has been growing over the years, since despite not being one of the most used in the world has a lot User and very good services. For example, when you use it in the web version from your computer, you can easily locate messages, which are organized by folders, whether in sent, received, spam , among others.

Another option that offers you is to use a preview so you can see the inbox and the email sent to you at the same time , you can mark the messages or assign them to the categories which you think is more convenient, you can add emails from other accounts to check them from your Yahoo , as well as create auto-replies for those days you can’t answer your email. Without a doubt, it offers a lot of important benefits for each of its users and above all you can use it for free.



GMX is one of the most used email services in the world, especially in Europe, where in recent years it has become one from the world’s leading email providers .

Among its main advantages we can highlight that this company belongs to one of the partners of “Email made in Germany”, which gives a guarantee seal to all its users of Germany , since all your data is protected by European laws . While, for Spain, the data is protected by Spanish laws.

Another of its great advantages is that it has an unlimited inbox, which will allow its users to receive as many emails as they want without having to delete the Old messages, you can organize your files from anywhere and always having a great security system.

As for the attached files these can have a size of 50GB. It has an updated cloud platform that offers you up to a 2GB storage capacity , where you can store, photos, videos, documents and any other information you want. It also has mobile applications for both Windows, Android and iOS devices, allowing you to check your inbox from anywhere and at any time you want.

GMX adds anti-spam tools to its services totally free with which you can rest easy when opening each of the messages received, since when noticing a malicious presence will automatically block the file . Like the previous platforms GMX is also free.

Zoho Mail


This email server has two versions the free version which has a storage capacity between 5GB and 20GB, while in the paid version has a storage capacity that increases considerably compared to the free one.

It is a very friendly interface that can be used by anyone, it allows you to create as many personal accounts as business you want for free. Also, like other email companies, Zoho gives you the possibility that you can sort your emails in the different folders offered on your platform.

Zoho offers the possibility of dragging elements at the time of composing a message, this with the aim that users can do a lot The simplest procedure is to add any type of attachment . In addition, it also offers you a cloud service with a large storage capacity , as well as mobile platforms for both Android devices and iOS .

Thus, Zoho is a very professional platform that can offer you very interesting tools when you want to make use of an email, where you can enjoy excellent services when sending and receiving any type of message.



This is another email you will find available in the market. If you are a Apple user and you have an iPhone or iPad device, you will have an iCloud email account activated on your device , which you can use as an email to send and receive emails. It also has a web version. However, this is not very well qualified by users, as it is considered low level compared to the mobile version.

One of its main advantages is that you can configure it on your iPhone or iPad so that your iCloud Mail messages can reach other emails such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook , but keep in mind that if you access directly from the website you can only see the messages from the inbox of iCloud.

As for its handling it is quite simple, it has a very sophisticated design, although you do not have the possibility to customize it to your liking, something that other email servers offer you. Therefore, if you are an Apple user you can use this service that ends up being very interesting. In addition, you will not have any difficulty in using it.

AOL Mail


When we talk about AOL we are referring to one of the most famous email services from some years ago. It can be said that about 20 years ago it was the main provider of Internet services. However, as everything was left in the past and was displaced by all email companies that were released. It is worth mentioning that AOL has continued to update its platform in order to stay active all these years.

That is why, despite the existence of new email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, among others, AOL continues to maintain a bit of fame. It currently has a considerable number of active users. Unlike the other platforms, every time you log in to AOL on the screen you will be shown a large amount of current news and a small part with your inbox.

You can say that this platform is a bit more informative and that it is not based mainly on being an email. Therefore, if you only want to use a platform to receive and send some messages without major importance, but if you want to have a pleasant and entertaining time, then AOL Mail is your best option. Now if you are looking for a more professional email server this platform is not highly recommended.



Tutanota is mainly characterized as one of the most secure and reliable email platforms , its main objective is based on the privacy of its users, something that very few platforms of this type offer, since usually email servers often receive constant hacker attacks with bad intentions.

In addition, Tutanota is one of the few companies that relies so much on this issue of data security and that you can find in the market for free. Not only does it offer a fairly advanced security system, it also offers its users a storage capacity of 1GB for free . It is recommended that in order to obtain greater security always send and receive emails only from other Tutanota users.

As for its platform it is usually very simple to use and quite attractive, although does not have very new designs . However, its specialized protection software will make your stay in Tutanota quite calm and enjoyable.

Nylas Mail

Nylas Mail

This is one of the newest email platforms on the market, and it has been positioned very quickly thanks to its excellent operation and easy handling. It is very simple to configure and also has one of the best designs of today that you can get on this type of platform.

In addition, you can use different themes with which you can modify the appearance of the platform, you can install plugins to translate emails received in other languages ​​directly using Google Translate Nylas Mail , is an open source program and you can currently use it from the Linux, Windows or Mac operating systems.



This is another of the existing emails that continue to grow in the market , so much so that there are already different media in the world that have positioned it among the best and most complete. It is very simple to use and also has a very simple and colorful interface. It is available for both Windows, Linux and Mac, although for these last two operating systems this Mailbird service is not as exclusive as for Windows.

This application can be integrated with Outlook or Gmail, as well as all other accounts that support IMAP and POP3. It has a fairly complete inbox where different ones are integrated tools for management, messaging, calendar, tasks, among many other tools.

Mailbird can be found in its free version which does not have all its complete tools, therefore, it is usually quite simple. While the paid version is much more complete where you can get quite complete tools that will make you have a better experience when using this email.