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Why can't I make video calls on WhatsApp? Step by step guide

In previous decades, making a video call could only be conceived in science fiction movies or in cartoons like The Jetsons. However, today, in addition to being possible, we can do it from a mobile phone.

This tool is very useful, and has provided significant help, especially in 2020. The visual accompaniment of a call add quality in interpersonal communication and brings us closer to people who are far away.

However, this function does not always perform optimally. Being an aggravation, the fact that we noticed this in the middle of the call. If you want to know and sort out all the factors that can hinder your video call, read this post.

What are the requirements to make a video call using WhatsApp?

As in any phone conversation, the most important thing is that the person on the other side has the same minimum elements as you. In this particular case we are talking about three essential factors. The first is hardware. However, it is unlikely that today's smartphones do not have the features for a video call, which are a front camera, a speaker and a screen. Second, we must have a updated software, we mean the operating system.

In particular, Android 4.1 or higher. Note that the last one released (2020) is 11.0. So it is also difficult for devices not suitable for this type of communication to circulate. Concluding and a little more controversial, it is internet connection. WhatsApp is a software that depends entirely on this service. Similarly, video calls and teleconferences require a higher transfer speed over the network than a traditional message.

What is the Internet speed necessary to make a WhatsApp video call?

What is the Internet speed necessary to make a WhatsApp video call?

Generally speaking, a transfer fee of 300 kilobits per second (kbp / s) for a video call with simple definition. The higher this value, the better the video quality. In addition to this it must be taken into account that, for smooth communication, kbp / s must be stable. Since if they descend at some point the call could be interrupted. You should also know that, if you want to make a conference with more people you will need a higher speed.

We recommend you at least 2 Megabits per second which are 2048 kbps. If you use 4G networks this requirement is widely met. However, you should control consumption. In the case of domestic connections with Wifi, you will have to check with your internet operator. If you meet everything you need to make a video call and you're still in trouble to make it happen properly, check the following title.

Learn step by step how to solve the problems that prevent you from making video calls on WhatsApp

Learn step by step how to solve the problems that prevent you from making video calls on WhatsApp

Sometimes we don't know the reason why our call is cut off or it doesn't even happen.

Before launching the mobile through the window, we recommend that you review the items that we present to you:

Bad connection

To check if the problem comes from an Internet connection, try switching to another Wi-Fi network. If it is in your possibilities, connect to 4G service. Once you have detected that it is the connection, contact your operator and tell him about the situation.

Outdated version

It may, however, be that the SW. from your mobile is outdated or even your version of WhatsApp be old. In the first case go to "Settings", "About", "System updates" and check that the installed version is compatible with video calls. To carry out WhatsApp to last version enter the PlayStore store. Press the three horizontal lines that are in the search bar. Press "My apps and games", check that there is an update for the app and run it.

Firewall settings

To a lesser extent, sometimes it happens with wireless connections home, they are configured to disallow certain types of data. Although it is quite unusualcontact your internet service provider to make sure that your router allows WhatsApp video calls.

Battery saving mode

Video calls tend to use more resources than messages usual. Therefore, it should not surprise you that at the end of one, your battery is much lower. The problem comes when the utility "energy saving" is activated during the conversation. Since some settings restrict data and certain functions. To ensure that this does not affect video calls, keep with charge the mobile before doing one or connects the device to the electrical network during communication.

Background apps using the microphone

Often users do not review the terms and conditions or don't pay attention to permits granted to certain applications. This may mean that they make use of device resources without us noticing. They can then, among other things, use the microphone or even the camera without the need to be using such apps. To solve this, go to "Settings", "Permissions" and disable the use of these resources by applications that you consider suspicious.