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WiFi on the plane How to have Internet connection while you fly?

Traveling by plane is easy and very comfortable, however, we can have an even more pleasant trip if we have an Internet connection. It may seem difficult to believe, but, Some airlines have equipped their aircraft and offer this type of connection.

It seems like a mystery, that's why we imagine that you will have this question since you found out about this service. For this reason here We will explain its operation and how its service is possible.

We will also show you which airlines offer it. It should be noted that there are companies that offer it to us through the payment of a subscription and others totally free.

How do aircraft wireless networks work to offer the Internet while flying?

There are two ways to obtain the Internet while traveling in an aircraft: the first and cheapest is the one where airplanes or airlines contract the service through ground antennas. In itself, its function is thanks to the connection between the two antennas (the one of the airplane and the terrestrial).

The airplane antenna should always be pointed at the ground, for this it is located at the bottom so that in this way its connection is strong. Thanks to it, when an air transport passes over mobile antennas, it can obtain a mobile network.

Obviously the constant movement during the trip makes the connection not very stable and its speed is limited. Its access is also limited when we are in non-urban areas, as we must remember that these antennas are present only in urban centers.

List of the best airlines offering WiFi service on the plane paying

In some airlines we will be able to find an Internet service just by paying a small amount of euros, although this depends on the plan to be contracted. If you plan to travel you must then take into account which are these airlines, for this reason Below we show you:


This company offers different plans depending on the aircraft model and the ticket purchased. Among them we have two types of offers, but in these all that offer are included the Airbus A330-200, A350, A340-600 and A300-300.

To find out what the Iberia network is, we activate the detection of our mobile networks and look for the Iberia 芦WiFi禄 or 芦OnAir禄 network.

The rates of this company vary, for example: the AIRBUS A330-200 and A350 model only offers three types of plans, one of 40MB that is for a one-hour flight, whose cost is 8.99 euros. A second plan of 19.99 euros of 100MB for three hours and the last and most expensive where we must pay 29.99 euros for a full flight with 200MB.

On the other hand, AIRBUS models A340-600 and A300-300 offer a greater number of plans, the cheapest is 4MB where we must pay 4.41 euros, and the most expensive is 45MB for 31.12 euros.

When we contract the Internet service Wifi, in turn indicates that we cannot use voice applications like Facetime, Skype or calls by WhatsApp. This we must bear in mind if we want to navigate smoothly.

Air Europe

In this company they offer three types of plans, that depend on the duration of the trips and areas to travel. Although well, there are areas where the Internet is limited.

The rates are divided as follows:

  • Basic (30MB): if they are basic or domestic flights we will only cancel 6 euros. If they are long-distance flights, they are 8 euros.
  • Popular (60MB): for short flights the cost is 10 euros. Although, if it is from a wide radius we must cancel 13 euros.
  • Premium (100MB): for being Premium the plans are more expensive, so on a domestic or short flight we must pay 15 euros, but if it is a long radius, 20 euros.

Here the WiFi network has the name Ontheair and the acquisition of the plan is only valid when our flights last more than 45 minutes.


This is a German airline that offers us a great package for hiring the Internet service, although of course, this depends on the distance of each flight.

In this the network is called FlyNet and offers the following rates:

  • Minia Rate: if they are short flights they are 3 euros (150KB / s) and if they are long flights they vary between 7 to 8 euros (64 KB / s).
  • Intermediate Rate: short flights have an internet service of 7 euros (600KB / s), while long flights are 17 euros (400KB / s – 500KB / s).
  • Maximum Rate: This plan is slightly more expensive than the previous ones, so short flights are 12 euros (15MB / s) and long flights are 29 euros (1GB).

The Internet service of these can be paid by PayPal or credit cards. Like the previous airline, you cannot contract the network service if the flight is less than 45 minutes.

air France

This airline company have a network known as Air France CONNECT and offers excellent WiFi service while traveling.

This company has a large number of plans that are as follows:

  • Basic plan: In the basic plan we must cancel 5 euros for the service, offering us a speed of 20MB.
  • Intermediate plan: With this plan we can enjoy 50MB / s, but we must cancel 10 euros.
  • Advanced plan: the latter offers us for 30 euros 200 MB / s.

Delta Air Lines

With Delta Air Lines we can enjoy basically good internet connectivity. Also, among their plans they offer free messaging including them, messages by iMessage, Facebook and Whatsapp. Although, the sending of SMS messages is totally restricted.

This WiFi Internet service is offered on airplanes Models 737-700, 737-800, 737-900, 757-200, 757-300, A319, A320, A321, A350, A330, 767-300, 767-400, and 777-200. The packages that this company promises to its clients are the following:

  • Stop by a day for North America: This plan is the cheapest in the company and you only have to pay $ 16 to enjoy 24 hours of unlimited WiFi access.
  • International day pass: Like the previous plan, it is a 24-hour plan at a cost of $ 28. WiFi connection is unlimited and available on all Gogo-equipped Delta flights.
  • North American Monthly Pass: a pretty attractive plan with a cost greater than $ 49.
  • Annual Pass for North America: With this we can have Internet access for a whole year for all flights in North America. It is certainly a great deal on offer for $ 599. Excellent if you are one of the people who travel constantly and for work.


In this last company we can obtain the WiFi Internet access on our trips through Gogo and three other supplier companies Wireless Internet. Although, this depends on the plans we hire and the flight we pay for.

The best plans are those that ask us for an annual or monthly subscription, but this varies according to the region where we want to travel. The packages offered by this company are the following:

  • If we travel to North and Central America we must pay a monthly fee of $ 49. Although, if we decide on the annual plan we must pay $ 539.
  • The Global Package It is also divided into two plans. The monthly one with a cost of 69 dollars and the annual one for 689 dollars. All countries are included with this plan.

Free WiFi on the plane? Get it from the following airlines that give it away

Free WiFi on the plane Get it from the following airlines that give it away

Just as we have airlines that offer us access to their WiFi network through paid subscription, there are also others that offers us that wireless connectivity for free. We leave such companies below:

British Airways

This British company offers us a WiFi service on its Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 model aircraft, where the first hour of travel is completely free. On the other hand, if our flight exceeds the assigned time, we will have plans that vary between $ 14 and $ 32 for a complete flight.


This airline offers 20 Mb of free WiFi, Although it is not much, to be free and during the first two hours of travel, it is quite good. If we want a greater connection we must contract the service that varies according to our profile, example:

  • Non-members: prices vary according to the route they choose, distance and price of the flight.
  • Emirates Skywards Partners: WiFi connection is free and unlimited for all those who are on the first class flight, as well as for those who are on a Gold and Platinum economy class flight.

All Nippon Airways

This last company offers us a free internet connection if we are first class passengers. For the other classes, passengers must pay a somewhat inexpensive rate that can only be cancel with credit cards:

  • 30 minute plan: For this plan with a limit of 15MB we canceled $ 4.95.
  • 1 hour plan: With a limit of 30MB we cancel $ 8.95.
  • Complete flight plan: This last plan is more costly, we will have to pay $ 19.95 and we will enjoy 100Mb.

Is it worth paying for WiFi on the plane? Is it as bad as they say?

The decision to hire or not the WiFi service by plane it is the criteria of each one of us. If you want help in your decision, we recommend that you read this entire post again, because here we specify what the different rates are according to the airline and the package to hire.

Certainly the speeds are not the best, but it all depends on what we are looking for. Because although some prefer to travel without using their mobile device, others cannot live without them, for this reason if you want to travel and always be connected We recommend that you hire the company's WiFi service.

Another thing that we want to emphasize before finishing, although we already mentioned it, is that connections have limits and these vary by airline and Internet provider. Many of these limitations are the drop in access when we pass through some undeveloped points.