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Windows 10 Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2020 List

Windows 10 Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

Since 1985, Windows is one of the most famous operating systems worldwide . Which, developed by the software company Microsoft Corporation and today, is equipped with an excellent graphical user interface.

However, although it has a large number of consumers and has evolved so much through its different versions, the truth is that users still do not know many of its functions and capabilities . Since, given that it has not stopped growing, more and more features added by the OS to provide a better user experience.

So, in order for you to get the most out of your PC, it is valuable to know certain tricks and take into account some secret tips to perform actions that you might not even imagine possible there. Therefore, then we list a collection of tricks and interesting things .

What features make Microsoft Windows a unique operating system?

But well, before starting with the best tips you can use in this renowned operating system, it is valuable to consider its peculiarities of greater relevance . Since, it presents certain characteristics and functions that can be considered a truly unique OS, with respect to others that currently operate, such as MacOS, GNU / Linux, etc .:

  • It has own tools to generate more security on the computer . One of them is the one identified as “Windows Update” , which is responsible for searching and installing security updates and is even able to correct failures of the same operating system.
  • Unlike other solutions of this type, Microsoft Windows offers the possibility of managing multiple user accounts from the same computer .
  • In order to provide greater productivity to people , allows them to work with the remote desktop function .
  • You are equipped with a Network Environment . Which means that, it is estimated as an optimal platform to implement a network with which it will be possible to share information, printers, etc.
  • It has the function “Multitasking” , that is which, supports the execution of multiple tasks or, run several applications at once.
  • You have no limitation for the use of long names to name files. Since, accepts up to 255 characters .
  • Your Windows start button , can also be considered a unique feature. Since, it is one of the fundamental pieces of its interface, thanks to the fact that it allows you to easily deploy a menu of functions and programs that the user uses.
  • In version 10, contains access to a “Tablet Mode” , which simplifies the interface significantly and with it, the start menu takes full control of the PC screen, thus occupying the entire diagonal. In this way, it is very useful in certain scenarios.
  • Because it is the most popular and distributed operating system, exhibits compatibility with most of the softwares or devices that are released to the market.
  • This is a multi-device OS and, consequently, can be carried on all devices without inconvenience. Whether on PC, smartphones and even tablets.

Curious Windows data you might not know

Datos curiosos de Windows que posiblemente no conocías

On the other hand, there are also a series of curious facts about this operating system that, surely, you did not know until now. Being these, extremely transcendental to know, because with them part of their history and evolution can be evidenced over time .

This information of interest is based on:

He was not the first to use windows

Initially, Windows operated under the name of MS-DOS, in which it was necessary to write commands in order to execute the different actions . Which means that, he didn’t use windows to simplify tasks to his users.

However, after having been called “Interface Manager” , it finally became “Windows” and with that, it included different functionalities. Among those, was the possibility of doing everything by pointing with the mouse and so, by clicking on the different windows that were added to the interface.

It could be installed on any computer

As, initially, Microsoft was founded with the vision of bringing a personal computer to every home in every corner of the world, it was possible to make use of the MS-DOS operating system on any computer . So, said OS left biting dust to CP / M, the operating system of a single user / A single task.

However, since MS-DOS was very computer-oriented and difficult to use for many consumers, Microsoft developers thought there was a better way to do things and with that, everything changed .

It was not an Operating System

As is to be known, Gates and Allen were the creators of Microsoft, but this was not initially an operating system. Well, they were responsible for developing the first version of the recognized Basic language for the first personal computer, called “Altair 8800” .

After that, thanks to the fact that the language was a success and also that a large number of companies bought the licenses, these characters founded the base of their company in New Mexico, with the money earned. With which, later, they managed to create new versions of Basic and in that way, a product called “Microsoft Frotran” that refers to another programming language.


In this sense, it should be noted that was not an operating system, initially . Since, it was simply a programming language. But, this changed when IBM hired Microsoft to write the IBM PC OS and since then, the idea of ​​what is now known as Windows was born .

The best and the worst in history

It should also be noted that, this famous operating system has the best and the worst in history, to this day. Due to its version 10, being the most ambitious and important proposal that it has launched in its history , which is estimated as a success for all the functionalities it contains. Taking into account that, by getting the best out of Windows 7 and 8.1, he was able to create an OS with great improvement and especially for its remarkable compatibility.

However, Windows also has the worst in history. This, in reference to Windows Vista that is cataloged as the worst OS created in recent times. Either due to the lack of software and hardware compatibility that it exhibited and also due to the instability of operation in most of the equipment.

Like, due to the need for large machine requirements, the irritating heaviness of safety warnings and all their vulnerability. With which, received millions of fierce criticisms around the world and thus, it was considered as the worst version that the giant Windows had created.

List of the top 40 tricks to get the most out of your computer Windows 10

Now, it is time to start with the list of the best tricks there are, so far, to make the most of your PC. It should be noted that, we will emphasize the latest version of this operating system , that is, in Windows 10 thanks to the fact that it is the most optimal proposal in history.

Next, knows the top 40 tricks to manage there:

Install Windows 10 directly from a USB

Instala Windows 10 directamente desde un USB

If you want to install W10 from scratch without many complications, you can download a tool that allows you to create an installation USB. This also works to install your newly purchased Windows 10 on a computer you already own.

Thus, the process to follow consists of the following :

  • First of all, download the tool to install Windows 10 (you have the link below).
  • Then, proceed to run it and choose the option “Create an installation medium for another PC” .
  • Next, it is time for to select the language, edition and architecture you prefer to use .
  • Now, select whether you want to burn the file directly to a USB or, on the other hand, create an ISO that you can burn to a DVD or USB at another time.
  • Finally, you only need to format the computer and proceed to install Windows in version 10 , as well as running it with any other operating system.

Download Windows Media Creation Tool

Synchronize Gmail events in the Windows 10 calendar

As with email, the native Calendar app is preconfigured with your account. Therefore, if you want to include the events of your personal Gmail calendar, it is possible to do the same process of adding accounts with the email and when specifying it, you must make sure to synchronize the calendar .

The step by step is:

  • Enter the W10 Calendar application and click on the gear icon located in the lower left, to open all the options:
  • Then, select the option “Manage accounts” and perform the same steps you do with email.
  • Once you can synchronize your Gmail, click on “Manage accounts” . If you already had it synchronized with the mail, you must also complete this step.
  • Then, located on the pop-up screen, click on “Change the mailbox synchronization settings” .
  • Finally, in the “Synchronization options” section you have to activate the one that says “Calendar” and that’s it.

Set up your email accounts

Surely, you did not know that Windows 10 has its own email manager, since it is one of the latest developments in this operating system . Highlighting that, it is another native other than Outlook, but very simple to use.

It should be noted that, in this email, the email of your user account is preconfigured. But, beyond that, you can add your Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud accounts ; depending on your requirements.

Thus, the procedure to follow consists of the following:

  • Initially, access the application in question and press the gear icon to open the options. In which, you must select “Manage accounts” .
  • After that, choose “Add account” and with it, a menu will open which contains several preconfigured services. In these services, you simply have to enter the email and password.
  • If you want to add any other address via POP or IMAP , you can also do it as in the previous step.
  • Now, you will also see an option that prints “Link inboxes” , this being a function that joins several of the accounts you have included in a single tray and Of course, you can use it for that. It’s all.

Ensures more productivity by dividing the computer screen in two

On several occasions, users believe that the only solution to obtain greater work productivity is by using two monitors. But, thanks to the capabilities that Windows 10 exhibits, this will no longer be necessary. Well, allows you to divide the PC screen into two .

Although you may believe that this is a difficult action to specify in the team, the truth is that it is very simple to perform. So, it will allow you to have an application open in one half and in the other, perform any different task; for example.

To do it, do the following:

  • Located within any open application, press the key combination: “Win + Left or Win + Right” . With which, depending on the same application, it will be adjusted to the right or left side of the monitor.
  • After that, in the remaining half, you will be able to see the rest of active apps so that selections which one do you want to enter .

Control privacy on your computer

In view of the fact that W10 is an operating system that is preconfigured in order to share all kinds of information, it is appropriate to control your privacy to avoid any kind of risks . For which, it is required that you install the OS in a personalized way and not quickly.

However, if you have already installed W10 on your PC and have not done it in a personalized way, we recommend you modify the privacy parameters, using the following trick :

  • Click on the Start menu of the device and go to the Settings menu .
  • Next, click on the “Privacy” option and among the information that allows you to adjust to your liking, take all the time you want to decide what data you want to share and with whom. Like, the applications they can access, etc.

You can hide the Cortana search box

Puedes ocultar el cuadro de búsqueda de Cortana

Although it is true, right next to the Start menu of the device, a search bar appears that is identified as “Cortana search box” and there, whenever you want you can type that you want to search, to locate it more quickly.

However, many W10 users sometimes want to get rid of this search box, either because it takes up a lot of space or for any reason and for that, there is a possibility to hide it in the following way :

  • Go to the initial screen of the PC and right click on the Cortana search bar.
  • Then, among all the options that are displayed, select “Cortana ”.
  • Now, in the new menu that is displayed, click on“ Show cut icon ”; option that ranks second. With this, instead of seeing a search box, you will only see its icon (a magnifying glass).

Create and synchronize your contacts

Windows 10 never ceases to surprise us and thanks to that, it has also added another of its best native applications to manage all your contacts. That way, it’s the “Contacts ” application that, by default, has the ability to synchronize all that you have in your linked accounts.

In this sense, to be able to synchronize new accounts, you will have to do it as we indicated before and after that, proceed to create new contacts as follows :

  • To start, go to “Contacts” and on the main screen of that native application, click on the “+” symbol located on the right hand side.
  • Next, select one of your linked accounts to be able to choose the respective account in which the new contact will be stored.
  • Now, add the person’s name along with their email email or phone number and once you save your changes, will sync with the other contacts in the account selected in step 2 , automatically.

Install the additional languages ​​you want

If you are in the process of learning any language and want to practice it when you use your PC, W10 allows you to change the language of the operating system in general and even voice commands .

For that, the process to be carried out is as follows:

  • Enter the Settings menu and select the option “Time and language” .
  • Specify the above, go to the section “Region and language “.
  • Now, you can add and download the language you are looking for, to proceed to set it as the default.
  • To download the language pack and handwriting , run it from the options menu.
  • If you want to change the voice language, you must also access “Time and language” and then the section ” Voice ”.

Activate Tablet Mode like Windows 8

It is no secret to anyone that, W8 was another of Microsoft’s best operating systems, thanks to certain elements that it added and liked to the audience. One of them, is about tablet mode , nothing more and nothing less. Which, is responsible for displaying the start menu in full screen and at the same time, maximizes all windows in order to make the most of the smaller screens.

So, if you miss that W8 function and you want to run it on Windows 10 , there is a possibility and it’s very easy with to perform the trick here we detail:

  • To start, click on the Start menu and access the “Settings” option.
  • After that, go to the “System” section and there, locate yourself in the “Tablet mode” section .
  • In that new screen, you can activate this function and decide to keep it on restart, hide the application icons in the taskbar, etc.

You can modify the Start menu

As you already know, the new Start menu of this operating system shows a panel of dynamic icons in which, it is possible to anchor all your applications. But, for further customization, there is a trick you can use in order to change the sections and size of those icons to your liking .

The process to be carried out deals with the following: