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Windows Defender What is it, what is it for and how to activate it?


Default, Windows is the most spread operating system around the world and therefore, it is used by billions of users. Taking into account that, its predominance has been so remarkable in the computer world that most programs have been developed with this system in mind.

For his part, Windows It also stands out for providing different native applications to its users, among which are: Internet explorer as a web browser, Windows Media Player and a security program called Windows Defender. The latter has been included due to the existence of numerous virus threats.

Therefore, said SO has its own security system to guarantee protection to its users in real time. Being this way, a fast and efficient tool that is worth knowing in depth, so, here we will explain What it is about, what are its functions, its pros and cons, as well as how you can activate and deactivate it.

What is Windows Defender and what is this Microsoft program for?

Basically it’s about security software which has been designed for virus detection and therefore it has the antivirus and antispyware functions. Thus, it consists of a tool that serves to protect and monitor system locations, actively.

Thus, its main purpose is to prevent, remove and / or quarantine any threat, spyware or ransonware present in Microsoft Windows. So, it is used, specifically, to detect these types of threats in real time and thus, monitor the optimal operation of the system and equipment in real time.

For his part, Windows Defender is a program that, by default, it is pre-installed and enabled in Windows Vista, W7, W8, W8.1 and W10. Consequently, this software is completely free and thanks to the fact that there is no paid version, fortunately, does not issue unnecessary pop-up ads.

In that sense, although it is not a completely infallible tool, it is considered sufficient for a normal use of the computer. In other words, it is recommended to access blogs, social media platforms, make purchases online through secure portals, download content from reliable sources, etc.

What are all the tools that we can find in Windows Defender?

Generally speaking, this security program Windows Its main function is analyze capabilities similar to other free products on the market. For that, it has a certain number of security agents who patrol several common areas of the system so, be aware of any changes caused by a virus or spyware. It is also software that has the ability to remove ActiveX applications installed in Internet Explorer, easily.

Added to that, is supported by Microsoft’s SpyNet networkThus, the users themselves will be able to inform the company of possible spyware attacks. Now, in order to carry out this management, provide optimal protection to its users and have a good operation, Windows Defender relies on certain tools with which it can operate correctly.

Next, we specify which are the main ones:

  • Antivirus and threat protection: It consists of the main window of the program and from there, main options will be broken down based on threat management.
  • Firewall and network protection: This is the firewall of Windows and represents those networks available on the equipment and the configuration options for allow applications to run and configure notifications.
  • Application and browser control: With this utility, the program can analyze, in real time, each and every application you download and try to install on your computer. Thus, it works as a security filter.
  • Device security: It is a tool that offers the possibility of configuring a protection to the physical elements in order that the viruses do not stay there. As, for example, in memory RAM.
  • Threat history: Through this option, users will be able to observe all the threats that the antivirus of Windows has located. Thus, it offers the comfort of restore files to their original place And in case you find a threat that is not actually a virus, you can allow access.
  • Protection against ransomware: As its name indicates, it is in charge of implement a safeguard against ransomware viruses. Which can hijack your team to demand the payment of an economic amount in order to unlock it.
  • Integration with Internet Explorer: Thanks to this tool, it allows you to analyze files when they are downloaded, so ensure that they are not malicious software. Therefore, it is similar to real-time analyzers.

Advantages and disadvantages Is it convenient to have Microsoft’s antivirus activated?

Advantages and disadvantages Is it convenient to have Microsoft's antivirus activated?

Considering that Windows Defender is a utility that protects the system from any threat, prevents the loss of your files and helps keep the useful functions of the computer active, of course reveals certain advantages that you need to know. However, it also contains some peculiarities for which it is not recommended to use it, which translate into disadvantages.

In this sense, we proceed to point out the most important reasons why you should activate this Windows antivirus and use it constantly:

  • Unlike many solutions available on the market, it is a completely free program even though its operation is similar to that of other renowned antivirus on the market.
  • Windows Defender doesn’t show pop-up ads and therefore, it reveals an optimal user experience.
  • It is considered a tool that offers excellent performance. Which means, it doesn’t consume much memory RAM of the machine and does not show slowdown when accessing popular websites, downloading heavy programs or running software.
  • Guarantees real-time and cloud protectionBecause of this, each user can be fully protected while browsing the net. Even if there are risks, you will receive alerts at the right time.
  • Many antivirus programs are designed for advanced users and therefore reveal complications when using them. But, this does not happen with Windows Defender, as it is easy to use and very easy to read.
  • It has the ability to perform truly quick analysis, simply by using the caching technology of the operating system.
  • In addition to offering optimal analysis, it allows you specify which areas of the system you want to scan.
  • Manages to monitor all activities such as alerts and deletion or installation of new definitions, thanks to the event log it has.

However, as we indicated previously, Windows Defender not a foolproof tool at all And, therefore, it has some disadvantages or cons that you also need to know.

Here we point out the most relevant of all:

  • It is considered an ideal program for basic users. Since, if you navigate in potentially dangerous websites, download files from insecure sites or use P2P applications, does not reveal correct operation.
  • It is almost impossible to uninstall this program from a PC. Which is a ridiculous feature for those users who want to disable the program completely to install a paid antivirus or simply because you don’t like its operation, for example.
  • Sometimes it can issue certain delays in terms of reliability and power.

Steps to enable and disable Windows Defender antivirus fast and easy

Even though this antivirus from Windows it cannot be uninstalled from computers, the truth is that, if it supports its activation or deactivation by each user, according to their preferences.

Luckily, it is very simple and fast to perform, here we show you what these procedures consist of step by step:


In case the present software is pre-installed in Windows, is not enabled by default or has been temporarily disabled before, you need to know how you can enable it.

Therefore, first of all, we explain what you must do to enable Windows Defender without further complications:

  • Initially, click the Desktop start, located in the lower left corner and click on the cogwheel icon that belongs to the Settings menu.
  • Following that, among all the available options, proceed to select the one that says ┬źUpdate and security┬╗.
  • Next, it’s time to access ┬źWindows Defender┬╗ or ┬źWindows Security┬╗ to proceed to activate the switch that indicates ┬źReal-time protection┬╗. While, the other two options are not mandatory.


But, in case these switches are dimmed and cannot be changed, you must proceed in another way to enable this Windows tool.

Thus, the process consists of:

  • Access the Start menu of the computer and in the search bar, enter and select the term ┬źRun┬╗.
  • Now, in the space shown in the lower right corner of the panel, write ┬źregedit┬╗, press the Enter key and confirm the notice in question.
  • Later, you will access the Windows registry and on the left side, you will see a series of folders where you have to click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then, in the available subfolders, do the following: Software -> Policies -> Microsoft -> Windows Defender.
  • Followed by that, double click the key on the right DisableAntiSpyware. Also, directly in ┬źValue information┬╗, enter the number 0 to click OK and close the record.
  • Finally, access the configuration menu, select ┬źUpdate and security┬╗, to click ┬źWindows Defender┬╗ or ┬źWindows Security┬╗ and enable the option indicated above.


On the other hand, if you want to disable the operation of this antivirus and antispywareYou can also do it. Considering that, the system allows you to do it only for a certain time, since later it can be activated automatically.

Having clarified the above, we proceed to explain the steps to follow to be able to disable Windows Defender, easily and correctly:

  • As in the previous case, click on the system Start menu and select the Settings icon.
  • Then, among all the options in the configuration window, click on the category ÔÇťUpdate and securityÔÇŁ.
  • After that, in the options bar, choose ┬źWindows Defender┬╗ or ┬źWindows Security┬╗.
  • Next, you must disable the three available switches which are: ┬źReal-time protection┬╗, ┬źCloud-based protection┬╗ and ┬źSample submission┬╗.
  • To save changes only you have to close the configuration window.

It should be noted that, unlike the previous case, at this point it is essential to disable the three indicated switches. Since, apart from the option of ┬źReal-time protection┬╗, the other alternatives must also be unchecked obligatorily. Thus, if you leave them activated, the program will not be disabled correctly.

List of the best antivirus antivirus for Windows Defender that you should know

If you choose to disable Windows Defender, the most recommended is that download and install another antivirus in order to keep the operating system and your equipment safe, while you surf the net or download files.

Therefore, below, we highlight five of the best alternative solutions for Windows antivirus:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Of course, it is compatible with several versions of Windows and consists of a program with the ability to combat viruses, spyware and other potential threats that may affect your online work. Thus, it is a software that provides a free and a paid version. Taking into account that, despite the fact that its free version does not guarantee real-time protectionIt is useful for analyzing equipment on demand.

For its part, the operation of Malwarebytes it is based on searching for or detecting viruses, worms, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, unwanted programs and any such threat to proceed to delete them. It even offers two types of analysis: Threat Scan that examines the areas where the malware habitually and the Custum Scan which does custom scans on the system.

In addition to this, this program it has a scanning engine that is characterized by providing rapid analysis, in any situation. In addition, it allows creating inclusion lists and quarantine suspicious files for greater security. Further, has a heuristic search engine and its interface promotes great usability.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Windows

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware MacOS

IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter

Available for Windows and totally free, we highlight this software antimalware and antivirus than It has the ability to offer absolute protection for your PC against malicious files of any kind. Taking into account that, thanks to the fact that it works from a constantly updating database, you can ensure optimal and powerful security.

In addition to this, it is distinguished by intelligently using the resources of the computer and, thanks to this, does not cause any kind of slowdown while working. Further, has a scan speed up to 130% higher than other conventional antivirus, making it truly effective.

Thus, it also reliably protects the security and privacy of the user’s confidential data because its execution system takes place in the background. Among other details, it has excellent anti-spam and anti-spy protection filters, exhibits a very simple and manageable user interface, has a function of ┬źDeep scan┬╗ and it has other additional functions.

Download IObit Malware Fighter Windows


It consists of a powerful ally against spyware that is a nuisance for many users. Thus, it presents the power to discover and remove all kinds of spyware, that is, from adware and trojans even suspicious cookies and dialers. This, thanks to the fact that Thoroughly scan memory, registry, and drives you select for malicious software.

For its part, once it executes its examination and search process, it proceeds to show the analysis results and in case of finding potential risks, it will store them in quarantine until necessary. Whereas, the most dangerous elements will be removed immediately. Considering that, Fortunately, it carries out complete studies in real time.

However, it also has certain parameters for improvement, like the lack of automatic updates. In addition to that, it is not completely free (its version ┬źFree┬╗ has some limitations) and does not have the ability to integrate with the browser, Unlike Windows Defender.

Download SuperAntiSpyware Windows

SpyBot Search & Destroy

SpyBot Search & Destroy

To conclude with the list, we emphasize this software that has been designed as a tool to support the defense of the privacy of Windows users. against all kinds of spyware. Therefore, it is in charge of actively protecting the computer, as well as detect and erase all viruses classified as spyware that are present.

Now, if that were not enough, this program also offers the necessary utilities to be able to immunize your computer against future infections, with the aim of providing a higher level of security. In addition, it is characterized by having a completely fast detection system, it has a well-structured interface, it has a practical help system and is free.

Download SpyBot Search & Destroy Windows