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WSAPPX What is it, what is it for and how does it work and how to avoid excessive consumption of disk and CPU of your PC? Step by step guide

WSAPPX What is it

In general, most Windows users have changed to their latest version to have all the utilities it offers, that is, Windows 10 . However, several of them may notice that after starting using this version, the CPU load is much higher and therefore, it is possible to show an extremely negative impact on the overall operation of the system . Which, is due to the list of processes running in the task manager and also because, usually, these procedures use many resources of the computer’s CPU and hard disk .

Well, if you open this task manager of this operating system (valid for W.8 and 10) and click on the link to see additional details, you will observe a process identified as “WSAPPX” which is part of the same Operating System and causes a CPU use with an increase of up to 30% that although it can sometimes be noted that it goes down, actually goes up almost immediately and in the same moment . Thus, one of the elements that causes the slowness of the system, given that performs several threads that run under it and all, at the same time, consume multiple resources of the equipment , so only one is active.

That is why, from this post we want to let you know in detail, what is the WSAPPX process on your Microsoft computer and also, several steps and recommendations that you can use in favor of to avoid excessive disk and CPU consumption on your computer . With which, you can obtain optimum system performance without affecting the aforementioned components, in any way.

What is the WSAPPX process of my Windows computer?

This is a Windows process that was developed from version 8 and includes several independent background services . Which, you can see while the WSAPPX process is running in the task manager of the computer and well, they depend on the version of Windows you are using (Version 8 or 10).

These are generally referred to as subservices and are responsible for the installation , removal and updating of applications from the same store in the operating system . With which, in addition, they manage to guarantee that they possess the corresponding license.

Next, we present the classification of such threads that have a common denominator and of course, refers to Microsoft Store :

WSService or Windows Storage Service

WSService o Servicio de almacenamiento de Windows

It is a background service compatible with Microsoft Store that starts on request and if you want to disable it completely, is possible when the system store is not being used >.

WSService on Windows 8 , manages storage infrastructure support. This one has almost the same descriptions in the service interface compared to the Windows 10 ClipSVC service .

It is important to note that in such a way, this does not appear in W.10 , since as we mentioned, it is based on the tools offered by ClipSVS in that version .

ClipSVC or Client License Service

ClipSVC o Servicio de licencia de cliente

This service starts on demand and is based on the verification of purchases from the operating system store . Therefore, if you have purchases made in the Microsoft Store, it is not advisable to deactivate it .

In this sense, it can be defined as an infrastructure support and thus, if you choose to deactivate it, all the applications that have been obtained through this store , will not behave the way indicated .

AppXSVC or Appx Implementation Service

AppXSVC o Servicio de implementación Appx

Refers to the most used service that aims to deploy applications in the store . Which, is initiated on demand and if disabled, the storage applications will not be able to be implemented in the system and consequently, they will surely lead to execution errors.

In short, AppXSVC is responsible for the Microsoft Store program controls that will eventually run and can use many hard disk resources.

Now, you’ll wonder when WSAPPX consumes resources and when it doesn’t . To this we can answer that in most cases, this process is active when using the operating system store , either to download and install software or during an update. Thus, what you can use resources most .

On the other hand, if Microsoft Store is not being used , you can imagine that it will not consume resources but that is totally false. Since, it can still be seen that WSAPPX will remain active and this is mainly due to some update of UWP applications in the background .

Taking into account that UWP , refers to a set of apps present in all devices that have Windows 10 and its variants, being presented for the first time in W.8 as “ WinRT ”. These are items such as photos, calendars, calculator, mail, among others. Which means that by nature, the hard drive will have a remarkable consumption due to the same system tools .

Steps and tricks to solve excessive CPU consumption produced by WSAPPX

Fortunately, there are some tactics that Windows users can use, without any complications, to manage to solve excessive CPU consumption that has been generated by WSAPPX .

Next, the most effective recommendations and their procedure to follow :

Make use of group policies to solve

It is the process that very commonly occupies the first places in reference to the tricks to avoid excessive consumption of disk and CPU . However, only applies to Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions .

But well, the step by step that you must carry out to do it, is the following:

  • To start, you must perform the combination of the keys “ Windows + R “. From which, a window called “ Execute ” will appear, where you are asked to write the name of the program, document, folder or Internet resource you wish to open with Windows.

Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar

  • Subsequently, in that window you must execute the following command: “ gpedit.msc ” and click on the “ Accept ” button.

Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar

  • After this, you must wait a few seconds for it to load and then a new window with the name “ Policy editor of the local group ” will be displayed.
Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar
  • At this point you must follow the following path: Computer configuration> Administrative templates> Windows components> Store .

Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar

  • Once you enter the option “ Store ”, you have to double click on the police identified as “ Deactivate the Store application ”.

Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar

  • Finally, a new window will open where you must click on the “ Enabled ” box and then click on the “ Apply ” and “ Accept ”in order to save the changes. It’s all.

Hacer uso de las políticas de grupo para solucionar

Scan your computer for viruses

Analizar el equipo en búsqueda de virus

Another reason for maintaining excessive consumption of resources in the system on your computer, is due to the presence of malware or dangerous viruses that can attack the computer very easily . But luckily, this can be avoided or improved with the help of antivirus that have tools capable of analyzing the existence of viruses on the computer , automatically and regularly.

For this, you can use various antivirus programs that are free on the web or even use the same integrated application that Windows 10 has to analyze this type of dangers on the computer , which is called “ Windows Defender ”.

In this sense, to use this tool, go to the “ Windows Defender Security Center ” and there, go to the “ Antivirus and threat protection ” section. At that point, simply proceed to run a full scan for threats .

In case they are found, the same mechanism will provide you with the procedures to be followed to counteract these malwares and in this way, you will be able to avoid high consumption in the system .

Run a disk analysis

Ejecutar un análisis del disco

Finally, it should be noted that WSAPPX is not the only reason that there is a high consumption of resources in Windows 10 but that in addition to that process, there are other options that can cause internal damage to the disk of the team at sector level .

To do this, the same operating system provides an integrated mechanism that has the capacity and efficiency to analyze the hard disk . Through which, you can avoid such a breakdown and also protect this element from possible damage that erases all stored information.

In this sense, to manage to run the W.10 tool based on a disk study , perform this simple process:

  • Access the command prompt as administrators and run: chkdsk / f /r.
  • After that, the system will reboot > and will carry out an exhaustive, highly detailed analysis on the disk , in search of errors. In this way, the system can be optimized in general .

Although it is true, many processes are part of the same operating system and logically, each one fulfills its specific and special role that allows obtaining multiple and useful functions to improve the performance of the computer and set aside excessive CPU and disk consumption .