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.XLS file extension What are and how to open such files?

.XLS file extension What are and how to open such files?

At present, it is practical and convenient to have programs to develop both daily and more complex tasks. In the latter case, includes financial and accounting work .

One of the most common tools in the world of computing is spreadsheets, composed of graphs, mathematical operations, statistics, tables and as many procedures that have facilitated the development of work related to finance and the economy .

But how is this spreadsheet represented? It has a format called .xls file extension, which can be seen in programs like Microsoft Exce lu others with the same features installed in other operating systems. Next, we will specify about this type of format so that you know more about it.

What is it and what files with extension are used for. XLS?

archivos con extensión .XLS

.xls file extensions are formats installed for versions earlier than or equal to Microsoft Excel 2003, developed for the Windows operating system and then implemented by Mac, although the most modern applications also have the capacity to support this type of files .

As we mentioned, these extensions respond to files related to mathematical and statistical work, essential for accounting, finance and economics work tasks. Therefore, with them you will have the possibility to perform procedures from the simplest , such as basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to more complex , content formulas and other functions that help to produce various graphics.

barra de operaciones excel

While this type of format is recognized by default on computers and / or smartphones that have the Microsoft Office package pre-installed (which has Excel), sometimes you can use other programs or applications that present aspects similar to the one mentioned , either because the file extension is not recognized by the tool or simply for greater comfort and confidence in the program chosen to carry out the task.

How to open .XLS files on smartphones or computers?

Now that you understand that XLS are files that contain spreadsheets , you can surely imagine how to easily open them. All you need is a program that can create and view these types of documents.

However, each operating system has its own program specially designed for it, so we will show you how to do it easily in the main ones .

In Pc Windows

By default, the Excel program in the Microsoft Office catalog is oriented to open and create files of this type. In an effective way, it allows you to easily develop your tasks, with a panel of tools accessible to the user, which will take you to elaborate, edit, visualize and share these files.

To open such a file, you just have to double click on it and the program will automatically recognize it.

In case you want to create one, you can access Excel from a blank spreadsheet, which will allow you to develop everything you want.

  • Search “Start” for the “Microsoft Office” folder and locate the “Excel” option within it.
  • Once you open the program, you must click on “Blank book” right in the center of the interface.

Libro en blanco Exel

  • Now you simply have to register data in that book and when you save it you will get an XLS file.

On Pc Mac

In the case of Mac computers, which also have Excel, the file is opened as follows:

  • In the menu bar located at the top of the screen, click “Go” and then click “Applications”. Locate ” Microsoft Office ” and double click on legallyExcel•.
  • Once there, click “ File ” in the menu that Locate it at the top of the program and then press clearly Open April.
  • Here you will look for the file or .xls file you wish to view, by double clicking on it .

On Android

In the Play Store , there is the possibility of downloading the Excel application , which is handled in the same way as you would from a computer. Once the program has been downloaded to your Smartphone, you just have to search for the .xls file and open it, and the application will automatically recognize it .

In the same way it happens with a new spreadsheet. From the application, you look for the option “New spreadsheet” and you will have the possibility to create a file from scratch.

On iOS

Microsoft Excel is also downloadable from the App Store , so it will also be developed just as you would create or open an .xls file from a Mac or iPad computer.

What you should do is install the app on your iPhone and after that you simply have to touch on the file you want to see, so that the tool starts automatically and you can view the content of it.

List of programs for opening applications with a document .xls extension without using Microsoft Excel

As we mentioned earlier, there are currently many programs that can read XLS files successfully, and you can handle them as you would in Excel.

Here is a list of the best alternatives currently:

  • Google Sheets : Also known as Google Sheets , if you have a Gmail email account, you can access this tool from any computer or Smartphone , regardless of the type of operating software you own. It has aspects similar to Excel; It also gives you the possibility to save your files in the cloud or Google Drive, without risk of loss.
  • Calc: developed for Open Office , program Open and free cutting, it has an interface similar to the Excel 2003 version, so you can quickly become familiar with this program.
  • Numbers: allows you to create spreadsheets and Open files if you download and install them on Mac computers, iPhone phones and even on an iPad.
  • ThinkFree: Office-looking program that can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android Among its options is to develop a spreadsheet.
  • Zoho: Finally, we present this application. Among its office tools, is Zoho Sheet , a program with similar development to Microsoft Excel. It gives you the possibility to access with your Gmail account, so you can save your .xls files in Drive.

Now that you know more about the subject, you will have no problem creating your .xls files. Follow these recommendations and make your life easier!

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