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YouTube Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 List

YouTube Tricks: Become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 List

YouTube is an application that has been recognized worldwide and currently continues to rank among the most popular and with more active users . It gives you the possibility to enjoy all kinds of video, from series, movies, home videos, comedians, musicals among many others.

Without a doubt, this platform is one of the best today and ideal for searching any type of video in an easy and fast way. In addition, it has created an internal community where it not only allows its users to enjoy all its services, but also gives them the opportunity to generate money through it.

According to all this, here we are going to present a series of tricks that you probably did not know and that will help you to become an expert in this platform .

3 YouTube data that you probably did not know about the platform

There may be a lot of data that you probably don’t know about this social network of videos . Which has been ranking for several years thanks to all its services that have made daily thousands of users who register and use it . This being so, here we reveal three facts that you probably didn’t know about YT until today.

The most used video platform

Currently YouTube is the most used video platform worldwide and its numbers say so, according to statistics there are more than 1900 million users who log in to the portal every month , an amount that represents almost half of the Internet. Similarly, this social network is the most used in most Spanish-speaking countries, as in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, among others, thus surpassing the Facebook giant in the amount of active users .

It is estimated that by year 2022 at least 82% of Internet traffic will be occupied by this website. This is how currently at Spain at least 89% of netizens make use of it. It should be noted that it is available in more than 80 languages ​​ offering local versions in at least 91 countries .

Will surpass Google as the main search engine in the future

Being able to overcome Google as the main search engine on the Internet can be a difficult task to achieve today. However, YT numbers are impressive and their daily growth proves it. So much so that the Google staff itself has confessed that in YT you get music that nowhere else on the Internet exists. However, this Google social network is still going strong and it is hoped that in the future it will become one of the most used platforms worldwide managing to break records in almost all aspects.

So far, it can be said that the future of both is a bit uncertain, but what remains without doubt, is that both Google and YouTube will continue to remain at the top for many more years , looking away your possible replacements.

It is used more from mobile than from desktop

This social network has a mobile app which has been very well accepted by all its users, so much so that it is more used than > the online platform itself . This is because being included in the phone the user has greater comfort when accessing it , and can do it anytime, anywhere.

On the contrary, it happens when you want to open from your computer, since you will have to have both the device and an Internet connection to carry out this . So far, the mobile application has excellent features and updates that offer optimal operation to each of its users, thus being the favorite for all of them.

What features make YT a unique video platform?

As we mentioned earlier, this social network not only gives you the opportunity to watch videos of any kind of theme , but also offers you other very interesting features.

This is how this platform is currently used by millions of users who have created through it a business system that allows them to earn income through of its own contents, taking this into account, here we explain the main features that YT has and that have led it to position itself in one of the highest positions on the Internet.


Broadcast live

This is how you can share a recording of yourself with other users completely live, to share some type of personal, brand or business content. A tool used mainly in the different types of events and congresses of the most important companies.

Choose the privacy of your publications

You have the opportunity to decide if each one of your publications will be public or private, in the case that it is public it will appear in the search of the site . But, if it is a private publication , then it will be necessary for the person to have a password to access it .

Monetize your projects

As we mentioned earlier you can start generating money through this social network by creating your own digital projects in it. This requires that you create a Partner account where you can integrate advertising notices that will help you generate extra income .

Currently this website has become very famous in this regard for the large number of YouTubers that exist today, and those who use this portal to work from home online .

Greater interaction

Unlike other platforms of this type, here you will have the opportunity to comment and like the contents of the other members. That way you can leave a comment expressing your opinion of what you’ve seen or just leave a like or don’t like . All this will allow the creator to know how as the audience is with their material .

Subscribe to someone else’s channel

Here you will also have the opportunity to subscribe to someone else’s channel and that way be notified every time that channel uploads a new material , in some cases will notify you on the smartphone if you have previously configured it for this action.

List of the top 20 tricks to get the most out of YouTube

As we have already mentioned, here we are going to show you some tricks of this social network of videos that you probably did not know and that from now on will help you get the most out of all this. Therefore, here we show you the 20 best tricks so you can start enjoying it every time you enter this web portal.

Download videos by simply adding “SS”

Descarga los vídeos con solo añadir “SS”

Most users often have problems when they want to download the reproductions from this website . However, what most people don’t know is that they can do this in a very simple way, where you simply have to change the start of the URL «https: // www.» put “SS ” This will automatically send you to a new page where you can start downloading the audiovisual in the format you want.

Start making GIF

Comienza a hacer GIF

Maybe you didn’t know that you can start doing all the GIFs you want directly from YouTube , to do this just look for the reproduction you like for this and write the letters “GIF” in the URL just before the word “Youtube”, and press “Enter.” You will automatically be sent to a website where you can start configure the images you want.

Let’s look for the most important content

Busquemos el contenido más importante

As we know, the beginnings of the reproductions are usually a bit boring or unimportant , this is because 30% of the start of each video usually has unimportant or interesting information . For this reason, it can be skipped directly to where the most important thing begins, that is, the content that has more interest .

In this case, you try to type the following “& wadsword = 1” right at the end of the URL and press the “Enter” key to go straight to what we want.

Know the keyboard shortcuts

Conoce los atajos de los teclados

Shortcuts have always been one of the most important tools for the most users when making use of some program or website where required. In this case we are going to show you some of the most useful shortcuts that we can start using every time we use this portal:

  • M = Mute the audio.
  • K or Spacebar = Pause and resume.
  • L = Fast forward 10 seconds.
  • J = Rewind 10 seconds.
  • 1 to 9 = Lets you jump at 10% intervals to reach 90% of the material.
  • + = Used to increase subtitle sizes.
  • – = To reduce the size of the subtitles.

  • 0 = It allows you to go to minute 1 of the video.

Eliminate all kinds of distraction

Elimina todo tipo de distracción

Now with the new TV feature of the channel you have the opportunity to eliminate or have many fewer distractions than by entering directly from the website. To do this you simply have to go to «» and when you have entered there you only have to access «» directly from your smartphone, which you can use as a remote control .

All this gives you the ability to change content, lower or increase the volume without the need to use the keyboard or be near the computer . Ideal for those moments where you want to see a movie or series .

YouTube Center

YouTube Center

If you are looking for a way to improve your platform experience, then start using this extension that is compatible with almost all browsers. It’s like that as this will allow you the dash playback which is the function that detects if the tab is open or not and therefore the amount that goes is regulated to the computer buffer.

It also allows you to hide the material that you have already seen , it offers you a smart pause , it helps you to establish an automatic resolution , prevents automatic buffering and center the page by darkening the rest of the screen so you don’t have any distractions.

Say no to advertising

Dile no a la publicidad

For most users, advertising notices end up becoming one of the most tedious tools , since they interrupt the visibility of the content we really want to see . Therefore, being able to eliminate this is a great advantage for everyone. This is how we can use the extension of accoun Adblock for YouTube which will be responsible for blocking any advertising that appears on the screen.

Use only the keyboard

Utiliza solo el teclado

In the event that your mouse has been damaged or is having problems or if for some other reason you do not want to use it, then you must write the following “/ leanbakc” just after «» and press the “Enter” key. This will give you the option to manage the entire portal with just the keyboard.

Turn it into a Karaoke

Convertirlo en un Karaoke

In case you are lovers of karaokes then you can use the Musixmatch app, which will give you the opportunity to see the lyrics of the songs on the video that is playing perfectly synchronized . A way to make your own Karaoke in your home or office and start enjoying a pleasant time with your friends and family.

Start watching YouTube directly on your TV

Comienza a ver YouTube directamente en tu TV

This can be done through your tablet or smartphone , for this you must open the platform, look for the material you want to see and activate the TV’s WiFi through of its application. The next thing will be to connect the mobile to the Wi-Fi network and it will automatically start to appear the transmission on the TV.

This procedure is ideal when you want to watch a movie or series from the comfort of the TV or to spend an afternoon watching different videos from your room .

Create a single playlist with SoundCloud, Vimeo and Youtube

Crea una sola lista de reproducción con SoundCloud, Vimeo y Youtube

Playlists are a favorite for most users, especially since this will allow you to play a series of songs automatically. This is how through Playmoss you can start combining Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud audio lists into a single list.

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