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How to activate automatic forwarding and redirect Outlook emails automatically? Step by step guide

On many occasions, and either for reasons of time, volume of emails received, or similarity in information, we decided to forward emails to other addressesThis scenario commonly occurs when managing accounts for large companies or corporations.

However, from your personal Outlook account you can also execute this action, since as we know, we are not exempt from redirecting an email at any time, regardless of its origin and to whom we want to send it.

In this article, we will get to know in depth What is an automatic resend in Outlook? What elements should be taken into account before performing this procedure, as well as enable automatic forwarding from mobile and computer.

What is Outlook Automatic Forwarding and how does it work?

Outlook inbox

The Outlook auto forward is the process by which, the email account must be programmed through some settings in the configuration, so that the messages that arrive in the inbox are forwarded to an assigned address previously, so that this occurs mechanically.

Forwarding an email is quite simple and it works like this:

  • Select the message to forward in the inbox.
  • Then go to the bottom and locate the button “Resend”So that the information is automatically copied.
  • Then a pop-up window will appear in which you must place the address where you want to redirect the information
  • Press “Send”And voila, the message has been forwarded in an easy and simple way.

What to keep in mind before automatically redirecting emails from Outlook?

Spam emails in Outlook

Before forwarding emails through Outlook It is necessary that you take into consideration certain aspects that will make this process successful, In this sense, if you do not take these tips into account, you may have problems.

Pay close attention, since we will see what points you should take into account before redirecting emails, these elements will be key in the operation of this service:

  • Be clear about the email address to forward: This aspect should be taken into account since in many opportunities the information that is forwarded is of a commercial nature, such as bank details, pages offering a product, invoices or supplier reports that sometimes need to be forwarded to a specific client. For this reason, it is advisable to have a line for each activity and thus avoid confusion or disseminating confidential information to the wrong contacts at some point.
  • Avoid forwarding spam emails: In forwarding emails through Outlook, it is common to receive information that is of little use to us, and that is repetitive which can lead to it becoming spam, also any type of virus or infected files can sneak into an email without we can find out. That is why before forwarding the information, it is It is necessary to check where these emails come from and what is their origin, since some error of this type can affect the recipient.
  • Forwarding limits: It is important to know that this has a pre-established limit, and therefore if you exceed it, it will significantly affect the forwarding of the information, and that is that each recipient has a maximum of 5 thousand messages a day, while the messages you can forward 500 opportunities a day. These numbers can change through the configuration in the system, however as they are emails that contain particular information, you can turn them into spam or be ignored and deleted by the recipient.
  • Configuration for third-party management: In the event that you find yourself unable to forward or reply to emails, Outlook offers the possibility that someone else can do this activity for you, all this with your prior authorization since it will be handled through your account. For this it is necessary to use Outlook inbox rules, in it you can enter redirection values, and in this way others will answer for you, without the need to use multiple email accounts.
  • Forward emails to an alternate address: This option is applied in the event that you cannot verify or read the forwarded emails from the main account, this will allow you to send and reply to the emails from an alternate account, manage the emails and select which contacts we are going to select to supply the information.

Learn how to enable automatic message forwarding in Outlook

The automatic email forwarding through Outlook it is a very important tool to work on this platform, and at the same time you must know it to exploit all the benefits that this entails, this procedure saves you many things when receiving and sending emails.

For this reason, we are going to explain to you in a didactic way how you can enable this option in all Outlook presentations, so that you can make a correct configuration and thus forward all the information that reaches your inbox in a moment determined:

From the computer

From PC version you can enable message forwarding From the system configuration, this process is quite simple and very useful especially if you receive information in large quantities and you want to automate the whole process.

To enable it you must do the following:

  • Login to your Outlook account with the password and the respective user.
  • Later head to the settings key on the top right, with the symbol of the gear.

See all Outlook settings

  • A menu will appear on the right side, scroll down and press “See all Outlook settings”.
  • Then it will take you to the configuration window, where in the upper left part press “Mail” and immediately after the tab “Forwarding”.
  • You will see the option on the right side of “Enable forwarding”By clicking on the box that appears on the left side of this option.
  • Now insert email correctly in which all the information you want will be forwarded.

Enable automatic forwarding in Outlook

  • Below you have the option of “Keep a copy of sent messages“In which you decide whether to use it or not.
  • Press the button “Keep” on the bottom.
  • Ready, this is how the forwarding of messages from Outlook is activated.

From the phone

The Outlook mobile app shows quite simple interface, it is designed exclusively for sending and receiving emails, and some other functions such as changing the appearance or creating folders to maintain a better order in the inbox.

Regarding the auto forward of messages refers, this option is not enabled to use it in the app, which is why you will not be able to use this tool through this route, however if it allows you to manage your account Outlook with the necessary functions that the messaging service offers you.