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Speed test

Measure with maximum precision the real download, upload and ping speed of your Fiber, Mobile connection or ADSL. In addition, you will also know the possible connection problems of your network and how to solve them so that your download speed goes up to a thousand per hour. All explained in detail through graphs and comparative tables.



Step by step guide to calculate the speed of your internet connection with this test

You can measure the speed of your internet right now if you wish. In that case you simply have to click on “Start” and wait for the tool to perform its analysis. If the result you get is good you shouldn’t worry about anything else.

However, if you notice that what was collected is not even close to the contracted plan , then follow these steps to take a new test that gives you clearer and more accurate results.


Step 1 – Connect directly from the Ethernet port

Using WiFi or another signal converter can affect the results of the internet speedometer test , so it is best to connect directly from the Ethernet port. In this way a more direct and clean connection is achieved . This will help you to rule out that a router failure is the cause of the slow connection.

If you use fiber optics, connect your device directly to the Gigabit Ethernet port . In case it is not compatible, purchase an adapter at any electronics store. If you don’t do this, your connection will never exceed 100 MB via Wi-Fi , which means that if you have a superior plan you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Step 2 – Close all browser tabs and background applications

There should be absolutely no web or software that consumes resources from your internet connection. Also, make sure there is no one else connected and using the network at that time . It is important that the test is the only one that sends and receives data while you use it.

In this way you will rule out that the cause of your low connection speed or erroneous data or trip with other internet speedometers is caused by software that is consuming more than the account when you do not use it, or someone is connecting without your consent.

Step 3 – Start the test

Once you are sure of all the above simply you must start the internet speed test again and wait for it to show its results, however you can choose and change your Host so you can compare results , you have a series of servers that automatically appear according to your location, although you can also perform a search yourself.

To do this, just write the desired operator (Vodafone, Movistar, Orange …) and you will get results so that you can choose the server where to perform the test, even several with different locations . If after this, the results are satisfactory, the problem may be in the conjectures raised above and not in your service provider.

What is it and what is the purpose of knowing the connection speed to internet?


The speed of the internet connection is basically the speed with which your network is able to download (download), and upload (upload) data . Knowing it is important because in this way you can be aware of how fast your network is, allowing you to estimate more accurate loading and unloading times.

Connection speed is a factor that affects virtually all applications that require it . So it can be the cause of web page loading errors, lag in video games that require connection, delays in sending or receiving information by email, and much more. The causes for which it can fail are many; from errors in the operating system to damage to the hardware that makes up the entire network.

With an Internet Speed ​​Test you can get useful information that allows you to know precisely the origins of that bad connection you are dealing with. With the graphs of the results you will see if it is a origin problem related to the shift operator , or if on the contrary it is a physical failure that needs professional technical assistance to be solved.

How does the speed test work? Recommendations for reliable testing


The operation of the broadband speed meter is quite simple. Once you click on «Start» on the button above, the application starts downloading and loading temporary files (nothing is saved on the device) to check the amount of bites uploaded and downloaded in a certain period of time . In addition, a connection to the server closest to your location is established by sending Pings to check the latency of the connection.

Based on the data obtained, a speed is set in MBPS (Megabites per second). However, this data is not 100% accurate , but estimates, and should be considered valid in the short term. There are many factors that can affect internet speed in the long and medium term, so this real-time estimate cannot be considered as the constant speed of your connection.

That is why to guarantee 100% reliable results, users are recommended to follow these recommendations:

  • Not having any application or software that consumes active data : be sure to close each and every one of the applications that require internet connection to work, since this consumption can affect the speed of lowering and raising temporarily and make the test results affected. This also applies to browser extensions.
  • Close all browser tabs : Websites are usually updated every few minutes, especially if they are news portals, which makes They are constantly sending and receiving data. Therefore, it is best to close them all while doing this speedtest.
  • You are not downloading or loading anything : make sure you are not downloading or uploading any files, as this will negatively affect the test results.

In a nutshell, to ensure that the test will be the most accurate, it is best to close each program and have only the browser open with the tab of the tool that will perform the broadband speed test .

Internet speed test results

Gráfica de rendimiento de subida y baja medidor velocidad Internet

Test results vary depending on your internet connection . Currently you can hire connections by ADSL or fiber optic, and to connect to it you use an Ethernet or WiFi cable.

ADSL speed test

If you have an ADSL connection , it is more than likely that the speed expressed in the results is lower than what you have hired. For example, if your plan is 20MB, it is completely normal to have 15MB or 10MB , since the actual speed is never equal to that contracted in these cases. This is because the physical resources of these types of plans are not effective enough to obtain such speed of data transmission.

Fiber optic speed test

The optical fiber is superior and more precise , so if you have this type of connection the results should show you a speed close to the one you contracted with your plan. That is, if you pay 20MB, normal would be a performance between 16MB and 18MB . This is because the physical resources of this connection are more effective and powerful for data transmission.

Speed ​​test via WiFi

The results of a WiFi connection depend exclusively on the type of connection you have ; ADSL or fiber. Since the router is simply a device to make the network can be detected wirelessly , but this is not the source of the signal. In this case, it will depend on the type of plan that powers this device.

Internet connection types

Tipos de conexiones a internet

Internet speed depends on a very important factor such as the type of connection you have . Each of these is based on a different technology that can be more or less effective for data transmission.

In that sense we can identify the following connections:


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line or ADSL are those that use the RTB (Basic telephone networks) to take advantage of their ease of voice and data transmission that are handled joint. This is a analog network has its shortcomings for the transmission of a large amount of data at the same time. It is currently one of the slowest connections, although it still offers excellent performance for the demands of modern websites and protocols.

Fiber optic

Fiber optic uses a cable connection to transmit data between nodes. An interesting feature of this is that it converts the signal into light, which makes it immune to the constant interference that can affect the ADSL’s copper wiring . Taking this argument, we can say that it is more stable. In addition, it has better support, allowing you to transmit more data in less time. It is currently one of the fastest connections there is.


WiFi is a type of wireless connection that converts the fiber optic signal or ADSL into radio waves that can be picked up by an antenna without using cables. It is a very simple technology and at the same time it is very useful to connect several devices to the same network. Unlike the previous ones, this is not a connection generated, but a transformer that makes the fiber or ADSL can be captured are cables. So its speed will depend on the method used to feed it.


WiMAX is a connection similar to WiFi, which uses infrared signals or radio waves for transmission . Unlike this one, WiMAX does generate an internet connection , being independent of both fiber and ADSL. It is currently the fastest network ever known, being able to reach speeds of up to 1GB / s in favorable conditions.


This type of network is used in places where fiber optic or ADSL cannot arrive normally, as it could be in rural areas. For her, a receiver-transmitter antenna is used that sends and receives data from one or more satellites that orbit the Earth . The problem with this is that in order for it to work, certain special equipment is needed, which makes it a considerably expensive investment.

How can we improve our internet connection easily and quickly ?


If the result of this test shows bad results for your internet connection, you probably have to call your ISP or Internet service provider to solve your status. However, on internet speed is not the result of service failures , but because of external factors.

So before proceeding to make your claim, we advise you to put the following tips into practice:

  • Delete browsing history : we usually spend months and even years without emptying the registry of portals we visited, without remembering that this is not unlimited. The reality is that each website we visit leaves some temporary files on our computer so that the next time we enter it, they do not have to be loaded again and thus the entry into the future will be faster. This space is known as cache memory, and when it collapses it begins to make it difficult for us to enter other portals.
  • Make sure you don’t have apps open in the background : many of the applications or Programs that we have installed on our devices are kept open in the background. Some apps, such as torrent clients and certain video games, keep consuming data constantly, which makes file browsing and download speeds affected.
  • Change DNS : Domain Name System addresses are key in the operation of each server. ISPs or Internet service providers have their own addresses, but these are generally very limited, so it is recommended to change them for ones with better support. In the market you can find many of them. The best ones are paid, but there are a lot of free services, such as Google Public DNS, that work excellently.
  • Change the channel of your WiFi connection : Wireless connections of this type are usually programmed in a predetermined channel. The problem is that if you live in an area with many nearby networks that use the same channel, the speed of the internet will be affected, so the best idea is to switch to a channel with less traffic.
  • < strong> Review the device’s energy plan : the energy saving function is very useful for saving on the electricity bill, but this usually limits many functions of the equipment, including internet speed. That is why it is important to always have a balanced plan so that this does not happen.

Applying these tips is likely to notice an improvement in the health of your connection. If this does not happen, pick up the phone and call the customer service of your internet provider.

What operators and countries is the speed test compatible with?

This internet speed test is compatible with all connections . Regardless of your geographic location, you can know the performance of your plan without any problem. In addition, it is compatible with most ISP operators or Internet service providers in Europe and Latin America although its main country of operation is in Spain.

Maximum upload and download speed on 2G, 3G and 4G mobile telephony

* If you are viewing the web from your smartphone, slide the table to the right to see all the data

What is the recommended Internet speed according to uses?

The optimum speed is obviously that which revolves around the contracted plan , but as explained above, this also depends on our type of connection. If we use optical fiber, the most normal is to have a speed very close to that contracted. On the contrary, if we use ADSL or WiFi powered by it, it is likely that we have 60% of the megabytes we pay.

In addition to this, we must take into account the speed of your geographical area. Each country has an average speed, in fact this also applies to each city. In Spain, the average for ADSL is 8MB / s when downloading , but in cities like Malaga or Mallorca, it is 6MB/s.

The important thing is that you know that if the results of this test are similar to these, you should not be so worried , since this performance is sufficient for the demands of which a home of four demands people.

Optimum speed according to consumer needs

We already commented that a speed of 8MB / s is more than enough for an average home, but What if we perform more demanding tasks?

In that case it is important that you know what the optimal speeds are according to the use we are going to give you:

  • To check emails and social networks : if you only use the internet to catch up with the world and be informed without downloading anything, then with a speed of 2MB / s is more than enough for you. With it you can load each social platform and other portals very fast.
  • To watch TV Streaming : streaming is a bit more demanding since the problem is not simply to upload videos, but to be able to do it at a quality that is pleasant to see. So to have a visual experience similar to that of conventional TV, you will need more than 3MB / s to do it in 480p quality and more than 6MB / s for high definition or higher.
  • To upload audiovisual content : This is relative, since it depends on how much time we want to invest in uploading that content. For example to upload photos in high definition that can weigh up to 5MB, with a upload speed of 1MB / second would be excellent. In the case of videos the requirement is greater, since a short 20 minutes in high definition can weigh more than 500MB, which would require at least 10MB / s to take about 15 minutes to upload. The service provider companies express their speed according to the MB / s of download, but the upload is very different and is usually 90% lower. So 10MB / s download is 1MB / s upload. This would work for you to upload images, but for videos you would need a fiber optic plan of 100MB or higher.
  • To play online : for gamers, download speed and upload is not so important, since to keep communications between the members of a game very light data is loaded and downloaded. In this case the important thing is the latency, which indicates how agile the network is to send and receive data constantly in very short intervals of time. For games like League of Legend, a latency of between 30PING and 100PING is required, which are perfectly attainable figures with a connection between 1MB / s and 3MB / s.

Ideal connection speed according to the number of users