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How to identify a call with a hidden number to know who has called you incognito? Step by Step Guide

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Have you received calls with a hidden number and you don’t know if you should answer? Do you want to know a method or application to know who is calling you from a hidden number? !! Congratulations!! You have come to the right place to solve all your doubts.

In this post I will show you the best way to identify a call from a private number and know once and for all who is that person or company that is making calls with hidden numbers.

so you can meet how the operators handle this issue, and the options that can be accessed in mobile download stores.

What is a hidden number call and how to identify it?

When they call you in a “common” way you can display line number or subscriber making the call. If it is within your contacts you will be able to identify it according to what you have registered. If it is not among your contacts, you will still see the phone number.

On the contrary, a hidden call is characterized by not showing the number of the person or company that wants to contact you. In these cases, a message may appear Say “Number withheld”, or “Unknown call”.

The only way to know who is calling you is by answering the call. However, there are other methods to identify hidden calls, which we will study throughout this post.

Reasons to make a call with a hidden number

Reasons to make a call with a hidden number

You might be wondering why would someone want to call me from a hidden number? There are different reasons for individuals or companies to make this decision.

Let’s see:

  • Business promotions. Most companies that implement phone marketing do so using a hidden number. That way they can reach many people directly without having to provide a contact in the first conversation.
  • If the user does not know you personally. Some individual may want to establish contact with you. However, if he doesn’t know you personally, he may prefer to use a hidden number.
  • Surveys. Surveys usually rely on phone calls to collect statistical data, but in most cases they use hidden numbers.
  • To play a prank on you: Some prankster friends may call you from a hidden number to throw you off for a bit of confusion.

Should you receive a call with a hidden number?

At first glance it may seem inconvenient to receive a call from an unknown number. However, it may be an important matter. In fact, some people set their calls to show in hidden mode, and then forget about it. That is why a friend or family member may want to call you urgently without knowing that he does it from a hidden call.

Also, many interesting promotions can come from a hidden call. Many companies offer you discounts or opportunities profitable called from an unknown number. Although it seems inappropriate, it is advisable to answer these types of calls. Except for the occasions when you receive frequent harassment or jokes.

Can I know who has called me anonymously from any operator?

I can find out who has called me anonymously from any operator

Operators do not yet have the option to reveal who calls you from an anonymous mobile. However, from a landline you can do it using caller ID.

Caller ID only works for landlines, and it serves to know how to look at the caller’s number. By default, basic fixed telephony plans do not allow the user to see the caller’s number. However, by paying a small monthly fee, you will be able to see the origin of the call.

To avoid the inconveniences or fears that a hidden call can generate, we can use this type of resources offered by the operators and see who is calling from a landline.

However, it is necessary to clarify that no operator offers the service of discovering or revealing a hidden number. Some people may confuse this possibility with a different service that is caller ID. Even if a user is subscribed to Caller ID, if someone calls from a hidden number, she won’t be able to see the origin of the call.

Steps to identify a call from a landline for each operator

Steps to identify a call from a landline for each operator

Each operator has a particular way of activating the Caller ID service for landlines. I’ll show you how to do it in each of them:

in yoigo

For your benefit and peace of mind, Yoigo does not charge for caller ID coming into your landline. That is why by simply contracting a fixed line, you will be able to see the number of all those who call you. You only have to acquire the plan or rate that suits you best and that’s it.

In Movistar

With a payment of 2 Euros per month, Movistar offers you the option of identifying the calls you receive on your landline. The affiliation process is very simple, and you can do it in three ways:

  • calling the 900 400 003 for free from your Movistar landline.
  • At Movistar authorized distributors or agencies.
  • Through the online registration and cancellation form.

In any of the three cases, you will have to provide details of your landline to link. You should also bear in mind that from your next bill you will start to see the amount for this service.

In Jazztel

Like Movistar, the price of identifying calls on a Jazztel landline is 2 Euros. In this operator, the service began to be charged in May 2018. Those who already had caller ID before this date, will be able to continue using it for free.

You can easily activate it from:

  • The Jazztel customer area: Access the customer area with your user and locate in “My services” the line for which you want the service. There you must click on “Activate caller ID.”
  • The Jazztel app: Enter the Jazztel mobile application with your data and select your landline. Access service options and turn on caller ID.

in Orange

Orange’s rate for allowing you to see who is calling your landline is also 2 euros per month. Orange clarifies what I had already told you, and that is that if the person who calls you does it from a hidden number, you will not be able to see his number.

  • If you want to activate it, you can do it by a call to 1470.
  • But if your fixed line is business or self-employed, you must call 1471.
  • For ADSL and fiber clients, this service is already incorporated by default, but you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

On Vodafone

In the case of Vodafone, you can activate it in three different ways, but just as simple:

  • Through a call: You can call 22123 and express your desire to have this service. The customer service staff will manage your request.
  • On the Vodafone website: Log in to your customer area and locate the “call settings” option on your landline. Then turn on “Caller ID,” and you’re good to go.
  • Through the app: Enter your data in the application, and locate the “Call options” tab on your fixed line. Over there You must activate the “Caller ID” box.

In MoreMobile

If you are a MásMóvil customer, I have excellent news for you. You will not have to pay additional costs for the service Caller ID.

You don’t need to activate it because it is already configured by default. From the first installation of your landline, Caller ID should work. On the contrary, please contact customer service.

List of Apps to identify who has called you incognito

List of Apps to identify who has called you incognito

To be able to see the number of the person who calls you on your mobile from a hidden call, you can use some apps that have been specially designed for this purpose.

We show you the most used and best valued by users:

True Caller

It is the most popular and top rated in the list of apps to track a hidden number. Its operation is based on a kind of commonwealth that all users agree to participate.

When you sign up, you provide your phone number. In this way your number is registered in the TrueCaller database. The more people sign up over time, the larger this database becomes.

When you install it, your calls go through its filter first, this guarantees that, if the number from which the hidden call is made is registered, the application shows it to you. The main disadvantage is that not all phones are registered in the TrueCaller database. For example, newlines are outside of this record.

Truecaller: ID and spam calls
Truecaller: ID and spam calls

CallApp – Caller ID & Recorder

It is a fairly complete application for searching, identifying, tracking, and blocking calls. With CallApp you will not only be able to see who is calling you from an unknown number. It also has a spam identifier for corporate calls.

In addition, it helps you manage your own hidden calls, and set a redesign of your caller ID. If you wish, you can set your phone to automatically block all identified hidden numbers.


This application collects data from the spam lists of all its users. By registering, your database of spam numbers is enriched. This list is stored and integrated into the general database of the application throughout the world.

In this way, it creates a network capable of identifying hidden calls between many users and stored numbers. The interesting thing about this application is that it can work very well with or without an Internet connection.

Caller ID
Caller ID

‎Showcaller - Caller ID & Block
‎Showcaller - Caller ID & Block


Many of the calls with an unknown number come from a previously programmed robot or computer. Whoscall identifies this type of calls and gives you a warning about it.

The Whoscall Database it is fed by the exchange of calls between users and your contacts. This makes it the largest database in applications of this type, with some 600 million records in 2019.

This app can work offline. However, it needs frequent updating for optimal performance.

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

‎Whoscall - Caller ID & Block
‎Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

Who’s Calling?

It’s great to have an application that shows us the true face of the caller. However, Who’s Calling goes further. It is also responsible for showing us the identity of the text messages with an encrypted number.

Plus, it integrates splendidly with other apps. like Facebook or WhatsApp. This allows to identify calls, people or profiles in a more exact and precise way.

The application accurately identifies spam-type messages, warning you of their presence in any of these applications. You can create alerts in the application, and check if the sender is among your contacts.

Who's Calling?
Who's Calling?


Do you want to create a black list with numbers that you do not want to answer? The ideal would be to start with the unknown numbers. TrapCall helps you discover who is calling you from hidden numbers, and gives you the option to create a blacklist with these numbers. In addition to identifying hidden numbers, the application allows you to record all your calls to create a log for your personal security.

Call Blocker

Spam lists are often created around the world, as numbers are continually identified, blocked, and reported. Call Blocker updates its database with this type of records, which allows it to identify unwanted calls very well.

In the same way, the app can identify the numbers of unknown calls, if they are found in this database. The updating of numbers is permanent, to guarantee the good performance and operation of the application. The user community on the web also contributes a significant number of numbers for the database to feed on.

Call Blocker - Blacklist
Call Blocker - Blacklist

‎Call Blocker
‎Call Blocker

Mobile Caller Location Tracker

It is a complete call management center. This application provides different security and tracking mechanisms for calls or messages. In fact, you will be able to know, not only the number of the hidden call, but also the place from where the call is issued.

It is an application that works very well without the Internet. However, being offline, it will not show you where the call came from.

*Note: This app is no longer available on the Google Play store, R.I.P. 🙁

GPS CallerID

This time it is an application specialized in finding the location of the sender. That person who calls you from a hidden number may be very close to you. With GPS Caller ID you can achieve it.

If you thought that you could only identify or trace calls in your country, let me tell you that With this application you can do it in more than 200 countries. This way you will have excellent control of your incoming calls at all times.


The Internet is undoubtedly a network with a large amount of information available. It is because of that, Contactive uses all web logs in order to identify a caller. Your search is based on apps and social networks with active or outdated profiles.

This application can find a number in:

  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Wikipedia
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

With these applications you will have greater security and certainty when answering a hidden call. Remember that its effectiveness is not complete, since that will depend on the database that it takes as a source, and on the updates.