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What are the best anonymous browsers to browse the Internet privately? 2022 list

What are the best anonymous browsers to browse the Internet privately? 2020 list

Privacy has become one of the main issues when using any type of Internet service, especially when we use a browser. Given that currently These platforms are usually monitored by local governments , by our ISP , and a set of data collectors that could see each of the movements that we do in them.

In addition, it is important to note that many websites collect certain information and then be distributed to third parties , either to send ads or sell such data .

However, there is a way to navigate in a much safer way and without the fear that other people will get your personal data or your movements. In this case it is about using Anonymous browsers , with which you can have more privacy.

List of the best anonymous and safest browsers for Android, Windows, iPhone and Mac

One way to be able to be on Internet and have greater privacy in all your movements is by making sure use a reliable browser that helps us have better security. It is important to keep in mind that everything starts from the browser, from there we enter different web portals where they can start spying or stealing.

That is why here we bring you a list of the best anonymous browsers so you can start preventing other people from looking at your Internet connections, the websites you review, as well as your physical location , among others. Keep in mind that these browsers can be used for both mobile devices and computers .

Tor Browser


This browser is very clear about its objectives with its users, and this consists in being able to offer an anonymous communication service where it is based mainly on being able to protect personal data, history browser, passwords and users, online messages, location , before any cybercriminal or bot that is analyzing network traffic.

It is important to mention that currently web traffic analysis has become the main tool for what is the collection of data from other users, a way of being able to keep track of how they behave when they surf the Internet . All this is done in order to provide information to the advertising companies so that they may be able to set prices in the online stores according to their location.

This browser works with two key techniques , one of them is the header, with which you can ensure that the data reaches its destination and a payload which is the real information. In this way the Tor browser sends its traffic through many individual laps and routes where its header makes no sense, that is, instead of going in a A – B route , it begins to generate many locations . Thus, the data analysis tools have no way of knowing or discovering the location where the traffic originated or where it is going.

Epic Browser

Epic Browser

Another of the anonymous browsers we are going to find in the market is Epic Browser, which is available for both Mac and Windows and It is mainly based on the security and privacy of each of its users when visiting different websites.

Epic Browser does not use a specialized network for privacy control, but, if it is responsible for disable immediately each of the most common ways in which privacy is composed when browsing any website.

Among its main functions we can find that it will be responsible for erase all history , so that there will be no trace of your movements, no there are preloads DNS , there is no web cache, does not allow third-party cookies , nor will we find autocomplete functions . Once the browser is closed automatically all these tools will be zero.

COMODO Dragon / Ice Dragon

COMODO Dragon / Ice Dragon

Comodo has created two types of browsers totally anonymous for the security and privacy of its users. Both browsers are available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Comodo Dragon has been created based on Chromium and which It has all the features of Chrome , thus counting on the level of privacy and security.

The other browser created by Comodo is Ice Dragon , this one is based mainly on Mozilla Firefox, one of the most used browsers currently . Ice Dragon , presents improvements in its security, as well as better performance and different features on the main compilation.

In this case, you can say that both browsers of Comodo have high-level functions for what is user privacy, thus creating a site to navigate from Anonymously where no bot or cybercriminal will be able to access some of your data or behaviors on the different websites, in addition, both versions can be obtained for free.



Currently Brave is considered one of the fastest and most effective browsers to protect the privacy of its users . Therefore, it can be said that it is one of the most recommended today and is available for mobile devices of Android and iOS, as well as for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Brave’s main function is to block all types of ads , crawlers, reduces the chances of receiving attacks from malware, spyware, ransomware and the identity theft . In this way Brave is responsible for keeping the privacy of each of its users safe when browsing the Internet.

SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron

Considered as the browser of the future thanks to all its high-level features, in addition to being an anonymous browser that provides better results of security and privacy to each of its users. SRWare Iron is based on the open source project by Chromium.

This browser is responsible for offering its users the same features as the Chrome browser. However, the main difference is that SRWare Iron strong> does not risk the privacy of its users . Among its main objectives are to completely eliminate usage tracking and any other function that compromise the security of users when using the browser.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that SRWare Iron is available for Android devices , as well as for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

This is available only for Android devices and which has also been developed by the Mozilla team and its main function is to ensure a totally secure experience and private to each of its users. Firefox Focus is primarily responsible for blocking all types of web crawlers and ads, thus avoiding any risk of spying during your browsing.

It is also responsible for providing much faster browsing on the mobile device and above all maintaining the privacy of each of the users. In addition, every time you close the browser, the search history, cookies, will be deleted as well as any other information that may be useful for use by other people.

Onion Browser

Onion Browser

This browser is available for iOS mobile devices, which can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Onion Browser has the same benefits as the Tor browser. However, the difference between both browsers is that they have been developed by different teams.

In this way, Onion Browser offers you the possibility of having a completely secure Internet browsing and especially taking care of your privacy at all times, is responsible for encrypt all web traffic, as well as being able to navigate from anonymously , in this way the IP will not be registered on any of the websites we visit.



Ghostery has become another of the browsers anonymously for Android devices . It should be noted that Ghostery began as an extension for script locks for different browsers on computers. However, thanks to its excellent performance we can now find it directly as a browser for the Smartphone, where it will try to block all those trackers that try to invade the privacy of people.

It also has security tools which are very powerful and are added in the interface, which facilitates the activation or deactivation of them at the moment it is necessary.



This browser was developed from the creation of Tor. Therefore, in this browser we will also find almost all the same features as Tor, where it offers encryption of Very high level and routing. The mobile interface works at high speed and has been specially designed to provide greater privacy when browsing.

The main function of Orfox is to block all types of crawlers, scripts or ads , all this by default. In addition, it is able to encrypt the traffic we generate and route it through the Tor network in order to provide excellent navigation from anonymity so that none of the movements in the network can be decrypted.



This is not exactly a browser, but an operating system, a Linux distribution to be more precise. It was developed thinking exclusively about user privacy, and therefore has tools to complement the Tor browser .

The most striking of all is its AppArmor, which is a kind of confinement to the browser that protects it from any attack that seeks to steal your data. While also limits the number of folders you can save from this , it’s a price worth paying to be 100% protected.



This is another operating system that will allow you to raise the security level of all browsers for desktop devices. Based on the Linux code , this is based on the isolation of the programs, to create a “jail” in which the information is as protected as possible, avoiding all kinds of attacks that attempt to steal it.

To achieve all this, it bases its architecture on four elements such as the network domain, the storage domain and the implementation of virtual machines to run each application in a dedicated environment .